We know that life during the current COVID-19 pandemic has been very difficult for parents and children. We are also well aware that many are anticipating and maybe a bit apprehensive about what the Estherville Lincoln Central "Return to Learn Plan " will look like and we know there will be many more questions than answers right now. To that end, here are a few updates to start thinking about and processing the start of next year.
When will school be reopened?
We are planning to welcome students back on August 24, 2020 ( current 2020-2021 academic calendar ). This is the date we are planning for at the current time, however we must be prepared to adjust based on our State mandates and/or local healthcare decision makers and local context as we get closer to the anticipated start date.
How will I register my child(ren) for school?
School registration will be all online this year. Online registration will open on July 6th. You will want to be sure you have an email address on file at the school to receive the notifications and directions for registering for school. Check your email frequently, this will be where school updates will be sent.

Will it be safe for my child(ren) to go back to school?
Estherville Lincoln Central will only be reopened when it is safe for students and staff. This is why we will work very closely with our State government and local Public Health over the next 2 months to make any final decisions regarding returning on August 24.

Regardless of when we go back school will look a little different from what we were all used to before our COVID-19 shutdown. It is possible we may reopen for a period of time and then be given a directive to close again temporarily. Because of this possibility, we will need to be as flexible and ready to adapt quickly to ensure the safety of every child and staff member. In the coming months we will be addressing multiple plans to address temporary closures. To do this we are asking that every ELC family fill out a short 14 Question Survey (English Version - https://forms.gle/dWK8518EVKdLTQut6  OR Spanish Version https://forms.gle/JtFKqpJt6Ra5yf1d8). This survey will close at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, June 11. Your answers will help us better address our local area needs and family concerns.
What about summer meals?
We are very fortunate to be offering summer meals through AUGUST 14! This is due to Iowa receiving an extension on the current summer meal waiver. ELC will serve breakfast AND lunch Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week from 9-11. On Thursday there will be 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches (one for Thursday and one for Friday).

What should I be working on with my child(ren) over the summer?
Remember that your child(ren) will be dealing with the stress of the ongoing crisis differently from you. You can do several things to help them through these times:
  1. Create a supportive and nurturing environment and respond positively to questions and expressions of feelings. Show support and let your child(ren) know that it’s okay AND normal, to feel frustrated or anxious at times like this.
  2. Help your child(ren) create and stick to a routine - EVEN during the summer months!
  3. Incorporating learning (reading, math, science, etc.) it into everyday activities such as cooking, family reading time or games.