MAC Newsletter | April 2016
April News to Know
Member Referral
TV Giveaway

 Our Referral Contest is BACK! 

How to WIN: Refer the most new members between 
April 1st and July 1st to win a VIZIO 55" LED Smart TV
See our Membership Office or Front Desk for further details.  The TV Winner will be announced at our 
July 4th Cook-Out.

*New referrals must sign a 
1-year or more contract to be eligible for contest entry.
Locker Rentals
 Lockers are available to purchase. 

Cost: $8.00/month

Please contact Chuck Snow if interested. 
Scan Cards
Please remember to check-in at the Front Desk with your MAC scan card at every visit. If you have misplaced your card, you can purchase a new one at the Front Desk for a $3 fee. 

If your card is inactive or does not have the necessary data attached to it, you will be contacted by our Membership Office to correct these issues.

April Recipe
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, be sure to make it count!
Click HERE for this month's healthy recipe.

Welcome new members & families!

Orlando Baker
Carrie Berkley
Wendy Bishop
Matt Brandon
Jessica Bremer
Rick Call
Beth Cario
Glenda Davadi
Timothy Duncan
Karolina Fleming
Joseph Fox
Scott Gephart
Fred Gray
Terry Haggerty
Elizabeth Hafdelin
Charles James
Tyral Jones
Tracy Kerzanet
Aleta Lawson
Isabel Lopez
Francisco Macias
Corey McDaniel
Matthew Mille r
Jenny Morand
Michael Mullen
Debra Mullin
Christopher New
Marydith Newman
Kathryn Owens
Bryce Roberts
Margaret Rittenhouse
Oneal Sandidge
Eric Scott
Amanda Shreve
David Smith
Dorian Smith
Jacob Thompson
Christopher Trapp
Michelle Walz
Ryan West
Nick Wright

Dear Members & Friends,

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, one of my favorite things to do is visit gyms and fitness studios in cities and states outside of RVA. I savor the opportunity to experience what is happening in the health and wellness sector in other cities.  And, I always learn something new to bring back to MAC. Recently, I accompanied my husband on a work trip to California and practiced yoga at several different studios. There was one studio in particular where I encountered a moving  experience .  The studio was located ocean-side; it was a bright, sunny day with a pleasurable temperature of about 65 degrees. The glass doors of the studio were open, so we could hear the crashing of the waves and the sounds of the ocean and birds. The instructor led us through a session which included dancer's pose (standing bow), a balance pose which requires deep back extension and hip flexibility. As we all know, when it comes to our workouts, whether they be in the gym, on the court or in the pool, some days are better than others. That is simply a fact.  On this particular day, I was feeling strong and balanced. I was able to move fluidly
into a deep dancer's pose and hold the pose for an extended amount of time. At the conclusion of the practice, a lovely lady of 82 years young opened a conversation with me about dancer's pose and shared that her new goal (set during the session) is to be able to perform a dancer's pose like mine. So, she and I ended up working together for quite a while after class. I showed her ways to use the strap and the barre to practice and explore her boundaries of dancer's pose. With her lovely smile, calm demeanor, and determined attitude, she will  with practice achieve a deeper expression of the pose, I have no doubt. This is the pure journey of life, exploring your passions and constantly challenging yourself. In my opinion, no goal is too small or too lofty, and "you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

With health & happiness,

Melissa O'Toole
If you have any questions or need any further information, please contact Chrissie Callis, Activities and Program Director, at 330-2222 (ext.304) or

HURRY- Our All Sports Summer Camp Discount Ends on 4/30
Be sure to take advantage of our Early Bird Discount on All Sports Summer Camp by registering your child by April 30th. Full day campers receive $20 off each week and our half day campers receive $10 off week. Siblings and/or multiple weeks, you receive the discount on all weeks paid in full by April 30th.

Please click HERE for our All Sports Summer Camp registration form and further information.

FREE Functional Movement Screening with Airrosti
Dr. Sam Brinkley will be hosting a FREE Functional Movement Screening on Saturday, April 16th from 7:30-10:30 am. 

Functional Movement Screenings are tools used to identify limitations or asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement and performance of the human body.  If you feel you are not attaining your personal exercise or athletic goals or if you have any muscle or joint pain, sign up today to receive a free screening to help determine the causes of and solutions to these limitations. 

Members can sign up in advance by calling (855) 283-2457 or by clicking HERE.

Spring Marketplace on Saturday, April 16th

Confirmed vendors include SuperFun Yoga Pants, Stella & Dot, Arbonne, Jamberry Nails and Mary Kay. Workout and shop all in the comfort of your gym!

April Member Breakfast
Our complimentary Member Breakfast will take place in the Cafe on Wednesday, April 20th from 8:00-10:00am. Join us with your workout buddies or meet a new one!

SPRING TRAINING for Summer League Swimmers
Get your swimmer off to an early start with MAC's Swim Clinics. This 8-week clinic will work on stroke technique and building endurance for the upcoming summer league season.

MAC Manta Rays Summer League Swim Team
SAVE THE DATE...We will be hosting summer league swim team registration on Tuesday, April 12th from 5:00-7:00 pm. We are still waiting on information from the RMAL (Richmond Metropolitan Aquatic League) for the upcoming season and hope to have that available early this month. Please continue to check our website for 2016 Manta Rays information.

We are also happy to announce that Coach Joss Sallade will be joining the MAC Manta Rays as head coach this season. Coach  Joss has been a developmental coach for Poseidon Swimming for the past 4 years, an assistant coach at Granite Swimming for the past 7 years and currently runs Poseidon-MAC. He is completing a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Mathematics from Virginia Commonwealth University. He enjoys swimming, biking, and lifting weights in his free time. Welcome Coach Joss!

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Course
Interested in being a lifeguard this summer? Sign up to take an American Lifeguard Training Course and have your certification before the summer season gets underway.

Or if you are a current Lifeguard and your certification is set to expire, take advantage of our 1-day Lifeguard Re-Certification class on Saturday, April 16th.

Important Aquatics Reminders
-When necessary, please be sure to share a lane with fellow lap swimmers.
-Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in the hot tub 
-Please make sure that proper swim attire is worn in the pool and the hot tub. Workout shorts, cotton and denim are strictly prohibited.
-Click HERE for updated lane charts.

Burst into Spring with these Fitness Tips!
1) Don't weigh yourself every day.
2) Set realistic expectations for fitness and weight loss goals.
3) Agree to commit to your goals, 80 percent of the time.
4) Weight train.
5) Don't over train.
6) Fitness in the kitchen - refuel your body with whole foods.
7) Portion size and self control are key.
8) Make your lifestyle FUN!

Our MAC trainers are here to help you make a difference in how you feel, change your routine or meet new fitness goals! Get details, schedule an evaluation or buy a package today! All new Members receive two free personal training sessions. 
Contact our Fitness Department at 330-2222 (ext. 307) or stop by the Fitness Desk to schedule your FREE fitness evaluation or equipment orientation today. 

Congratulations to our Body Fat Blast Participants!
Congratulations to our Body Fat Blast Contest Winners!

One on One 
Foam Roller Sessions with Midge
Learn how to live a health, pain free, active lifestyle!

 In a 30-minute one-on-one foam roller session with Midge, you will learn various techniques that will help you:  relieve joint pain such as shin splints, IT band syndrome & improve flexibility,  learn to release physical & mental stressors and trapped tension in your body as well as  enjoy some of the same benefits of a sports massage

Cost is $15/per session. Bring a water bottle and towel to each session. Foam Rollers are provided. To make your appointment, contact Midge at 330-2222 (ext. 307) or 714-6248.  

Tracey's Challenge 
Are you up for something new? Try a small group class lead by certified trainer Tracey Brooks. This class is a fun challenging, high intensity interval class that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Tracey is able to adapt exercises to fit all fitness levels. 

Join Tracey on Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:15 pm in the GX2 studio.  Cost is $5/per class and be paid for at the Front Desk. Or purchase a 5 class pass for $25 or $10 classes for 50.

For more information, please contact the Fitness Department at 330-2222, etc. 307.

YOGA - Stands the test of Time
In today's fitness industry, there are many classes and exercises that seem to go with the one day and gone the next.  Yet there is one class that stands the test test of time. Yoga.  


Yoga offers numerous benefits, more than just burning calories and toning muscles.  It is a mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation.  Just a few of these benefits you might find true are increased flexibility, i ncreased strength, i mproved respiration, energy,  less tension, and better focus- in and out of class.  


Click HERE to read about further benefits of adding yoga into your exercise routine.


At MAC, we have Yoga classes in the morning and at night, during the week and on the weekends.  Check the schedule for exact days and times.

It's that time again..Les Mills' Launch week is coming up. Mark your calendars for April 18th-24th. Stay tuned for further details on all the exciting fun we have planned LAUNCH. We are mixing and shaking it up!

Every Wednesday in APRIL, join Kevin for an Training Runs


Parent's Morning Out- EVERY Tuesday & Friday in April
We will offer Parents Morning Out on Tuesday and Friday mornings in April from 9:00am-1:00pm.

Price is $3/hr. per child for Members and $5/hr. per child for non-Members.

Please sign up in Kids' Club by the day before your child plans to attend. 

Parent's Night Out, Friday, April 15th, 5:00-8:30 PM
Parent's Night Out will be on Friday, April 15th from 5:00-8:30pm. 

Cost is $3/hr. per child for Members and $5/hr. per child for non-Members. Sign up in Kids' Club by Thursday, April 14th.

Tennis Bookings, Electronic Reservation System
Reminder if you do not yet have a user name and password for Tennis Bookings, please be sure to request one as soon as possible.  This electronic reservation system will be LIVE as of 7:00am on Friday, April 1st and our Front Desk will no longer be taking court reservations.

Please be sure to talk to one of our Pro's if you are having any issues or questions regarding Tennis Bookings.

Congratulations MAC Teams
Out of 29 Richmond area USTA 7.0 Mixed Teams, only 9 have qualified for the April Richmond playoffs and 3 of those teams are from MAC. Congratulations to MAC-Abell, MAC-Talamo and MAC-Stephens. The teams combined had an impressive record of 21-5.

Congratulations to the teams & players, and we wish you the best of luck in the upcoming playoffs!
(804) 330-2222