MAC Newsletter | October 2016
October News to Know
Locker Rentals
 Lockers are available to purchase. 

Cost: $8.00/month

Please contact Chuck Snow if interested. 
Welcome new members & families!

Catherine Allen
Maria Ester Serrano Ardon
Jennifer Asante
Tyler Dawson
Elizabeth Epps
Debra Gardner
Asia Green
Tyler Gurney
David Kosturakis
Astron Liu
DeAnna Lopez
Kristi Martel
Michael Moore
Jessica Whitlock

Dear Members & Friends,

I have a scale in my bathroom. This scale and I have been together a long time, in fact, longer than my marriage, and I was married in 1993.  This scale journeyed with me through my college years and all of my pregnancies. When I was pregnant, I lived by the rather predictable pregnancy bible, What To Expect When You're Expecting.  In the back of the book, there was a table for recording and monitoring weight gain week by week.  I diligently recorded my weight for all three pregnancies in the same place on this table, so that I could keep track of my weight gain and compare from child to child. I also had a plan for when I would weigh myself.  Never on a Monday morning, not a good idea after a weekend which may involve large meals eaten out at restaurants or splurging on trips to the ice cream store.  Wednesday or Thursday typically seemed like the best days to step onto the scale, with bare feet and no clothes, in the morning, before breakfast, after a trip to the bathroom.  Unfortunately for my scale, our relationship has deteriorated, due to neglect on my part. In fact, it presently sits in the corner of the bathroom collecting dust.  Orange rust marks from the feet of the scale stain the white tile of the bathroom floor.  Likely, if I pop open the battery compartment, it is corroded.  The thing is, after the birth of my last child, life got busy.  Really, really busy.  My attention was pulled in different directions, and slowly but surely time passed, and I didn't get on the scale.  Originally, I thought, "Oh my, I don't want to get on that scale today, I'll do it next week." Well, next week turned into next month, and next month turned into next year, and next year turned into next doctor's appointment.  I honestly have no idea what I currently weigh.  It has literally been years since I stepped on my trustworthy scale. Now, when I go the doctor, I turn around and face the opposite direction when they weigh me. I instruct out loud, "I don't want to know my weight. Let me know when we have a problem." It's a door that was unintentionally closed by the busy-ness of life with small children.  Honestly, it's a mindset by which I no longer wish to live. It is by choice and with intention the door remains stubbornly shut. I don't want to allow a number on a scale to dictate my mood or my nutrition choices for the day.  I choose not to let a number affect my body image.  Now, I live by how I feel on the day and how my clothes fit.  I try to focus on other things like how my energy levels are and what do I need to fuel my body today.  Over time, I have learned, and whole-heartedly embrace, my body is changing.  Mother nature is in fact undefeated. I cannot expect to be the same, physical person I was in 1993.  The fact of the matter is that the number on the scale is irrelevant to the true meaning of me.  What's most important is not my physical person, rather it is what is on the inside of my body, and I am not going to allow a number on a scale to influence that.

With health & happiness,

Melissa O'Toole

The gentleman pictured here is MAC member, Ron, nicknamed by me as "Mr. Brightside."  Ron and  his  wife, Kim, have been loyal MAC  members  since the club originally opened in its' former location as Robious Sports and Fitness. Ron and Kim have two adult daughters, Sarah who was recently married and lives in Raleigh, and Carter, who is getting married soon and lives in Dallas.  As you can imagine with two weddings in one year, Ron and Kim are staying on top of their exercise routines. Their family also includes their beloved dogs, Scrappy and Cliff. Both dogs are certified therapy dogs, and Ron and Kim deliver canine sunshine all around Richmond to places like libraries, hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and juvenile detention centers.  Ron's blood runs purple and gold, as he is a proud  graduate  of James Madison University. He works as an account executive with Procter and Gamble, a job which allows some  flexibility  in his schedule so that he can fit in his favorite classes at the gym. My favorite thing about Ron is the positive energy he brings to class. I love when he attends my classes because he uplifts the energy in the room, and everyone benefits as a result.  He works hard during his workouts, which is inspiring for the instructors and participants alike. He is also known to crack jokes here and there, which lightens the mood and brings chuckles and smiles. When I asked Ron about his personal motto, life philosophy or exercise motivation, he replied quickly without hesitation, " Today is the first day of the rest of your life." Such a true sentiment. Each new day is a new beginning and a new opportunity to live your life by design. I agree with Ron, today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Carpe Diem!

If you have any questions or need any further information, please contact Chrissie Callis, Activities and Program Director, at 330-2222 (ext.304) or

October Member Breakfast
Our complimentary Member Breakfast will take place in the Cafe on Wednesday, October 19th from 8:00-10:00am. Join us with your workout buddies or meet a new one!

Doggie Dive-In, The Sequel

Halloween Carnival

Fall Camp, November 7th & November 8th - Sign up TODAY!

Please click HERE for our Fall Camp registration form and further information. Space is limited, be sure to stop by today to register your child for a day of FUN at MAC!

Complimentary Injury Assessment, November 16th
We are happy to welcome back Airrosti's Dr. Sam Brinkley and Juli Liebig  to MAC on Wednesday, November 16th,  from 8:00-11:00am for   complimentary injury assessments to members  suffering from pain or an injury. These  15  minute appointments will allow Dr.  Brinkley t o properly assess and diagnose the source of the pain while discussing next steps to ensure you don't miss a beat in your workouts and day to day activities. 

Please click HERE and follow the steps to secure your appointment time.

NEW Group Swim Lessons - Register TODAY!
New group swim lessons for your little swimmer! This month we have classes on Saturday and Sunday.  Stop by the Front Desk today to register your child, lessons fill quickly!

US Masters Swimming at MAC
It is not too late to join this session of our US Masters Swimming program! Email Chrissie Callis at with any questions or to see how you can come join a practice for FREE!

Important Aquatics Announcements & Reminders
-When necessary, please be sure to share a lane with fellow lap swimmers and circle swim with multiple swimmers if necessary.
-Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in the hot tub. 
-Please make sure that proper swim attire is worn in the pool and the hot tub. Workout shorts, cotton and denim are strictly prohibited.
-Click HERE for updated lane charts for our indoor pool. Lane charts are for the month of October.

Welcome new MAC Personal Trainers!
Please welcome new Personal Trainers, Charles Austin and Amber Fowler, to MAC's Fitness Team.

Charles recently graduated from VCU with a degree in Kinesiology and Health Science with a concentration in Exercise Science. He is an ACSM certified Personal Trainer.

Amber, whom you may recognize as one of MACs Group Exercise Instructors, is also an ACSM certified Personal Trainer. She is a graduate of Liberty University, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science.

Please join us in welcoming Charles and Amber to the MAC Team. If you have any questions regarding personal training or interested in purchasing a package, please contact our Fitness Desk at 330-2222 (ext. 307).

Tracey's Challenge 
Tracey's Challenge, led by MAC Personal Trainer Tracey Brooks, is a fun but challenging, high intensity interval class that will help you achieve your fitness goals.  Tracey is able to adapt the exercise to fill all fitness levels.

Join Tracey on Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:15 pm in the GX2 studio. Cost is $5/per class and may be paid at the Front Desk. Participants may also purchase a 5 class pass for $25 or 10 classes for $50.

For more information, please contact the Fitness Department at 330-2222, etc. 307.


Happy Fall Ya'll! Most of us now have begun to settle into our routines at home and school...but, have you found your routine at MAC?   Let Group Fitness help you!

We are kicking off October with our  LES MILLS LAUNCH. October 1st-8th, any LES MILLS  class you attend, will feature NEW MUSIC, NEW EXERCISES, and a NEW APPROACH in all of your favorite formats- BodyStep BodyFlow BodyCom bat, BodyAttack BodyPump and CX Worx !

***Launch Week will also coincide with our Friends and Family Week.  What a PERFECT match!  Bring your friends and show them why you keep coming back class after class!

Class of the Month
We have gotten great feedback from you about the Tuesday  night 30/20/10 Trainer Takeover Class in September...and we are giving you what you want- Kevin!  He will be taking over the Tuesday  night class at 6:30pm  with ATHLETIC INTERVALS.  Now, don't be fooled by the name change.  You will still have the mix of cardio and strength intervals, mixed with core training, for an AWESOME 60 minute workout!  

A Special Yoga Class to benefit New Hope Rescue


Parents' Morning Out- EVERY Tuesday in October
We will offer Parents' Morning Out on Tuesday mornings from 9:00am-1:00pm for the month of October.

Price is $3/hr per child for Members and $5/hr per child for non-Members.  Please sign up in Kids' Club by the day before your child plans to attend. 

Parents' Night Out, Friday, October 14th, 5:00-8:30 PM
Parents' Night Out will be on Friday, October 14th from 5:00-8:30pm. 

Cost is $3/hr per child for members and $5/hr per child for non-members. Sign up in Kids' Club by Thursday, October 13th.

Kids' Club Hours
Due to the Halloween Carnival on Wednesday, October 26th, Kids' Club will close at 1:00 pm for the day. We will not be open for evening hours, as our Kids' Club is transformed into our spooky maze. 

Please see information on our Halloween Carnival in the Activities section of the newsletter.

Friends & Family Week...THIS MONTH!
Friends and Family week will be from Saturday, October 1st to Saturday, October 8th. We are also launching all of the new Les Mills classes that week. Bring a friend or family member as a GUEST for FREE.

For every guest you bring, your name will be entered to win a MAC Prize Pack.  Your GUEST will be entered to win a one
month FREE GOLD Membership.   Remember, if your guest decides to join us full time, you will get $100 referral credit.

We look forward to meeting your FRIENDS & FAMILY!!


Recent News
A message from Tom White, our MAC Tennis Director.  What an incredible weekend at the Anthem Club Challenge, and I am very proud to be your club Tennis Director. MAC players showed incredible integrity and team spirit this past weekend, and it was noticeable to many people, even from other clubs. 

In the final standings, MAC finished in 9 th  place, which is an improvement from last year, and this was without some of our strongest players at the club, who because of prior commitments were unable to participate. The support rendered during these three days was awesome! Go MAC - way to represent in such a wonderful fashion!

Upcoming Events
October 7th from 6-8pm: Dubs-n-Suds - Participation has been incredible with our Dubs-n-Suds, and let's continue to grow this event. Our highest number of players has been 28, let's see if we can top this number on Friday, October 7th. The Cafe will offer drink specials for all of us to enjoy and the suds will be coming to us from now on, so please bring cash if possible.

October 14th from 6-8pm: Dubs-n-Suds  - MAC is inviting former MAC Tennis Players to join us for this fun evening. We ask that you our tennis members also invite former MAC tennis members to join us. The more the merrier. Drink specials will be available. The evening of mixed doubles play is complimentary for our former members, and MAC will provide a light dinner for the event.

If you are interested in attending either or both of these events, please visit our tennis bookings website and click on the event to sign up.

Special Acknowledgements
 Thank you to all the participants who volunteered last minute to substitute for the Club Challenge players who were not able to play. We truly appreciate your team spirit.  In addition, a special THANK YOU to coach Lynn Bybee and to Donna Lira, who tirelessly worked to help make the Club Challenge a success in various ways. 

Lastly, a very special thank you to our two sponsors OrthoVirginia and Buford Chiropractic. We appreciate your support of the MAC Club Challenge teams. 

Tennis Bookings
As a reminder, we encourage all players who would like to attend any of our Adult Clinics or other tennis events to sign up online at Please click on the link and select the Event button at the top of the page to sign-up. This will assist the teaching pro to determine how best to structure that particular clinic.

(804) 330-2222