MAC Newsletter |September 2017
September News to Know
Locker Rentals
 Lockers are available to rent. 

Cost: $8.00/month

Please contact Amy Goff  if interested.
New Members!
Cheryl Macmillan
Katie Morris
Jon Betts
Chris Kent
Rachel Henkle
Erik Harrison
Thomas Kellam
Raina Garcia
Regina Williams
Chrishelle York
Deborah Walter
Sandra Stilgenbauer
Charles Adams
Michael Valente
Thomas Harvley-Felder
Chad Wolff
Keith Cerny
Lindsey Harris
Courtney Proffitt
Cory Barnes
Keelsook Namkoong
Jack Fox
Janelle Bulow
Andrea Miksa
Dorothy Herrington
Samantha Peters
Richard Mitchell
Derek Andresen
Ted Deneker
Sherry Johnson
Debora Copeland
Ellen Fleenor
Tommy Taylor
Annette McGrath
Rick Morrow
Dear Members and Friends,
As a parent of a young adult, a teenager and a tween, there is a lot of coaching around our house about the difference between big problems and little problems.  My older two kids are now internalizing this concept and using it to modify their behavior and choices.  Admittedly, they even throw it back at me when I point out the annoying, wet towel on the floor.  What I do find intriguing is to observe how this coaching has seeped into the mind of my littlest child, who is 11 years old, and is presently navigating the tumultuous waters of middle school.  As she shares stories of classmates at school, or how friends are acting at the pool, I can literally see the thinking and reflecting going on inside her head.  She is mindfully and deliberately trying to categorize events as big or little, and trying to develop some control over her reactions and choices.  At the moment, it is a deliberate process; some days she does better than others with analyzing and modifying her behavior.  She will even call her dad or me and inquire, "I think this is a little problem but I just want to make sure."  However, in time, as she practices this skill with intention, it will become more natural and second nature. Unfortunately, what happens as we grow up and become adults is that we lose the deliberate analysis, reflection and self control, and instead we get caught up in the problem itself, whether it is big or small. I think we would all benefit from evaluating, "Is this a big or little problem?" and using this evaluation to guide our daily choices and emotions.  Practicing letting go of small irritants and abandoning worry over things which we cannot control will lead to more happiness on a daily basis. Sweating at the gym is great, but "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!"

With Health and Happiness,

Melissa O'Toole

Member of the Month

Please meet MAC member and avid tennis player, James "Saxsmo" Gates.  James has enjoyed sports and music his whole life, as his  parents  (mom was a professional dancer and  dad was a professional saxophonist) encouraged all four of their sons to participate in both  activities.  Ironically, or interestingly enough, James attended undergraduate school on a baseball scholarship, where he played the saxophone for the team before and after games and the national anthem to open their games. James carried on with music and earned his graduate degree from the Berklee College of Music. In the past, he toured with musicians such as Marvin Gaye and Roberta Flack.  He currently teaches music at  Virginia  State University, where he serves as Jazz Studies/Director/Coordinator/Instructor and Assistant Professor in the Department of Music, Art and Design. James continues to work as  professional musician, and he is set to release a new single, "Together We Can Make It," on September 8th, 2017. The release of the single will be followed up with the release of a full record of music composed, arranged, and performed by our very own "Sasxmo!"  James believes in living life with your high beams ON, which means live life with passion, enjoy every day, because tomorrow is not guaranteed.  You can read more about James and his work as a musician and teacher by visiting  And, if you'd like to download his new single on September 8th, these are the sites where it will be available:,, iTunes, and 1-800-buymycd

TENNIS & RACQUETBALL, Sandra,  adult programs,  youth programs, instruction

Our 1st WTT Intra Club Season was a HUGE Success!
Thank you to Selena Heah who organized a great World Team Tennis event for our members.    Also, special thanks to the WTT captains, Dorothy Hillgrove, Melody Morton, and Glenn Sturm.    We hope to bring a session back during the winter season.    Stay tuned!

Thank You Captains
Thank you to all the members that donated their time this year to captain MAC teams.    You will be invited to a special reception, which will be held Thursday, October 12th .    Please check the tennis bulletin board for your name.  Email Sandra at  if you captained a team but your name is not listed, to make sure you receive an invitation to this captains' only reception.

Annual Club Challenge
Congratulations to the following members that will lead MAC to a victorious club challenge tournament.    Please plan to come out to support TEAM MAC at the Westwood Club, 9a-5p daily September 22-24.   Our winning teams is:

  • 3.0M:  Steve Foresman & Jeff Kane; AJ Malheiros & Billy Michael
  • 3.0W:  Linda Benson & Donna Moore; Melody Morton & Michelle Mouer
  • 3.0X:  Jason Livingston & Susan Staton
  • 3.5M:  Bruce Fraley & Chad Means; Rob Patton & Tom Rider
  • 3.5W: Tanisha Moseley & Donna Talamo; Ginny Diersen & Debbie Messmer
  • 3.5X:  Ben Andrews & Beth Morris
  • 4.0M:  Scott Kim & Warren Smigo; Reny Abraham & Darrin Curtis
  • 4.0W:  Kim Michael & Laurie Malheiros; Katie McDowell & Ellen Meyer
  • 4.0X:  Geoff Yih & Ting Heah
  • 4.5M:  Wayne Motley & Tom White; Chuck Snow & Brad Thomas  
  • 4.5W:  Suzanna King & Brooke Hatcher:  Deb Arrington & TBA
  • 4.5X:  Allen Huang & Sandra Mason
  • 5.0M:  Dan Cordrey &  TBA
  • 5.0X:  Sheela Damle &  TBA
Tennis Tournament Sponsors
Our MAC tennis departments is building a tournament hosting program, and a great marketing opportunity is available. Promote your business to MAC members and guests by sponsoring our tennis tournaments!  We are looking for $500 sponsors for our upcoming MAC tennis tournaments. If your company is interested, please get in touch with Sandra Mason.

Benefits include:
  • The tournament will be named after your company.
  • Choice of match times nightly (as long as your opponent doesn't have a conflict)
  • Your company logo on all tournament advertisements (at the MAC, all printed materials, included in goody bags for participants, etc.)
  • Complimentary entry into the tournament for you and your partner.
  • Indoor court assignments for your team throughout the tournament.
Tournament Registration and Payment
The MAC will utilize a new system to register and accept payments from players to participate in upcoming tournaments.   
Please save this site as a favorite on your computer so that you'll be ready for the next tournament.  USTA tournaments will accept registration through USTA's site, tennis link.
All tournaments will be open to MAC members first but non-members will be allowed to play in order to fill the draw. Please make sure you sign up early to be guaranteed a spot.

Upcoming Tournaments
  • Sep 9th,  9a-2p, USTA   Ladies 2.5  Tournament (Rain Date: Sep 10th), sign-up via, ID#:  300091617 (Saturday)
  • Oct 14th, 10a-3p, USTA Ladies YoPro Tournament for young professionals ages 18-39, 7.0 & below or 7.5-8.5, (Rain Date: Oct 15th), sign-up via, ID#:  300000517, open to 2.5-5.0 players.  (Saturday)
  • Oct 29th, 930a-230p, USTA 3.0 Men's Tournament, (Rain Date: Nov 5), sign-up via, ID#:  300102417  (Sunday)
  • Nov 30th-Dec 2nd, Ladies weeknight member-guest tournament (weeknight / Saturday am)
  • Dec 7th-9th, Men's weeknight member-guest tournament (weeknight / Saturday am) 
NOTE:   All tournaments will give MAC gold members priority but are open to the general public.

MEMBERSHIP or 804 330 2222 ext 308, membership, billing

Is your credit card attached to your MAC account about to expire, or would you like to switch to a different card?  For any problems, questions or updates, please get in touch with Amy or Susan in the business office.


Kids' Club Hours
School has started, and our Kids' Club has returned to regular hours of operation. Monday though Friday, 8:30am-1pm, 4-8pm. Saturday 8am-1pm.  Sunday 11am-5pm.

MAC Birthday Parties
Looking for a great spot to have your son or daughter's birthday party? Look no further! We handle the set-up, clean-up and all the fun in between. Your child can choose between playing games/sports in our basketball gym or swimming in the indoor pool, or playing in the water park and end the event with a celebration in our birthday room. Contact  Jill   Stansfield  at 330-2222 (ext. 318) for further details and to reserve your party today!

Click Here for more information about our MAC parties.

Parents' Morning Out 
Every Tuesday, we offer Parents' Morning out from 9am-1pm.  Price is $3/hr per child for Members and $5/hr per child for non-Members. Please sign up in Kids' Club by the day before your child will attend.

Parents' Night Out
Drop your child off for Parent's Night Out September 15th  from  5:00-8:30pm . The cost is $3 per hour per child for members and $5 per hour per child for non-members. Sign up by  Thursday before the event.  Please remember, our MAC Center Court Cafe offers a special $5 kids' meal during Parent's Night Out. Simply ask a Kids' Club staff member for further details about how to make this event even easier!

Click HERE for Group Exercise Attendance Policy

Sh'bam Monday Nights at 6:30pm
Join Megan on Monday nights at 6:30pm for Sh'Bam. Sh'Bam is a  fun-loving, insanely addictive dance workout. SH'BAM i s an ego-free zone - no dance experience required. All you need is a playful attitude and a cheeky smile so forget being a wallflower - even if you walk in thinking you can't, you'll walk out knowing you can!

Senior Sundae Social on Sunday
On Sunday September 24th, join us at 1pm to show off your moves, and your grandkids! Tara will teach a Zumba ® Gold class, and members are invited to bring their kids and grandkids ages 7 and up.  Zumba Gold® is for a ctive older adults looking for a modified Zumba ®  class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity and a lower-impact After, we will head to the cafe for ice cream sundaes to make our afternoon even sweeter!
*children must be ages 7 & up to participate*

Family Friendly Classes in September
Kids ages 7 and up are invited to participate with a parent. September 7th, 6pm MAC Barre with Cindy
September 12th, 5:30pm, Butts, Guts, and More with Megan
September 20th, 4:45pm, BodyAttack 45minutes with Angela
September 25th, 4:30pm, Gentle Yoga with Denise

FITNESS, personal or small group training

Personal and Small Group Training
We are pleased to announce that we have hired a new fitness department director, Jim Cohen.  And, we have several new trainers joining our current staff!  Lots of new equipment is arriving over the course of the month, and all of our trainers are eager to share the new "toys" and programs with our members. Please welcome Jim, and two new trainers, Recekah Feliz and Tina Johnson.

MAC Barbell has started classes, and our new endurance athlete program is starting this month as well.

The rates for personal and small group training are:
$70 for 1 hour private session 
$40 for a 30 minute private session 
$700 for a package of 10 sessions, the 11th session is free 
$1400 for a package of 20 sessions (3 free sessions)
$80 for semiprivate 
$90 for 3 people small group 
$100 for 4 people small group 

Senior rates 
$55 hour private session 
$30 for 30 minute session 
$550 for 10 sessions (1 sessions free)
$1100 for 20 sessions (3 sessions free)
$65 semiprivate 
$75 3 people small group 
$85 4 people small group training 

Private Yoga Personal Training Sessions
Why invest in yoga personal training? A private session allows for a more intimate view into YOUR practice. You can start a new practice, deepen your current practice or spend some time working with an injury or specific goal or concern. 

Injuries and health concerns can make a normal yoga class impractical for some participants. A yoga instructor teaching several students at one time cannot focus on individual needs or ensure that the poses will not further injure or strain a particular person. Furthermore, health concerns like pregnancy, diabetes or heart disease may require special alterations to one's yoga practice.   When health concerns are a potential issue, it is best to have a private yoga lesson with a properly trained Yoga Therapist. This can aid in working around the problem, avoid further complications, and help to ease pain or lessen the effects of a certain diagnosis. 

T he MAC fitness department announces that yoga personal training sessions are now available and offered by MAC yoga instructor and certified Yoga Therapist, Shannon Somogyi.  If you are interested in exploring a deeper, personalized yoga practice, for any reason, please stop by the fitness desk or the front desk to get in touch with Shannon.  Read Shannon's biography below to learn about her training and credentials. 

AQUATICS, aquatics programs for youth and adults, including swim team, pool maintenance

Registration and payment for ALL MAC swim programs are now being accepted online.  Please click HERE to visit the site to register and pay for MAC group swim lessons, MAC swim clinics, and MAC master swim.

MAC and Poseidon
Please click   HERE  to read a letter about our new partnership with Poseidon swimming.  We are excited about welcoming new families to the our club, and we hope our current families with kids who enjoy swimming will consider joining Poseidon swimming as well.

MAC Swim Clinics

MAC Group Swimming Lessons

Master Swimming

Important Aquatics Reminders
-When necessary, please be sure to share a lane with fellow lap swimmers and remember lap lanes in the outdoor pool are lap swimming.
-Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in the hot tub and in the locker rooms. 
-Please make sure that proper swim attire is worn in the pool and the hot tub. Workout shorts, cotton and denim are strictly prohibited.
-Please click HERE    for September indoor pool lane charts. 

ACTIVITIES,  activities  and member programs

Dance with Marianne Kelley's School of Dance
MAC is pleased to offer a dance instruction partnership with MKSD, and classes are forming now.  Please register quickly, as costumes for recitals need to be ordered.
Click HERE for PDF dance registration form.

Come try Pickleball! Currently we offer Pickleball Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings  from 9:30am to 12noon in the basketball court. Members may play for free, and non-members pay $2 to play.  Come see what all the buzz is about.   Beginners are welcome! Pickleball, the sweet sport with a sour name. 

MAC All Sports Camp
Thank you to all the MAC Parents who entrusted us with your awesome kids this summer. We had such a great time! We look forward to having your child(ren) back with us in the Spring
and Summer of 2018 for more sports, fun and learning!

Member Breakfast 
Our complimentary member breakfast is scheduled for September 20th from 7:30-9:30am in the cafe.  

Texas Hold 'Em Poker Night
Back by popular demand, Texas Hold' Em Poker Night will be held on Saturday September 23rd from 5-8:00pm.  The cost is 
$20 members/$25 non-members. Sign up at the front desk. 45 person limit. Ticket includes 2 drink tickets. We will serve light hors d'oeuvres.

Trim the Turkey 5K Run/Walk and 1 Miles Kids' Fun Run
MAC's annual 5k race will take place Saturday November 25th. This year's race will feature chip timing!
Packet pick up is Friday November 24th from 10am-12 noon and November 25th from 7-8:15am.
Register online by clicking HERE.
Participants may also register by completing the PDF registration form and submitting to the MAC front desk. Click HERE for the PDF registration form.

(804) 330-2222