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Baltimore City's Grass Mowing Update

We've received several inquiries regarding high grass in the parks and medians around the district and wanted to send an update regarding mowing. 

Baltimore City contracts with a private company to provide mowing service throughout all of Baltimore. We have contacted the appropriate staff members from City agencies and they have informed us that given all that is going on in the City, they were a little behind in formalizing the contract with the mower. As of May 2nd, they expected that it may take between 7-10 days to get to every park and median. As more information is available, we will let you know.
Midtown Community Benefits District's Park Maintenance Schedule

While we do not provide mowing service in the parks and medians we maintain around our district, our Green Team does provide crucial, additional services such as edging, weeding and watering. 

Below you will find a link to a detailed park maintenance schedule as well as a watering schedule. Any additions or revisions will be made available on our website,

Green Committee Meeting

Join us for the next Green committee meeting!

May 14, 2015 at 6:00pm
1107 Cathedral St
Baltimore, MD 21201

The Midtown Community Benefits District is a citizen-run neighborhood advocacy and improvement group authorized by law in 1996 to provide security and sanitation services along with promotional activities for four communities: Bolton Hill, Charles North, Madison Park and Mount Vernon/Belvedere. Its efforts are funded by a taxpayer-approved property tax surcharge. Midtown was created by voter referendum in an effort to make our neighborhoods stronger, better places to live and work


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