The Crossing's Midtown Update
Hey Everybody!

I am so excited that you are interested in joining the Midtown launch team! God has already shown us that having The Crossing at Sahara and Valley View is where He wants us to go and I'm so happy that He is saying the same thing to many of you as well! 

Our biggest prayer from now until Easter, is to continue to invite people to be a part of the team. Our needs range from Kids Crossing, facilities, production, prayer team, guest services and much more. Please be prayerful of where God is leading you to serve as we begin to make a difference in people's lives in the heart of our city.

This Sunday, March 31:

  • Location Announcement: Make sure to be in service this Sunday when I will have the opportunity to announce The Crossing Midtown Location!

  • Interest Gathering: Right after every service, I'd like you to join me in The Lounge for Midtown Connect which is a great opportunity for us to meet and for you to look at the different serving opportunities. Make sure to bring your family and friends with you to be part of this new adventure.

We'll continue to have Midtown Connect gatherings in April and the months leading to our launch in September, so stay tuned!
See you soon!
Nate Johnson
Lead Pastor
The Crossing Midtown