The Crossing's Midtown Update
Hey Midtown!

Iā€™m so pumped for the team we are assembling! One of our hopes as our Midtown launch approaches is to ensure you show-up to various events at The Crossing.

Team night is one of the most important events for volunteers to attend. This night, we will gather from all locations to be empowered and hear the vision as our community continues to grow. This event will highlight specific updates about Midtown.

Kids Crossing will be one of the most important parts of our Midtown location. We would like to make sure that all of our volunteers are equipped to be the best leader from day one.
MAY 10

Because of your deep investment at The Crossing, it is our desire to encourage, empower, and equip you in your role on our team!
MAY 19

We are encouraging every Kids Crossing Volunteer to attend the volunteer orientation.
MAY 25

We will be hosting 10 outreach barbecue's on each block of the gateway neighborhood. Each block party host 50 to 60 residents and helps connects Casa De Luz to the neighborhood they serve.
See you soon!
Nate Johnson
Lead Pastor
The Crossing Midtown