Midweek Reflection
by Pastor Jennifer

Beloved of God,
As I write this, I am struck by how quickly life changes. At this time last week, I sat on a couch in Folly Beach with five of our campus ministry students and watched a documentary on Mother Emanuel and the shooting that happened there; the thick air of pain, sorrow, and the power of God surrounded us.

The week before that, I sat on an old bench at Cup of Joe in Mission Valley chatting with an LCM student; the excited buzz of spring break plans and finishing assignments saturated the air as the Holy Spirit danced in our midst.

Today I sit on my couch as my dog bathes in a sunny spot on the floor; the anxious air of COVID-19 lingers in our quiet home and I am struck by our Redeemer’s presence here, even though the doors are locked.
I give thanks that in the midst of this pandemic we live in a time where we benefit not only from the wisdom of public health, but also from the wonders of technology. So while we may not sit next to each other in Bible study on Wednesday morning or pass the peace of Christ in the physical presence of one another during Sunday worship, we remain the body of Christ in the world.
Like all bodies, we need to feed ourselves during this time. As the staff experiments with different ways to offer spiritual food, we appreciate your flexibility. Today I offer you an opportunity to engage in Lectio Divina as part of our Lenten midweek practice:

  • Here is a recorded message from Pastor Jennifer that may assist you during the Lectio Divina (~14 minutes long)
  • The scripture reading - you may wish to print this out and read along with the recording or make notes (underline/circle words or phrases, or journal during the meditation); you may also want to close your eyes and listen
If you prefer not to listen to the recording, the focus text is Isaiah 50:4-5.

Read it aloud once listening for a word the Holy One is speaking to you. Take a moment of silence after the reading (1-2 minutes).

Read aloud again and listen for a phrase. Enter into another period of silence.

Finally, read the scripture passage aloud again and then enter into silence, listening for God’s voice. What is the Holy One inviting you into at this time?
May the love of God surround you,
May the peace of God fill you,
May the hope of God renew you,
Now and forever.

Pastor Jennifer
Lector Readings for Sunday, March 22

The readings are linked here for Sunday, March 22. You may wish to incorporate the Lectio Divina practice while studying these readings.