Midweek Message
Week of October 7, 2019
We're Getting a New Hymnal!

It's been over 25 years since we last dedicated a new hymnal. In that time, many things have changed, some have not. In 2013, the Presbyterian Church published a new hymnal to guide our worship together in this next season in the life of the church. It contains 853 hymns, psalms, and songs. About 400 hymns are carried over from the 1990 blue hymnal- including all our favorites and regular hymns we sing at Bethel. Those songs that most congregations reported as never singing because they were difficult or not enjoyable were eliminated. And more than 450 new hymns were added- either ones from older hymnals that people missed having in the blue hymnal, or ones that came from other songbooks and individual composers and authors.

Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. Psalm 96:1-3

This new hymnal, titled Glory to God, includes a complete Psalter of singable Psalms and liturgical texts to serve as a model for Reformed worship. Each hymn has a brief note added to it, providing information about its history, music, or theology. Glory to God reflects the beautiful diversity of the church, incorporating many different musical styles: traditional, folk, spirituals, gospel, jazz, contemporary, and global. We're excited that a digital projection version will bring the words of these songs into our worship space in an accessible way, and help ease the burden of tracking down and typing up lyrics for our graphics volunteers. In the next few weeks, I'll be telling you more about the hymnals, but I know there are are initial questions most of you will have, so I'll try to address the most pressing questions you may have...

Who decided we need new hymnals? This has been a conversation the Worship and Music committee has been having since the new hymnals came out 6 years ago, but the timing had not been right until now. We have been using many songs from the Glory to God hymnals in worship, just using bulletin inserts to provide printed versions. As more of these songs have become part of our regular repertoire, and changes in access to information related to the blue hymnals limited our graphics team, it became clear that it was time to move forward. The committee brought the plan for the hymnals to Session and received approval and encouragement to move forward with the purchase and use of the new hymnals.

What happens to the blue hymnals? We will seek to donate them to churches or mission agencies that need hymnals but are unable to purchase them. We will also sell the blue hymnals after they are retired for a $5 contribution.

How will the hymnals be paid for? The cost of the hymnals will be eased by sponsorships. A $25 contribution will purchase a new hymnal and help to cover the cost of large print, accompanist and electronic versions of the hymnal. Donors will be invited to make their contribution in honor of, or in memory of, loved ones and a commemorative plate will be affixed to the inner cover of the hymnal. Watch for more information on how you can sponsor a hymnal as we move through this month.

I am excited about this refreshing to our worship and for many years of raising our voices together as we sing to the glory of God!

You are loved,

Pastor Cathie

Don't forget to bring your completed pledge cards to worship this Sunday as we dedicate our selves and our promises to God's work and purposes.

If you are unable to attend worship this week, you can return your card to the office during the week.
Support Our Youth Group!
We are excited to roll out an easy way to help support our youth group as they prepare to attend the Montreat Youth Conference and the Inter-generational Mission Trip this summer!

Through our partnership with SCRIP, church members, family members, and friends can purchase gift cards from over 750 different stores, online retailers, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, cruise lines and more.

Each gift card is purchased at face value, but a percentage of the amount comes back to the youth group from the company. So for example, say you buy a $25 gift card to Eat n' Park. You pay $25, you get a $25 gift card, and the youth group receives $2.25.

You can get gift cards to use for your weekly and regular shopping and use them instead of cash or debit card. For example, if you bought $150 in gift cards from Giant Eagle and used it for your groceries and gas for the week, the youth group would receive $6. Or you can get cards to give as gifts or for your vacations or date nights or all kinds of special occasions- even your trip to Disney!

Here's all you need to do...

  • If you prefer to do your shopping for cards online: Go to shopwithscrip.com and create an account. You'll need our enrollment code (5911E89D65629). You will be asked child's name and group- you can ignore these questions unless you are a parent of one of our youth group members. . Once you are enrolled, your account will be verified and ready to begin ordering. If you go to shopwithscrip.com on your phone, you will receive a prompt that allows you to place a link on your home screen like an app for quick access and ordering.

  • If you prefer to fill out a paper order and let us order the cards for you: Get an order form from the church office, fill it out and return it to the office.

A group order will be placed by the 20th of each month combining all online and paper orders received by the 15th, and we'll have the cards in the office ready for up just a few days later!

This is an exciting and so easy way that we can all help support our youth group! First orders are due October 15! Thank you for your support!
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Sunday School Offerings This Fall
Preschool and Elementary
9:30 am
Lower Learning Center

Children meet in age level groups (PreK-Grade 2; and Grades 3-5) This year we are using the Whirl curriculum from Sparkhouse. One of the goals of Whirl is to connect kids to church life. Each week, kids and leaders start their time together by identifying where they are in the church year and watching an animated video to set up the lesson. Next, they dive into the Bible story, respond to the scripture lesson with creative leaflet activities, and circle up to review the lesson and pray before being sent out. 

Youth (Middle & High School)
9:30 am
Youth Room

This fall, our youth will be studying the book, YOUnique. Based on Biblical teaching, students will explore their personality type, find out what their Love Language is, learn what their top spiritual gifts are, come to accept the way the God created them- body and soul, hear about the best gift God offers (transformation from the inside out), grasp simple ways to invite God's power into the daily lives, identify God's voice and learn to discern it for themselves, dream about their future, create a bucket list, identify desirable character traits, and set practical goals for the future. 
Women's Sunday School
9:30 am
McMillan Room

This year, the focus will be on prayer- attitudes, postures, approaches, purposes, and more. All women are invited to join this group and enjoy the caring fellowship, the thoughtful discussions, and the laughter that is shared each week.

Men's Small Group
9:15 am
Quilters Room

All men are invited to join this time of reflection, discussion, and fellowship together. This year the men will be focusing on encounters with Jesus that are recorded throughout the gospels, and seeking to discover how they speak to the way we are invited to meet Jesus in our own lives. Come a little early for fellowship at 9:15 and the lesson begins at 9:30.
Did you miss a sermon?
Past sermons are now available to listen to on our website!!  
Recordings include music, prayers and other parts of the worship service, too!

This Week
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Wednesday, Oct 9
10:00 am Wednesday Morning Bible Study
7:00 pm Galatians Bible Study

Thursday, Oct 10
6:30 pm Bell Choir Rehearsal
7:45 pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Saturday, Oct 12
9:00 am Fall Cleanup Day
3:00 pm Play-Date at Boyce-Mayview Park

Sunday, Oct 13
9:30 am Sunday Schools and Small Groups
10:30 am Worship- Cliff Decker sharing his Malawi Mission Trip; Pledge Dedication
11:30 am Fellowship
12:00 pm Youth Group and Parents' Lunch

Monday, Oct 14
11:00 am Church Staff Meeting: schedule and facilities coordination
6:30 pm Mary and Martha Circle

Tuesday, Oct 15
10:00 am Quilters Group
7:00 pm Joint Session and Deacons Meeting
(7:00 Communion Training; 7:30 meeting)

Wednesday, Oct 16
10:00 am Wednesday Morning Bible Study
7:00 pm Galatians Bible Study

Oct 12 Fall Clean Up Day and Playdate for Families

Oct 27 Congregational Meeting to Elect new Elders, Deacons, and Nominating Committee Members

Oct 27 Trunk or Treat

Nov 9 Holiday A-fair

Nov 10 Veterans Recognition in Worship

Nov 16 Wreath Hanging

Nov 24 Hanging the Greens and Potluck

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