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Let's meet at the movies! On Tuesday, Jan 17th, Rev. Mary will be watching A Man Called Otto at the MJR Digital Cinemas in Brighton at 1PM and 7PM. Tickets on Tuesdays are $5! Hope to see you there!

Church Family,


We are in the season of Epiphany. It is an extraordinary season that is before us. On January 5, the eve of Epiphany Day, I spent some time gazing outside. The trees were a silvery white, their branches sparkled in the moonlight against a dark sky. Everything was quiet except the occasional traffic on S. Lafayette. The weather was crisp and I could feel it on my lungs with each inhale. As I looked up I wondered: what it is like to dance across the stars?

And that is what Epiphany is — a season of stars. Magic.


Epiphany is a season in the Christian year — the weeks that follow Christmas until Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. In the northern hemisphere, it is the deep winter season, a time of starkness, cold, ice, and snow. Madeleine L’Engle once wrote that winter “reveals structure,” that which is behind the riot of leaf and flower of spring. Stripped down to the icy branches, Epiphany manifests a January spirituality helping us see what we cannot otherwise see.


The traditional themes of Epiphany are light, glory, sight, revelation, and enlightenment. The seasonal cycle begins with the story of the Magi — three wise mystics — following a star, a journey that takes them to Jesus, God’s promise birthed into the world, wonder embodied as a tiny child. The most ordinary of human moments — birth — becomes extraordinary.


This is the season of extraordinary time, the in-breaking of creation’s promise. This Epiphany, this seeing, this glory of the cosmos manifested here and now. The season of remembering that God is holding our very lives, we are not alone.


Diane Bass writes, “This extraordinary season induces awe. It reveals that there is more to the world than what we accept as “ordinary.” And there are powers and principalities that will press against Epiphany with fear and great violence. To see the deep structure, to follow the star, to hear the breaking of the ice encasing the earth is threatening to those who benefit from “normal,” the accepted veneer of “ordinary” injustices and oppressions and indignities that bedevil and deceive the human race.”


And thus: Epiphany is the season we need now. We need its clarity, its sharp starkness. We live in awful and awe-filled times. For some of what we know as ordinary has become the gateway to the divine; and some of what we’ve accepted as ordinary is far from ordinary. It takes an epiphany to reveal which is which — to know the deepest love in the world and live in the tailings of the star.


A.E. Stallings wrote, “The poetry of earth is never dead. This Epiphany, let us be alive to the world, the extraordinary mundane.” May we be alive remembering that God holds our lives, we are loved, and the extraordinary presence of the Holy Spirit is all around us. Where are your Epiphany moments? How are you working at remembering that God is holding you? Where have you seen the extraordinary Holy Spirit alive in the world this week?


Just a few things to ponder on this crisp January day. Love and Peace in Christ, Rev. Mary


We are gathering at Third Monk Brewing this Wednesday, January 11th, @ 7:30 pm

This week we will discuss Damar Hamlin, Prayers, Predictions, and Translations ... and anything else that is on your heart.


Sign up for an appointment using this QR Code.


The men’s Tuesday night Bible study group begins their winter study on Dec. 6th with “Nudging the Heart” by Dr. William A. Ritter. Join us from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. every Tuesday in the Friendship Room (door 6) or via Zoom. 


Bill Ritter is perhaps the foremost preacher of Michigan Methodism. In his fourth book he assembles a collection of sermons that “nudge the heart.” Each week we will read and discuss one of the sermons. Members of our group who know Bill can testify to the wisdom, humor and challenge always present in his sermons.


We have purchased a supply of books and they are available for $10. You may also purchase the Kindle version on your own. Contact Dave Smith for more information, including Zoom link.


If you use the pre-printed giving envelopes, the 2023 envelopes are now available!! They are located in the office outside of the office of the Financial Secretary, Lindy Juergens (Room 103). If you are not able to pick up your envelopes, please contact the office or Lindy and we will drop them off to you or mail them to you. If you have not used the pre-printed envelopes, but would like them, please call the office or Lindy. You can also fill out a form to notify Lindy that you would like a booklet of envelopes. (The form is on the bulletin board above the envelopes.)  


In January, please consider supporting efforts against human trafficking, specifically by supporting the Sparrow Freedom Project. The mission of the Sparrow Freedom Project is to build a survivor led community supporting and empowering exploited and trafficked individuals on their journey to achieving independence through services and prevention. Please prayerfully consider donating to this mission of the month.


Plan yourself some time away in 2023. Register today for "Introduction to Contemplative Prayer Retreat," February 16-18, 2023, at Wesley Woods Camp and Retreat Center. Immerse yourself in a time of spiritual renewal with an introductory retreat to spiritual practices including contemplative prayer, times of silence and guided learning. Enjoy leisurely meals, morning instruction, choose your own adventure afternoons, and a guided practice in the evening. Those new to contemplative practices as well as those more experienced are welcome. Led by Rev. Cora Glass, Rev. Dr. April Gutierrez, and Lisa Batten. This retreat center is a drug and alcohol-free space.

Learn more and register online using the link below.

Register Here


Are you in need of medical equipment? We may have what you need! We are now serving as an extension of the Center for Active Adults' Medical Loan Closet. Inventory will vary, but all equipment is available on loan to residents of South Lyon and their families.

Email Jen Denny or call the church office

for more information.

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If you are – or have – a college student, would you please email mollyklemens@southlyonfirstumc.org with their current address and the school they are attending? We reach out from time to time to our college students. 

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Bethlehem Temple UMC – our sister church in Liberia
Helen Roberts-Evans – our covenant missionary in Liberia
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