July 28
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Worship Sundays at 10:00am

  • Livestream Worship at 10AM on YouTube*
  • In-person in the Backyard Tent*
Read Matthew 9:9-13 to prepare

*We appreciate your grace and your understanding. Livestreaming the outdoor service has provided some technical challenges over the last couple of weeks, which we are working to correct. In the event that we are unable to stream the service at 10AM on Sunday, we will stream the service recording later in the day, so please continue to check the YouTube channel and Facebook page for updates. Thank you for your patience.

*In the event of inclement weather, this service will move into the sanctuary. A decision will be made by 7:30AM on Sunday and a notification will be sent by email.

Please click on this link for the lyrics to the songs this week:

Dear Church Family,
What a fun week! Our church backyard has been overrun with laughing, learning, singing, praying children. Our VBS team, adults and youth have given outstanding leadership. Hope you can join us tomorrow night to celebrate our VBS week!
Our planning staff spent yesterday afternoon mapping out our next year, calendaring the events we know are already in motion, penciling in plans in the early stages, and dreaming about possibilities while naming leadership needs. We discovered that God is blessing us with a rich and busy year, but there are a few areas that have no leadership. I am hoping and praying that God is calling you to continue in a ministry area from before or inviting you to a brand new opportunity.
First, we are looking for about 6 people that will help design, plan, and organize volunteers for three all church and community events. Harvest Festival (Trunk or Treat plus family fun), Cool Yule, and a Spring Fling. Please pray for 6 people to step forward in the next two weeks so that plans can start. If we do not have people to lead these events, then these events will be removed from our calendar. Doing things as a church and reaching out to our community are important ways for us to share God’s love with one another. I am confident that God is already whispering and nudging the right individuals to help lead us through one or all of these events.
Second, we are in need of a Fellowship Coordinator (coffee hour). We need a person or a small team that will work to creatively plan for what our fellowship time can look like this fall. Again, this is a favorite and important part of our Sunday morning time together.
Third, I continue to ask for a new Hospitality Team. Two have graciously volunteered so far, but 7 more are needed so that the burden does not fall too heavily on any one individual. Our work would include creatively letting our community know that they are welcome to worship with us, welcoming our guests, helping newer members find their small groups and places to serve, finding creative ways to engage with those that worship virtually, and reaching out to members we have not seen in a while to see how we can walk with them on their faith journey.  
I know these may seem like big asks. I know that some of us are still enjoying as much summer as we can. I know that some of us have not been in the church building in a while. But as we move forward, God is calling us to continue to be Christ focused, Spirit filled, and Mission driven. God is calling us this fall to “Fall into Fellowship and to Fall into God.” We need you to make God’s fruitful ministry happen in 2021-2022. Please email, text, or call if you have any questions.
Love and Peace in Christ, Mary
Are you looking for a way to serve the church while enjoying our great Michigan summer? We are currently looking for volunteers to help maintain the gardens that surround the church. (Our weeds are not taking a vacation!) The property has been divided into 10 zones. Just choose a zone (click above on the "Adopt-a-Zone Map" button).

and sign up by clicking https://slfumc.ccbchurch.com/need_detail.php?need_id=15 or calling Molly in the church office (248.437.0760, ext 101). You &/or your family will then be responsible for weeding and maintaining that area this summer and fall. For more information contact Shannon Boals.  
Registration is now open! Scan the QR code or click here.

Support Our Youth Mission Trips
Did you know that you can support our youth for their mission trips by just using rewards programs?

Kroger’s rewards – To support our church using the Kroger’s reward program, you will need to have either a Kroger’s reward card or a Kroger’s account. At the bottom of the Kroger's website (www.kroger.com) in the community section, click Kroger's Community Rewards. Then link your card or Kroger’s account id to our church. You can either search for First United Methodist Church - South Lyon or enter JE422 and our name will pop up. Whenever you shop at Kroger’s and use your Kroger’s reward card, the church will get a small percentage of the sale.

Amazon Smile – Instead of using Amazon to order things, use Amazon Smile (www. smile.amazon.com). Just sign in using your regular amazon customer id and select First United Methodist Church of South Lyon as the charity that you wish to support. Whenever you shop using Amazon Smile, the church will get a small percentage of the sale.

If you have questions, contact the Financial Secretary, Lindy Juergens, at the church office. 

Sister Church Bethlehem Temple and Gretta Moffat Student Support 
Our relationship with Liberia began in 2005, and we have had a strong connection with them supporting access to clean water, food, clean water, and education for children. Progress has been made in all these areas, but significant needs remain.

Bethlehem Temple-Our sister church is in a very remote bush area, often completely flooded and unreachable during the rainy season. They struggle to have adequate food supplies, battle numerous health conditions, and provide education opportunities for the children.  Yet they remain faithful, hopeful, and appreciate of our relationship with them.

Gretta Moffat Student Support-In 2017, we began an effort to help the children of the rural John Dean Town area go to school. We worked with Jerry Giah, the principal of Gretta Moffat School, to pair up students with sponsor families from our church.  We also began an additional scholarship program in 2019 to assist students who graduate from the 8th grade at Gretta Moffat be able to attend high school. This past year we were able to work with Helen Roberts-Evans and Jerry Giah to identify two students to receive Hope scholarships to attend high school in Buchanan, Liberia. They are Peter Tedoe and Decontee Grey.

Many additional positive changes have been prompted by our support of Gretta Moffat students, including funding for the school to be enlarged and improved, a continued increase in student enrollment, and the addition of a new teacher. With all the changes, growth, and COVID-19 shutdowns, it has been difficult for Principal Giah to keep up the process of pairing children with families and sending individual photos and updates. We do receive many group photos, and updates throughout the year. Another change is that education is one of the primary areas of focus in Liberian Bishop Quire’s strategic plan and new covenant relationship between the Liberia and Michigan Conference. In this plan, $300.00 is the recommended amount for all student scholarships.

It is with a full heart that these encouraging updates are brought to you. Your support of Liberia and especially Gretta Moffat students is making a difference. Please keep our Liberian brothers and sisters in your prayers and prayerfully consider giving to the Liberia Mission of the Month which will support Bethlehem Temple, students at Gretta Moffat school, and the Hope Scholarship program. This year all support will go into the same fund, and there is no specific amount requested. Please give as God calls you to give.
Blessings, The Mission Team.
Please email Patti Yerke if you have any questions.

Blood drive attendance dips in the summer months, but the need for donors does not…..if you are in town and able to donate, please consider doing so.
Each donation saves THREE lives. Be a hero and donate.

Click Here to Register
This summer South Lyon First UMC is encouraging you to follow the apostles’ example by taking the light of Christ with you wherever you go! Pick up your torch on Sunday morning or in the church office or in the tub in front of the church.

Show us where you’ve been - take pictures with your torch on your travels and upload them here: 

or email them to  Jen Denny
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