June 22
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Sundays at 9:45am

  • Livestream Worship at 9:45AM on YouTube
  • In-person in the Sanctuary*
*Outside worship in the backyard tent on the second Sunday of the month beginning June 12th. Bring a chair.

Join the summer challenge! The Education Team is challenging us to read 3 stories from the bible each week during the summer. These bible stories are included below. Cross off the stories as you read them. There will be a prize for all participants at the end of the summer.
After the birth of Jesus, we move away from the child Jesus and encounter the man, the prophet, the teacher, the healer, and the trouble-maker Jesus! We discover, through a focus on the book of Mark, the ways in which Jesus models discipleship and calls for us to follow. In Mark, Jesus is almost constantly at the shoreline, in a boat, getting out of a boat or into one! No doubt, we are in this boat together as we seek to be the disciples Jesus has called us to be. This summer we encourage you to send us YOUR pictures from the shores. Please email your shoreline photos to Jen Denny or the church office.
We are gathering at Third Monk Brewing this Wednesday, June 22nd, at 7:30PM to discuss Poverty and Evolution. Please come and join us for a cold beer (…or pop) and a lively conversation. 

On Friday, July 1st, from 7-9PM in the green space behind the church, we will eat. We will sing. It will be awesome fun for everyone! Bring your favorite S'more fixin's and your camp chairs to the SLFUMC firepit!
NOON - 1:00
If you are interested in helping with this summer's Summer Lunch Program, please email Kristina Kotila, the SLP coordinator, at slp@southlyonfirstumc.org.

If you would like to contribute to the weekend meal bags, please drop off individual macaroni & cheese cups or individual peanut butter cups in the church parlor or outside bin by door #4.
This year's theme is Food Truck Party and we need YOU to help make it a success! Participant registration is open to 4 year old’s through 5th graders. To register as a participant please use this link. Adult and Youth volunteers are encouraged to sign up here.  
Do you enjoy children? You can make a difference at SLFUMC. We need your help to provide a fun and safe environment for our Church Nursery! We are hiring for a Nursery Director position. In just 4-5 hours each week, you can help our church family with our most precious asset-The Children! Interested in more information? We would love to hear from you! Please submit a note or resume to the church office.
Sister Church Bethlehem Temple and Gretta Moffat Student Support
Our relationship with Liberia began in 2005, and we have had a strong connection with them supporting access to clean water, food, and education for children. Progress has been made in all these areas, but significant needs remain, especially with access to education for rural children.

Bethlehem Temple-Our sister church is in a very remote bush area, often completely flooded and unreachable during the rainy season. They struggle to have adequate food supplies, to battle numerous health conditions, and to provide education opportunities for the children. Yet they remain faithful, hopeful, and appreciative of our relationship with them.

Gretta Moffat Student Support-In 2017, we began an effort to help the children of the rural John Dean Town area go to school. We worked with Jerry Giah, the principal of Gretta Moffat School, to pair up students with sponsor families from our church. Although the pairing system is now not practical, our donations of $50.00 per student covers uniforms, school supplies, and some of the tuition.

In August 2021, Principal Jerry Giah reported that there were 143 students attending Gretta Moffat school, with four students graduating from the eighth grade. The number of children starting school continues to increase due to our scholarships, as does the number of students graduating from the eighth grade. Graduating from eighth grade in rural Liberia is a huge accomplishment. Although we are no longer able to receive individual pictures with updates for each child, Principal Giah sends regular emails, student lists, group pictures and an annual school report.

In October 2021, we sent $3000 to help support Gretta Moffat students with tuition, uniforms, and supplies for the '21-'22 school year, which started in November. We were also able to provide continued support for the two high school students (Peter Tedoe and Decontee Gray) who are now in 10th grade and to add support for another student in the 9th grade.  The recommended donation for the high school students is now $300.00 per school year. We also recently heard that twenty young children from our sister church, Bethlehem Temple, benefited from the scholarship funds that were sent in 2019, and they are hoping for continued support.

To provide updates regarding the Liberia students and educational programs that we support, we have added a Liberia update section on the Kiosk. You can also check my Facebook page which sometimes has pictures and videos sent from Principal Giah.

South Lyon FUMC is doing amazing work around the world by helping these children get an education and your support is greatly appreciated! Please keep our Liberian brothers and sisters in your prayers and prayerfully consider giving to the Liberia Mission of the Month which will support Bethlehem Temple, students at Gretta Moffat school, and three Gretta Moffat graduates in high school. All donations will go into the same fund, and there is no specific amount requested. Please email Patti Yerke at pattijy@sbcglobal.net if you have any questions.

Please give as God calls you to give. Blessings, The Mission Team.
Just like your home, our parsonage needs updating to bring it inline with community standards and the requirements of the Michigan Conference. The first project that the Trustees would like to tackle is providing a second full bath. This will make our parsonage a more comfortable option for current and future families. Right now there is only 1.5 baths, and the Michigan UMC Parsonage requirements are for 2 full baths. As you can imagine, this project alone will cost in excess of $15,000 and our current budget and capital funds cannot cover the cost. If you would like to contribute toward helping get our parsonage up to date, please consider making a donation indicating it is to be used for "parsonage renovations."
Please also keep our prayer partners in your devotions:  
Bethlehem Temple UMC – our sister church in Liberia
Helen Roberts-Evans – our covenant missionary in Liberia
Local Ministry Partners – Capernaum Health Clinic & Active Faith
The United Methodist Church
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·       Mail a check to SLFUMC, 640 S. Lafayette, South Lyon, MI 48178
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