I am excited about The Table! This will be a new gathering at Light on the Hill at Mount Wesley beginning next month. The Table will be committed to welcoming folks who may feel uncomfortable in traditional church settings. We want to be intentional in our efforts to be inclusive and hospitable.

Monica O’Donnell describes The Table beautifully, “Around the table, love can flow, church can happen, barriers can come down, and the future can be shaped. Together, we prepare the meal, set the table, serve one another, pray with one another, worship with one another, fellowship with one another, and clean up together.” Monica goes on to say, “The Table is ‘church’ reinvented. Around the table, dinner conversations will center around food and faith stories. The table provides an opportunity for guests to share and hosts to listen. Our targeted guests will initially be a select group of friends from our marginalized community. We want our Mustard Seed friends who have become our family to be our first dinner guests.”

 Writer and scholar, Leonard Sweet once said, Whenever I’m asked, ‘What is God up to?’ my most common answer is, ‘Have you heard of dinner church?” Dinner church is a type of microchurch where the meal and the table are not simply points of distinction from other churches; they are essential to the congregation’s makeup. Microchurches are intentionally small, which allows the type of inclusion that notices everyone and a place where all are heard and given the opportunity to contribute.

Lastly, Monica shared, “Authentic fellowship leads to discipleship, one meal at a time. When new disciples start sharing stories from the table with others, those others will come, and that is what I call “church.”
Vernon Fosner, who has written books on the dinner church movement says, “For Jesus, the dinner table was the invitation to faith. Jesus clearly embedded the gospel into the dinner-table theology.”

Please join us in praying for this new ministry and all that God will do through it and among the participants.                                                                                             
 …Beth Palmer
Women's Pickleball Tournament was awesome!
These INCREDIBLE trophies were made by our incredibly creative and talented Larque Jakaboski
Haley and Robin are the champions!
Everyone played great!
Next tournament is...
This tournament it's already full.
But you come and watch great pickleball on January 28 at 9 am in the Gym.
Trivia Night
Come to the first trivia night of the year!
January 22 at 6 pm in KFUMC Fellowship Hall
LOTH Pool Renovation Project
It’s January and not many are thinking about swimming outside in the summer, BUT we are!!!

In the last three years, we have replaced all of the huge pumps and all of the pipes and plumbing for the pool at Light on the Hill at Mount Wesley. Now, we need to address the pool, itself. We have multiple cracks in the pool that have been patched and re-patched over and over and over… We no longer can do this. It is time for the pool to be retiled, re-plastered, and re-surfaced.

Last summer, we had hundreds of children and youth enjoy this pool through summer camps, play days, and field trips. We know how much joy this pool brought to so many as we were fortunate to witness the laughter and smiles!

This summer, we want to expand the number of children and youth who will come and make more memories on our treasured campus, including in the pool. Would you prayerfully consider helping us?

Thanks to some grants and private donations, we are more than halfway there with the funding to make this happen! Every little bit helps! If you would be able to help us reach our goal, you can make a donation to KFUMC or LOTH and specify “POOL” on the check or in the comments section if you are giving electronically.
Thank you so much for praying for our summer outreach efforts in January.

We are incredibly blessed by your continued support! Happy New Year!
LOTH at Mount Wesley
610 Methodist Encampment
Kerrville, TX 78028