Food 4 Kids kicks off the new school year with 68 children!

Kerrville First United Methodist Church’s Food4Kids program provides food on the weekends for children experiencing food insecurity from our neighboring school, Nimitz Elementary. Other churches in our community have also adopted local schools in our county to be a blessing! KFUMC is currently helping 68 students and their families who do not have enough nutritious food to sustain them throughout the weekends. Many families depend on breakfast and lunch for their children at school and when school is not in session, like on weekends, it provides a hardship for the family. Our awesome unpaid servants help with the shopping, packing, delivering and distributing of the food to make this program possible. Food4Kids is a food relief ministry connected with our Mustard Seed Pantry. Thank you for supporting Food4Kids! 
Come enjoy a wonderful time at Camp Mystic at the Church Picnic this Sunday! Worship, Fellowship, Lunch, Baptisms, Trivia Game and more! 
Tonight is Fields of Faith at Antler Stadium 7pm!

One day, One Message, One Stand! Fields of Faith is a peer to peer movement where thousands of students around the world father in their schools athletic fields to share Their faith stories & challenge each other to apply the Bible as their “game plan for life”!

All ages are welcome to join us in our community night of worship! 
Mark your calendars for the HARVEST FESTIVAL! 
Women’s Pickleball Tournament this Saturday at KFUMC! Come watch and cheer on our pickleball players this Saturday in the KFUMC Gym! 
Hill Country Emmaus Men’s Walk is October 19-22!
YAM is going to Costa Rica! Stop by on October 14th to purchase some firewood for the winter and help support our young adult mission trip!
LOTH at Mount Wesley
610 Methodist Encampment
Kerrville, TX 78028