Lifting Individuals for Growth,
Health & Transformation (LIGHT)
Light on the Hill is excited to announce that we have received the Methodist Healthcare Ministries Community Impact Grant for 2023! This grant will allow us to expand our outreach efforts to our community by funding support staffing and program expenses for ongoing food relief and community connections to help people with their physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs. This funding will provide for a project manager to oversee the initiative and allows us to hire two part-time community health workers to be the boots on the ground serving our community. Millie Goode will serve as the project manager and Emily Morales and Lori Payne will serve as our community health workers. We are so grateful and excited for all who will benefit from this amazing expansion to our efforts to serve our neighbor! Thank you MHM!!!
Community Health Worker, Lori Payne, Project Manager, Millie Goode, and Community Health Worker, Emily Morales.
The Kerr County Inter-agency Network Directory has a new website!!!
The Kerr County Inter-agency Network Directory is the most comprehensive information directory for resources, services, and support in and around Kerr County.
From assistance to crisis support and more, locate vital information to get support for adults, youth, and families.
For more information go to:
Schreiner Students Volunteer at Mustard Seed Food Pantry During Spring Break!!
Faithful Mustard Seed Unpaid Servants
Love Our Neighbors
Never too young to serve our neighbors!
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Glory Community Garden Ground Breaking!!
March 21 at 11 am join the ground breaking celebration at the Glory Community Garden at 200 W Davis Street.
LOTH at Mount Wesley
610 Methodist Encampment
Kerrville, TX 78028