VIM Team at Light on the Hill
Thank you!!
So grateful to Troy and Tina Box for donating their carport at Light on the Hill and for our Volunteers In Mission Team Members, Brad, Ray, Rusty and Sangrid for building sides and doors to the carport! This will give us a storage shed for storing our KFUMC Disaster Trailer along with tools, ladders and other supplies. If you would like more information about disaster response, please contact Beth at
Emergency Response Team
E.R.T.'s help our neighbors by providing a caring, Christian presence in the aftermath of disaster.
E.R.T.'s help with the clean-up of homes, remove debris, prevent further damage and help get ready for the next phase.
Volunteers in Mission
V.I.M.’s, like E.R.T.’s help our neighbors by providing a caring, Christian presence in the aftermath of disaster.
V.I.M.’s help with the recovery phase after clean-up has happened. The recovery phase in disaster relief efforts can take years, so patience and perseverance are paramount.
H.O.M.E. Team
Helping Others Mend and Enrich
This is a local outreach ministry to help our more mature neighbors with simple home repairs. We know this is a need in our faith community and our community as a whole.

For more information go to:
Special Food Ministry
Do you like people? Do you have the gift of hospitality?
We need help with special events and retreats throughout the year. You would be doing things like serving food or washing dishes. It's a lot of fun and a great way to share the love of Christ!
Do you love to cook or bake?
We have a wonderful team of unpaid servants that would love for you to join them.

We have a great time together as we serve!
Walking Mondays at LOTH!!
Every Monday of May, Grant Palmer will lead Adult Hiking on the trails of LOTH!!!
Starting at 6 pm, meeting point: The Porch (Located at the back of LOTH near the pool).
Make sure you bring your water!!
LOTH at Mount Wesley
610 Methodist Encampment
Kerrville, TX 78028