Midweek Musings


Ash Wednesday Poem

The elements in your body

are made from stardust

calcium and iron,

mixed with marrow and sinew

stretched just like that God-child

with skin that one day

will again, become dust.

Blessings on the cosmic dust

of all creation,

from which we come

and into which we will return.

And in the meantime –

as we go on living,

blessings on the dust

in which you journey,

blessings on the dust

that you will shake off your feet,

blessings on the dust that smudges

foreheads and hands in ancient days,

And on this day.

Bear this holy dust mark

knowing you are not alone,

you are all made from the same dust

that busted forth at the birthplace of creation,

and you belong,

In life and in death,

to the one who calls you beloved.

You belong to God.

Written by: Rev. Shawna Bowman,

Pastor of Friendship Presbyterian Church in Chicago

You are the light of the world!