Midweek Musings

Blessed are the Peacemakers for They shall be called Children of God


I thought we were already called that,

without need of proof or task to complete.

I thought being called Children of God was a given,

a birthright, a measure of grace handed to us in our first breath.


Something to ponder:


Perhaps the lesson to be learned in this blessing

is that we are made to make peace,

that peacemaking is as much a part of our identity as being

Children of God.

One equals the other.


So, how is it we have fallen so far from our nature?

How is it that the birthright has been given away or

taken from us in violence?


Maybe, as in every other aspect of our journey,

this too is our longing to be home,

to be back in the fold,

to return to the very place of our creation.


Maybe this too is just another beckoning to what or who we once were.


Like so many things lost,

so much stripped from us or pushed away by us,

or left on the side of the path for something we are so certain will

make us happy,

our nature to make peace, to honor peace, to inspire peace,

to know peace,

is far beneath the layers of defense and desperation and brokenness.


But let us remember today

our sacred identities

not our calls to service, not our bending towards justice for bending’s sake,

not our hope to be more than what we are.


But let us remember today

exactly who we are

the very nature of our being

Children of God. Peacemaker.


In our homes, in our workplaces,

in every relationship, every prayer, every passing of stranger and friend.

At every table and altar and highway and meeting and at every sign

and weapon displayed of violence.


Our nature

Our birthright

Children of God

Children of the Beloved



May it be so.




You are the light of the world. May you be at peace.