Midweek News - May 11, 2022
A message from Pastor John
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
I hope this finds you all safe and well wherever you are.

Our family is still in Los Alamos, with boxes and suitcases packed and ready to go in case the evacuation is ordered. The fire teams appear to be doing a good job of controlling the fires with some more positive news from today, although we are by no means out of the woods yet (no pun intended).

While the church itself is closed, the staff are still continuing to work, and this break is allowing some staff to be able to focus intensely on some upcoming projects. I had hoped to be able to do some planning for future worship services, and while I haven’t gotten there yet, that is still my goal.

As for Sunday, we will hold worship at 10 am. What that looks like is still to be determined.

If we are still in the “set” phase then we will be in the sanctuary and First Light is also planning on being there. But because we have moved the computers and cameras off the hill, the livestream will only be available on Facebook and it will be flashback to when we first started our livestream, which means my phone trying to capture everything.

If we should be in the “go” phase, then the sanctuary will be closed, and I will record the service from somewhere else and we will upload the service to be available starting at 10 am on Sunday. If this is the way we go, it will then be available on the church’s website and the church center app at the same time. Otherwise, it will not be available on those platforms until later in the day.

If we should happen to get a “go” order either Saturday night or Sunday morning then I am going to have to wing it, but we will have some form of worship at 10 am on Sunday.

We will update you later in the week about what we suspect will be happening with the links to where you may watch worship, or if you can be in the sanctuary.

Please continue praying for all those who are fighting this fire, and those throughout the state and the west, and prayers for safety for them and all those affected or in the path of these fires.


What I'm currently reading:
  • Faith After Doubt: Why Your Beliefs Stopped Working and What to Do About It by Brian D. McLaren
  • The Personal Librarian by Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray
Worship News
Sunday, May 15, 2022

Scripture Readings: The scripture readings for Sunday, May 15, are Acts 11:1-18; Psalm 148; 1Corithians 11:23-26 and Luke 3:15-17, 21-22. The message, "Sacramental", will be on the passages from from 1 Corinthians and Luke.

Questions to help you prepare: What are sacraments that Methodists practice? Why those? Do we hold beliefs in them that are different from other denominations? If yes, what are the differences ? What does it mean to have an open table? Why do we practice infant baptism?

10 a.m. Worship
streamed online at Facebook.com/FirstInYourHeart,

For those worshiping in-person masks are optional.
We will have KN-95 masks available for those who wish to wear a mask.

Prayer for the week:

God, your voice moves over the waters.
Immerse us in your grace,
mark us with your images,
and raise us to live our baptismal vows
empowered by the Holy Spirit
and the example of Christ our Lord,
in whose name we pray. Amen.
Did you miss a Sunday or just want to here the message again, you can view previous Sundays on YouTube.
New Series "Who are these people Called Methodist?"
Sunday, May 8 "Grace Times Three"

Church Community
Emails from Pastor John

Please do not open any emails claiming to be from Pastor John, unless they come from pastor@lafumc.org. He will never use his personal email to contact you.
We have cancelled choir, Create & Discover, and the VBS meeting scheduled for Sunday after worship. We ask everyone to be prepared in case we have to evacuate and if you need help please email pastor@lafumc.org.
Faith Development

Two Sundays ago was our Youth Sunday. I have a few thoughts and insights on how it went. 

First of all, thank you for your support. So many people came up to me and the youth to express their gratitude and kind words. While I am tremendously proud of how well they all did in worship, they surprised me. I say surprised because I knew they would do well. Public speaking is hard for many people, and usually, it just takes practice. (Not to discount those with a genuine fear of public speaking.) So, going into it with the premise we had, if worse came to worse, I could write everyone's part, and everything would be great. But, of course, I did not have to write everyone's part, and I had very little input on what and how they said it. What made Youth Sunday special for me was what happened before and after Worship.

11 teenagers. That is how many we had running around the church halls Saturday evening. We designed this murder mystery game based on a trendy video game called Among Us. I didn’t make our youth invite friends; they asked to. They wanted to invite their friends to their youth room to play their game inside their church. Not their parent’s church, their church. And here is the kicker for me. IT WAS PROM NIGHT!!!! Now, this town is full of nerds (myself included), so prom's premise does not carry the same weight as other places but still! Our teenager that could have gone chose to go to church instead. 

As a musician, I can tell you that, often, the rehearsal is more special than the gig. During our practice and rehearsals, I thought I would have to pull teeth to get them to write down thoughts, speak clearly, or even practice more. But, they all worked so hard. Carefully crafting their topics to squeeze every inside joke they could. They got so creative, and most importantly, they just cared about what they were doing. And if you know anything about teenagers, getting them to care about anything is the hardest thing.  

Now, if you had just finished a 21-hour overnight youth experience, where you spent most of the time discussing community and how God calls us into it, chances are, you wouldn’t want to meet the next day to discuss scripture again. I did not. So, I floated the question to the group whether or not we wanted to meet the next day for Bible Study. To my absolute astonishment, they wanted to meet again! So, we did. The conversation about faith and community was insightful, intense, and amazing! 

If we, as a youth group, had bombed on Sunday. If I had to write all of their pieces and even if no friends showed up. If that conversation was the only good thing to come of that weekend. I would still be jumping over the moon. While we spoke about 6 different aspects of our youth group we like. #1 was our conversations. Our conversations about faith and church, life in general, or even our random ones. They love sitting around and being community.

During our introduction, James spoke about how you, the congregation, go before us in our walk of faith. Smoothing the path and removing obstacles. I pray you to continue the hard work you do for this group of amazing people.

Also, here is a link to our Summer Camp theme so you can listen to it and pray for us as we dive into what it means to trust that God goes before us.
Old Man Phillip Ortega
You are invite to register for this year’s VBS.

We are still in need of volunteers. If you are interested follow the same link and select Volunteer as your registration type. 


Help Us Provide Help!

The ABQ. District Mission team are asking for us to join them in helping our neighbors all over the state that have been displaced due to the many fires in our state.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Pray for the health and safety of those displaced by, in the line of, and fighting these fires. Pray for the stilling of winds. Pray for individuals and families who are traumatized by these events.
  2. Give money through your local church (who may send it on to the conference office for distribution).
  3. Give items needed now: hygiene kits (INSTRUCTIONS), bottled water, phone chargers, pet food, toilet paper, diapers, women’s hygiene items; NO CLOTHING AT THIS TIME!
  4. Give children’s items: NEW! Puzzles, games, crayons & coloring books, bubbles, all kinds of balls, yard games.
  5. Volunteer at Glorieta. They especially need kitchen help as they feed the 500+ they are housing (call Daniel Ruff at Glorieta – (330) 590-0981)
There are several ways you can make your
tithe and offering payments.

  1. Go to our website then click on "Give Securely Online" at the top right-hand column. Set up a one time or a reoccurring gift.
  2. "Text any dollar amount to 84321 to give."
  3. In-person drop off your check
  4. You can mail your checks to the church office:
715 Diamond Drive, Los Alamos, NM 87544

We thank you for your faithfulness!
Have you download the Church Center App?

Through Church Center, you and your family can participate in worship, find information about events and opportunities, and deepen your faith.

Church Center is available for Apple and Android phones and tablets, and newer Kindle fire devices. You can also use a computer, through a web browser, to interact with all the same features.

For more information about the app click on the red Church Center App tab.
May 3 Fred DeVries
May 5 Tito Hinojosa
May 6 Tom Ricketts
May 11 Deborah Trimmer
May 12 Brent Collom
May 12 Brad Wescott
May 13 Ron Jones
May 15 Noah Morgan
May 22 Zachary Koehn
May 23 Imari Varela
May 30 Nancy Teague
May 31 Jay Carnes
May 21 Tom and Vicki Ricketts
May 24 Bill and Carol Mead
May 25 Nathaniel and Celina Morgan
May 28 Baird and Bodil Brandow
If you see your name missing or the date needs corrected
please email church office at office@lafumc.org.
In our thoughts and prayers
The prayer wall is located outside of the church office you are welcome to come and pray over the prayers on the wall or add a prayer of your own. There is a stamp pad that you can stamp them when they are answered.
  • Praise for our church leaders and Pastor John for their leadership.
  • Praise for our teachers!
  • Praise fire fighters, fire responders and others helping with communications and organization of the fires!
  • Congratulations to Valerie Collins, who graduates Saturday, May 14 with her Master degree in Music Education from UNM!

New/Ongoing Prayers:

  • Prayers for those fighting the fires across our state and those who have lost homes and in fear of losing their homes.
  • Prayers for James Barefield's family, his cousin Horace Glover.
  • For those dealing with mental illness.
  • Our church family and friends at Aspen Ridge: Helen Benson and Earlene Seay.
  • Health: Carl Bailey, Karen DeVries, Brenda Finch, Sarah Kelly, Herald Kruse, Fred Navier and Martin Reeves.
  • Prayers for United Methodist missionaries in Russia and the Ukraine.
  • Prayers for the war in Ukraine.

If you have a prayer or concern you would like to add to the prayer wall please feel free to stop by and fill out a card, call the church office, or email office and we'll add your prayer to the wall. Don't forget when the prayer is answered to stop by and stamp the back it has been answered.
Calendar of Events

Sunday, May 15
10 a.m. Contemporary Worship
Online on Facebook
11:30 a.m. Inquirer's Sunday School Class via Zoom

Many activities have been cancelled due to the fires.
Be safe and careful during these times!
God Bless!
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
If you need to reach Pastor John email Pastor@lafumc.org
or the church office at office@lafumc.org.
Please send articles for midweek and bulletin by Tuesdays at NOON.