COVID-19 Vaccination Plan
mid-week situation report updates

As indicated in last Friday's situation report, beginning this this week, the Friday Franklin County vaccine situation reports will not contain registration links to future clinics.

Franklin County vaccination clinic links will be issued each Monday.

Situation reports to ensure a common operating picture will continue to be issued each Friday afternoon.
Update on Effort to Limit Out-of-Region Registrations

We are working with DPH and HHS to determine how to meet the requirement that we put the registration links on the state website as opposed to only on our local website.

We will definitely send out the links in the Monday situation report as indicated above, but may have to also post on the state website and, therefore, serve people from all over the state.
Teacher Vaccine Eligibility

Earlier today we learned that teachers will be eligible beginning on 3/11. We are talking with our partners to determine how best to serve this population while continuing to serve those already eligible.

We hope to have more information for you in Friday's situation report.