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Fall/Winter 2020
The Buzz from Rick
We at Midwest CAM Solutions are thrilled to bring you the most powerful and robust GibbsCAM release in years, GibbsCAM 14. This release brings some exciting additions to the GibbsCAM family: built-in probing, a brand-new, proven Wire EDM system, and even a cutting edge hybrid machining option.

But just as important, GibbsCAM 14 is full of usability improvements that are going to speed up your programming every day--things people like you have been requesting: customizing the trackball, dockable windows, and mouse sketching capabilities, just to name a few.

If you haven't downloaded GibbsCAM 14--do it today so that you can take advantage of this exciting new version!

In other news, you may have heard that GibbsCAM was purchased by a new company called CAMBRIO. We could not be more excited about this turn of events. CAMBRIO will focus on providing CAM systems to different markets: production machining (GibbsCAM), tool and die (Cimatron), and fabrication (Sigmanest). We are excited about the focus and investment that this change will bring to GibbsCAM moving forward. We will bring you more news as we have it. Here's to a successful 2021!
Introducing GibbsCAM 14
It's official! GibbsCAM 14 has been released and is available for download
This release is packed with exciting productivity enhancing improvements and advanced programming capabilities. It also introduces new cutting-edge options: Probing, WireEDM, and Additive/Hybrid Machining. 

Check out these videos to find out more:
Usability Improvements
There are many new features in GibbsCAM 14 to make programming faster and more enjoyable.

  • Customize the Body Bag
  • Dock windows for efficiency
  • Easily find and select Hole Groups in the improved Hole Manager
  • Customize the View Palette (Trackball) for quick access to often used commands
  • Multiple coolant combinations available in Process Dialog
  • Quickly sketch shapes with the Mouse Tool for fast geometry creation
3D Material Only
GibbsCAM 14 expands rest milling capabilities to include 3D Material Only cutting, which calculates the leftover material not only between operations, but also between different coordinate systems and even between milling and turning operations.

Reduced air cutting creates a more efficient toolpath, minimizing machine run time, and increasing your bottom line.
The new Probing option enables you to graphically complete the entire manufacturing cycle within the GibbsCAM programming interface. 

In-process probing allows you to take measurements, inspect features, and confirm the accuracy of a part without taking it off the machine. 

On-machine probing eliminates costly and time-consuming machine downtime and part scrapping that are common with manual set-ups and inspection.
Advanced Kinematics
GibbsCAM 14 includes powerful new ways to handle complex part and complex machine programming.

U-axis turning allows you to program turning operations on a mill that would be difficult to do on a lathe, eliminating multiple part setups on different machines.
Swappable heads: You can now graphically program detaching, parking, and re-attaching entire heads, making it possible to program multiple head setups in one GibbsCAM program.
Wire EDM
This new add-on option is a proven, comprehensive solution for all major wire EDM machines. GibbsCAM Wire EDM provides fast and efficient programming strategies, but also gives you complete control to program your part your way. And with a complete library of proven post processors for all major wire EDMs, this turn-key system provides for all your wire EDM needs.

  • Comprehensive feature recognition
  • Solids machining capabilities
  • Toolpath rendering and simulation
  • Detailed technology database
  • Post processors for all major Wire EDMs
Additive and Hybrid Machining
GibbsCAM 14 supports a new class of multi-task machines that use additive technology, including hybrid machines that are capable of both additive and subtractive operations. 
Use the new GibbsCAM additive processes to add material to existing stock. Once material has been deposited, hybrid machines can use traditional subtractive machining processes to rough and finish the new material.
If you have any questions about the new capabilities, need to get back on Maintenance, or would like a demo of the new options, give us a call:

Year-End Savings!
2020 has been one rough year! We'd like to make it just a little bit better with a limited time offer of up to 20% off on GibbsCAM software until December 31, 2020.

Call us today to find out you much you can save.

Don't forget about the tax savings!

Take advantage of the Section 179 tax deduction by December, 31, 2020 to deduct the full purchase price of GibbsCAM software. 
GibbsCAM Training Options
In-House Training Center
Evening Classes Start January 4, 2021
Start 2021 off right with GibbsCAM Training! Investing in training has proven to pay dividends in higher productivity.

Evening classes are held one night a week, 5-9 pm, for a total of 24 hours.
COVID-19 Precautions

We have taken all recommended precautions to ensure the safety of our students and instructors, including enlarging our classroom space to allow for required social distancing. Learn more on our COVID Response page.
Classes available:

  • Basic Mill (Tuesdays)
  • Basic Lathe (Thursdays)
  • Advanced Mill (Mondays)
  • GibbsCAM Macro (Wednesdays)
Custom Day Training Options
Advanced 3D Solids: 2-Day Course, 8am-4pm (16 hours), lunch included, at Midwest CAM Cost: $500
Custom Lab Training at Midwest CAM: Cost: $500/Half-Day or $1000/Full-Day

Customer Onsite Training*: Cost; $650/Half-Day or $1300/Full-Day

Mobile Training Lab*: MWC provides up to 7 laptops & projector Cost: $1700/Full-Day

*Travel and Expenses may apply, depending on distance and scheduling needs.
Call us today to schedule training: (877) 444-0982
Regional Training with MWC Mobile Lab
Our Mobile Lab Training is a perfect way to get you and your team up to speed with GibbsCAM technologies and new user functionalities. We can come onsite and train up to (7) students with our Mobile User Laptop Programming Stations. This allows each student a full “hands on” learning experience.
GibbsCAM On-Demand Training Assistant
Expert GibbsCAM training at your fingertips 24/7. This online on-demand GibbsCAM video library is accessible with a small subscription fee. Visit “gibbscamtraining.com” 
GibbsCAM Tutorial Manuals
Enhanced full color, illustrated GibbsCAM manuals are available from CAM-Solutions, and can be purchased directly from Amazon. These are very well done. There is a full set of (5) manuals available!  
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