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Spring/Summer 2021
The Latest from Don
There have been a few changes around here since our last newsletter! Rick Meide has retired and is now living the dream fishing and spending lots of time with his lovely wife Kay.

In case we haven't met, I'm Don Casanova and after spending the last two years as an Application Engineer here at Midwest CAM Solutions, I was thrilled to be able to step up and take over the business as the new owner and CEO. I'll be taking care of running the business as well as any Maintenance needs.

Rest assured that we will continue to make serving you, our customers, our #1 priority, as it always has been. In fact, we’ve brought on a new Account Manager, Andy Bleck for just that purpose. You can find out more about him and Craig Dobson in this newsletter.

Just like you, we are looking forward to things opening up this year! We’ve missed getting out and visiting customers in their shops, doing on-site training, and attending trade shows. Even with the challenges of the last year, we’ve been able to get Evening Training Classes going again, and they are thriving.

2021 is looking bright, and we wish you and your business much success! Please feel free to reach out to me if there is anything I can do to help.

Call Don at (877) 444-0982 or email:
Are You Using GibbsCAM 14?
Are you taking advantage of the new capabilities of GibbsCAM 14? Sometimes it's easy to download a new version of software, but never really dig into the new features that will save you time and make a real difference in the productivity of your shop.
Usability and Workflow Improvements
These improvements are to things you do everyday. Those little bits of efficiency add up to big productivity savings!
3D Material Only
Powerful 3D Material only cutting reduces air cutting to create a more efficient toolpath, which minimizes machine run time, and increases your bottom line.

U-Axis Turning & Swappable Heads
Advanced kinematic improvements enable you to do more with the CNC machines on your shop floor.
New GibbsCAM Options
Add functionality to your GibbsCAM seat to automate the full machining process with probing, integrate your Wire EDM machines into your GibbsCAM programming environment, and look to the future with new Hybrid machining.
In-process probing allows you to take measurements, inspect features, and confirm the accuracy of a part without taking it off the machine.
Wire EDM
This new Wire EDM option is a proven, comprehensive solution for all major wire EDM machines. The state-of-the-art system simplifies programming the wire EDMs in your shop.
Hybrid Machinig
GibbsCAM 14 supports hybrid machines that are capable of both additive and subtractive operations. Once material has been deposited, standard machining processes can cut the new material. 
If you have any questions about the new capabilities, would like to get back on Maintenance so that you can take advantage of all the new features, or want a demo of the new options, give us a call:

(877) 444-0982
Spring Has Sprung Sale!
Grow your business with 20% off on GibbsCAM software and training.

Now is the time to add new functionality to GibbsCAM or even add a new seat!

And to sweeten the deal, we’ll give you 20% off of all training with any software purchase.

Call us today to find out you much you can save.

(877) 444-0982
Meet Your Team
Andy Bleck
Andy is your go-to guy for anything related to account management, licensing, or sales. He excels at identifying and solving customer problems and is ready to help you.

Call Andy at (877) 444-0982 or email:
Craig Dobson
Call Craig for any of your Tech Support and training needs. With over 20 years of experience as a CNC machinist of complex CNC machines, Craig will make sure that every issue is fully resolved.

Call Craig at (877) 444-0982 or email:
GibbsCAM Training Options
In-House Training Center
Evening Classes Start July 12, 2021
Take yourself to summer school with GibbsCAM Evening Class Training! Investing in training has been proven to pay dividends in higher productivity.

Evening classes are held one night a week, 5-9 pm, for a total of 24 hours.
COVID-19 Precautions

We have taken all recommended precautions to ensure the safety of our students and instructors, including enlarging our classroom space to allow for required social distancing. Learn more on our COVID Response page.
Classes available:

  • Basic Mill (Tuesdays)
  • Basic Lathe (Thursdays)
  • Advanced Mill (Mondays)
$50 OFF!
Use the code
at checkout to save $50 on all training classes until
May 31, 2021
Custom Day Training Options
Custom Lab Training at Midwest CAM: Cost: $500/Half-Day or $1000/Full-Day

Customer Onsite Training*: Cost; $650/Half-Day or $1300/Full-Day

Mobile Training Lab*: MWC provides up to 7 laptops & projector Cost: $1700/Full-Day

*Travel and Expenses may apply, depending on distance and scheduling needs.
Call us today to schedule training: (877) 444-0982
Regional Training with MWC Mobile Lab
Our Mobile Lab Training is a perfect way to get you and your team up to speed with GibbsCAM technologies and new user functionalities. We can come onsite and train up to (7) students with our Mobile User Laptop Programming Stations. This allows each student a full “hands on” learning experience.
GibbsCAM On-Demand Training Assistant
Expert GibbsCAM training at your fingertips 24/7. This online on-demand GibbsCAM video library is accessible with a small subscription fee.
GibbsCAM Tutorial Manuals
Enhanced full color, illustrated GibbsCAM manuals are available from CAM-Solutions, and can be purchased directly from Amazon. These are very well done. There is a full set of (5) manuals available!  
Stay Sharp With These
GibbsCAM Resources
GibbsCAM Tech Tips
Are you watching the GibbsCAM Tech Tips videos? These actionable tips help you to become a more proficient CNC programmer.
GibbsCAM Webinars
We do quarterly webinars that deep dive into different GibbsCAM options. Be sure to attend these events to learn how to make the most out of your GibbsCAM investment.
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