Caregiver Newsletter | April 2019
"Coffee with Caregivers" Spring Job Fair

According to PR Daily , a publisher of corporate communications, employees make effective brand ambassadors and can boost trust, engagement, and reputation of a company.

Leads that are generated from employees can convert up to seven times more than other leads. This includes attracting great people to join the company.

With that in mind, do you know anyone who would make a great caregiver?

Invite them to our spring "Coffee with Caregivers" job fair, taking place in the front space of the Midwest Family Care office building, on Tuesday, April 23 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Job hunters can m eet with recruiters, learn about the company, interview on-site, and have coffee and treats on us at the "Midwest Family Care Cafe."

Tell your friends and family —and qualify for up to $100 in referral bonuses!

For more information or to RSVP, contact
or visit:
Above and Beyond:
Thanks to These
All-Star Caregivers!

Caregiver of the Month:
Regina Broyles

Outstanding performance:
Keith Covington
Beverly Flores
Maahkeezah Ratcliff
Scott Kapheim
Lenette Clark
Caregiver Updates and Reminders

April updates from Midwest Family Care LPN Michele Klee:

Influenza : Just so you know, the FLU season is NOT over yet. A second strand is moving across the US and will last until the end of April, possibly into May.

I just wanted to give you guys some quick figures as of April 8, 2019. Those of you who have been through my training classes know I like to update weekly with Wisconsin deaths. Year-to-date, we are at:

  • Ages 0-17: 8
  • Ages 18-64: 300
  • Ages 65+: 1,502

If you are interested in checking flu facts yourself, you can visit

Reminders: If there are medication administration sheets in your clients' homes, please sign off on any medications you give. Also, if there are NARCOTICS, you must count and record them on the NARC SHEET. This is the law!

Additionally, if you feel something is wrong with your client, please call me or text me. DO NOT think the next shift person will do it. IF IT'S AN EMERGENCY, then call 911.
April Health Observances
  • Alcohol awareness
  • Autism awareness
  • Distracted Driver awareness
  • Donate Life
  • Foot health
  • Humor Month
  • Minority Health Month
  • Oral Cancer awareness
  • STI Awareness
  • Stress awareness
Madison College
Recruiting Event

Do you know any Madison College students who might be interested in caregiving?

If so, we will be on campus Monday, April 22 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. speaking with and interviewing students. Send them our way!

Caregiver jobs are perfect for student schedules: flexible; weekly pay; nights and weekends; and great networking.

Often, care-related positions display empathy and community engagement.

This job looks good on a student resume! 

Plus, did you know you can earn extra money by referring employees--up to $100?

You can earn:
  • A $50 bonus when your referral reaches the 30-day mark
  • An additional $50 when your referral reaches the 90-day mark

If you have any questions about recruiting or about the employee referral program, contact
April Birthdays
 Mariah Barr
April 10

Vanessa Davenport
April 11

Ann Hardie Domann
April 13

JoJean Homme
April 16

Latoia Walker
April 17

Kiana Drone
April 27

Bobbie Zinck
 April 28
Midwest Family Care Welcomes New Addition

We are happy to announce the addition of Brian Koenig to the Midwest Family Care team as our new accountant.

Now ‘numbering’ among the Midwest Family Care family, Brian graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Science in accounting. Brian has four children: Matthew (16); Grace (15); Kenny (10); and Charlie (8).

Brian has a wealth of experience in financial, marketing, and business development management and will be a true asset. Welcome to the Midwest Family Care team, Brian!