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Awards Party
All 2021 awards will be handed out at the Fall Kickoff Party!
Come join us for our Annual Fall Kickoff Party!

Join us at 3 PM, presentation will begin at 4 PM

Light appetizers, soda, and water will be provided. You are welcome to BYOB.

* If you are unable to join us in person we will also present through Google Meet.
The 2022 Season and the "New Normal"
With the pandemic still a part of our everyday lives, we need to be ready for a "new normal" for the upcoming ski season. We are still hopeful this will be temporary. The good news is that with all that we learned last season, we are all familiar with the routine.

For Alpine Masters, and US Ski & Snowboard, we are still unsure what practices will be followed at this point, however the sentiment is that local regulations and the policies put in place at the venues at which we compete will suffice in terms of protections for our racers. At this time, we don't anticipate any additional protocols from US Ski & Snowboard on top of those regulations and policies. This could change as we move into the winter season, but this is what we know as of early September.

Just know that we plan to have a complete ski racing season this year!

Fall Copper Camp
We're back at Copper Mountain for our fall camp the week after Thanksgiving. The camp starts Sunday, Nov 28 and runs 4 days through Wednesday, Dec 1. Make a week out of it and stay through the following weekend and watch the Birds of Prey World Cup races at Beaver Creek!

Sunday & Monday: GS drills and gates
Tuesday & Wednesday: SL drills and gates

Cost: $100 per day for coaching
$57 per day for lift ticket (or use your Ikon pass)

Come out and get your legs ready for the season! Check out videos from last season here.

  • Focused on all abilities
  • Coached by Matt Fox, a Midwest native and longtime coach
  • Snow conditions are always fantastic at Copper
  • Two sessions per day: one in the gates and one doing drills
  • Video review in the evenings

Tentative Schedule
Our tentative schedule for 2022 has been posted! The calendar is 95% locked with only a couple events where we are not certain of exact dates and times.

We have a schedule very similar to last year, with our Copper Camp, training nights at Buck Hill in December, our season-long Buck Hill SL training on Thursday nights, and our two major Championship events at Granite Peak and Spirit Mountain. We are looking to have a Cyr Cup SL mini-series at Buck Hill the week after Ski Challenge completes, and we're bringing back the Super G at Giant's Ridge at Ski Challenge State, and it will count towards the Region I Championships overall with the races the following weekend at Spirit Mountain!

New this year is what we're calling a "mock race" in December. This will serve as training (plenty of coaching from our head coach, Pete Maxwell) but also a way to show those new to MWM how our races actually function as we will practice inspection, show how run orders work, and how results are tabulated so everyone can become familiar with the "pace" of a MWM event.

As far as National-level events, the Granite Peak Super-G will continue to be a part of the National Speed Series. The FIS Masters Cup is in Beaver Creek, the National DH will be in Ski Cooper, and Nationals will be in Park City. NASTAR Nationals will be at Aspen/Snowmass.

Registration for Midwest Masters events will be officially open on October 10, the date of our Kickoff Party. Join us there to learn more!

Want our calendar in iCal format? Get it here.
Board Members
Below are all of the Board and Committee members that help keep Midwest Masters running smoothly. We appreciate all the time and work they put in to make Midwest Masters happen!

We are always looking for more lovers of ski racing to join our board and add their talents. THESE POSITIONS ARE OPEN TO ANYONE IN THE MIDWEST and we welcome participation from anywhere! We are looking for at least two more new Board Members to join us as Charlie Fox is retiring and Ryan Fuller is moving onto a position with US Ski & Snowboard after this season.

For more info contact us:
US Alpine Masters Central Division Coordinator -
Ryan Fuller is the longest-tenured Board Member having served since 2007.
Vice President - Mike O'Connor joined the board in 2012.
Sponsorship - Charlie Fox has been the single best Sponsorship coordinator since the beginning of the program!
Technology - Scott Malmsten has taken over geek duties.
Member at Large - Dwight Ludvigson has been a Masters racer since the beginning and is our 2nd longest-tenured board member.
Officials - Joe Dalman re-joined Midwest Masters 2019 season as our primary TD. Joe is also one of the founding Board Members of Midwest Masters.
Equipment - Andrey Ryvlin maintains our trailer, gates and other equipment assets.
Awards & Social Chairman
- Kris Grebe joined us in 2019 but has been racing with us since 2012 and got hooked on speed after her first Nationals race!
Treasurer - Andrea Cervena joined the board 2019 and is our treasurer (and super fast skier!)
Marketing - Carrie Totushek joined us in 2019 and handles all of our Newsletters and Social Media.
Head Coach - Peter Maxwell is in his 2nd year as the Midwest Masters head coach. Pete is a level 400 coach with US Ski & Snowboard and a very accomplished racer.
Ski Cooper Camp: Use Your Buck Hill Pass!
If you’ve ever considered going fast on skis but just don’t have anywhere to do it, consider doing joining us at Ski Cooper in January! 

Ski Cooper is just south about 30 minutes from Copper Mountain in the small town of Leadville, Colorado. If you have never tried doing a downhill event, this is the one to do. The course is one mile long and has all the safety considerations in place. Gates are clearly identified and visible from a distance. Gentle rolling hills, no jumps and is on a “blue” style hill and the course is groomed to perfection. You run the same course all week so you really get to know the course. This training course is perfect for beginners and Doug Briggs is probably the best coach to help ease you into downhill. We have two days specifically designed for Midwest Masters to “get their feet wet” in the course. Doug make you feel at ease, and if you want to go through with a jacket, you can. It’s fun and something I would highly recommend. This course is also a challenge for more experienced racers as it demands precision, good aerodynamics, and smoothness... the best racers still find their way to the top!

The start shack is 2nd to none and looks like a small house, there’s even a separate heated room for you to sit and warm up before your run.

The camp consists of two full days of coaching through the course, video analysis, and eight practice runs, then another two days of official downhill racing. Overall, you will get 12 downhill runs each run is about one mile. You will get more time on the course than you would if you skied for eight years of ski challenge at Buck Hill.  

Oh… If you have a Buck Hill season pass, bring it as Ski Cooper is a Buck Hill Partner and will give you three (3) all day tickets, which is at least a $40.00 per day savings.
Ski Swaps

If you are looking for a new set of skis or other race gear check out these local ski swaps:

Sept. 16-19: Annual Pig Out Sale, Long Lake, MN
Sept. 24-26: Buck Hill Ski Swap, Burnsville, MN
Sept. 24-26: Chicago Ski & Snowboard Show, Schaumburg, IL
Oct. 1-2: Granite Peak Ski Swap, Granite Peak, WI
Oct. 2-3: Wild Mountain Open House & Ski Swap, Taylors Falls, MN
Oct. 2-3: Trollhaugen SnowFest Ski Swap, Dresser, WI
Oct. TBA Joe's MEA Ski & Snowboard Sale, St. Paul, MN
Oct. 22-24: Welch Village Fall Ski Swap & Sale, Welch, MN
Oct. 22-24: Team Duluth Ski Swap, Duluth, MN
Oct. 30: Forest Lake Ski Swap, Forest Lake, MN
Nov. 20: Great Gear & Ski Swap, Grand Marais, MN

*If you know of a swap not listed above and will have race gear available, let us know and we'll share it!
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