Are You Looking for a Fun, Rewarding & Flexible Job?

If so...we're hiring!

Did you know that the many of our trainers are LearningRx alumni? It's true and that's why we're reaching out to you! You've experienced the benefits of LearningRx and now you could have the opportunity to help others experience it too!

Find out what our trainers like most about working at LearningRx...

I love getting to know my students and seeing how they work. I get so much time one-on-one to help them develop better strategies and problem solving skills to deal with (and conquer) whatever they struggle with. That sense of accomplishment a student feels when they finally complete a challenge we’ve been working at for a few days is priceless, and I get to be there to cheer them on!
I so enjoy working with students—from school-age kids learning to read to adults needing to reclaim skills lost to injury or illness. It's such an exciting process to be a part of, supporting students as they push themselves to develop new skills and come to realize what they're truly capable of. I can think of little that's more gratifying!
Working at LearningRx is incredibly rewarding. I’m grateful to be able to work one-on-one with children everyday as they grow in confidence and ability!
In addition to changing lives and making a difference,
here are a few other key benefits:

  • Flexible hours
  • Potential for medical insurance, 401K and profit sharing
  • Fun work and atmosphere!

Sound intriguing? Simply reply to this email to learn more! OR if you have a friend who you think might be a good fit, please forward this email to them!
Eagan: 651-686-1066 📗Savage: 952-226-1115 📗 Woodbury: 651-262-5900