What's happening at NBS?
April and May were among the busiest months in the history of the school. This inturn made for a very active and rewarding time at Friends of Nazareth. This month, we are going to allow the photo journal to tell the story. Be amazed.

Thank you for your prayer, missional and financial support of Friends of Nazareth. You are the bedrock of who we are.

Please note that we have two very important financial needs. Each has a matching gift waiting to be claimed. Thank you in advance for giving and encouraging others to give.
Matching Challenges
Friends of Nazareth is blessed to have donors that are matching gifts for Camp Scholarships AND the Earthquake Remediation. Each matching initiative is $50,000. All designated gifts between February 1 and the end of each campaign will be matched.
 Camp Scholarships Goal
400 Scholarships @ $125/each
Ends May 31, 2019

Two weeks remain on the matching initiative for camp scholarships. Students and parents are dependent upon FON's supplement to ensure that the maximum number of students can attend the summer VBS/Day Camp and Potter's Wheel Retreats at Baptist Village.

Will your church, your Bible study fellowship, you or your friends consider sponsoring students in K-9th grade to attend a Bible-based time where Jesus' love is taught?

$15,413 of $50,000 Rec'd
Earthquake Remediation
Ends June 30, 2019

This initiative impacts lives and property. The High School building at NBS is unfit to withstand a 4.0 earthquake. Experts tell the school officials that it is not a matter of "if", but "when" an earthquake will hit the school. Thirteen earthquakes rattled Nazareth last summer and one, with an epicenter in Nazareth, happened in the Fall. The Syrian/African Rift is active.

We are currently short about $85,000 of our $475,000 goal to remediate the building.

$3,450 of $50,000 Rec'd
Photo Journal - APRIL - MAY
We said goodbye to our colleague and Board member, Lynda Murchison. As her pastor said at the memorial service..."you did not encounter Lynda without hearing about Friends of Nazareth." Lynda's family requested that in lieu of flowers that gifts be made to Friends of Nazareth. See www.friendsofnazareth.org
Thirty NBS students traveled from Nazareth to America during their Spring Break. The journey included attending Easter worship services in Orlando; a one day adventure at Disney World; three days shadowing students at Community Christian School, Port Charlotte, FL and sharing their culture with the US students (left photo); serving over 400 attendees at a Young Life Christian Camp; attending Passion City Church; being hosted by Anne and David Harper, Young Life partners at their lovely lake home; and visiting Chick-Fil[-A Headquarters where they were able to gather behind Truett Cathy's desk (photo right). Mr. Cathy was the founder of this Christian operated fast food establishment that remains closed on Sundays.
During Spring Break twenty-nine NBS students traveled to Taiwan. While there they partnered with a Christian school, learned about the culture and served along side of Taiwanese students. Opportunities such as short-term visits with Christian partners in various parts of the world help establish NBS as a school that is Building the Rising Generations - Glorifying Jesus Christ through Distinctive Education.
Five year old Kindergarten students made traditional Easter cookies as part of hearing the Easter story. The cookies look like a crown of thorns and are filled with date paste.
Easter at NBS is celebrated on the Julian calendar. This year it followed the US traditional Easter by one week. Just prior to Palm Sunday, the 1st-3rd grade students marched from the Primary School to Mary's Well singing and waving palm branches. The students heard the Easter story, saw the Jesus film, were presented the Good News through a puppet show, and participaed in hands-on activities to help them understand the Easter story.
Friends of Nazareth sent a team of 20 faithful, hard working, dedicated and "get it done" renovation workers to start the renovation of the Chapel. One of the projects was to tear out and rebuild the stage...quite an undertaking. Roger wrote a very descriptive message on Facebook with a similar photo..."This photo in many ways sums up the work of Friends of Nazareth, the Nazareth Baptist School and the situation of the Palestinian people in the Holy Land...'small steps'. Sure, we would all love to have big movements and great awakenings in this part of the world...but,in our day that most likely won't happen. BUT SMALL STEPS CAN..." At Friends of Nazareth, we have faith. Let's keep on keeping on to build literally and figuratively Kingdom minded graduates, teachers and neighbors.
The backdrop to the Chapel renovation. WAIT for next month's newsletter...we'll showcase the finished work. It's BEAUTIFUL! Thank you LBC and FON Renovation Team.
One of FON's initiatives is to help build empowering partnerships between US schools and universities that have shared values. We are striving to build strong relationships and opportunities for NBS students and graduates to attend US universities, have access to scholarships and study in areas that will equip them to return to Nazareth and be a strong local citizen who helps carry out the foundational values of NBS.

Photo above: Over the Easter break, NBS and FON met with the University of North Alabama International Director, Dr. Chenshung Zhang in Atlanta. A parternship agreement, that was initiated by FON, was signed by Botrus Mansour and Dr. Zhang. The terms include free housing, expediated enrollment, and a $6,000 annual scholarship for NBS graduates who qualify for enrollment.

Photo below: During the same visit to the US, Botrus Mansour traveled to Dallas, TX where he met with the President of Dallas Baptist University, Dr. Adam Wright (left) and Dr. Gary Cook, former DBU President and current Chancellor. DBU has a long--standing relationship with NBS. They will be sending a team of students to serve in the 2019 Potter's Wheel 8th-9th grade Retreat.
Nineteen Arab doctors were recently named to the BEST doctor's list by Forbes, Israel. FIVE of the doctors are NBS graduates. Congratulations for this distinguished honor.
3rd grade students enrolled in the Potter's Wheel Youth Center cycling program placed 3rd in Israel in the National competition. Congratulations!
Students in 10th-12th grades participated in a Career Day event. Guest speakers spoke about their companies. Lamma Mansour (above), a recently appointed Rhodes Scholar, shared with students about how to apply to and interview for university admission. Friends of Nazareth is hosting a two-week SAT preparation class through the Potter's Wheel Youth Center this summer.
Nancy Mezher Saad, 7th grade at NBS, received the highest rating from the dance academy in Jerusalem or classical ballet. She is shown among her fellow dancers.
Wajd Mujahid Abu Elnu'aj, 3rd grade NBS student, wins the Israel Karate Title for his age and weight group. Congratulations!
A team of Christian chiropractors visited NBS in early May. They set up a clinic and offered free back adjustments to teachers and staff. Thank you, doctors for caring for the NBS teachers!
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