July 2018
Migraine Monthly Magazine
Dearric Winchester's 216-Mile Run
for Migraine Awareness
Kirsten Winchester has had chronic migraine, including optical/aura migraine attacks since she was 20. Her husband Dearric has watched for the last twelve years as her migraines have gotten worse. 

To raise awareness for migraine, his wife, and the other 39 million people living with migraine, Dearric will embark on a grueling 216-mile run starting August 1st thru the 3rd. He's running the Cascade Lakes Relay solo !!

Dearric's goal is to raise $10,000 through his 216-mile run . All of the funds raised will benefit the Association of Migraine Disorders' research grants program .
Shades of Migraine is a podcast that explores the mysteries of migraine from many perspectives: patients, advocates, caregivers, health professionals and researchers.
This Week's Guest: Mark, ClusterBusters member
Mark candidly tells us about life as a cluster headache patient. The attacks, as he prefers to call them, were relentless for decades but he has finally found a non-traditional treatment that works for him. Find out more about Cluster Headaches by visiting ClusterBusters.org .

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The 2018 Shades for Migraine Campaign was a success!
Together, we reached more than 2,600,000 people !

#shadesformigraine was hashtagged in more than 1,300 posts

SFM was supported on 6 continents, in more than
16 countries and in 35 US states
News and Updates
FDA Clears the Way for Phase 3 Acute Migraine Headache Trial

The FDA cleared a clinical trial of INP104, a novel dihydroergotamine (DHE) product for the treatment of acute migraine, announced Impel NeuroPharma. The drug is dosed through Impel’s Precision Olfactory Delivery (POD), an intranasal delivery device.

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