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With laborers harvesting in some of the hottest regions of the country, at least four  US farmworkers die from heat annually-20 times the rate in all non-military employees, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read more

Once the victim of horrendous violence, now, after help from MLA, Mendez de Leon is a successful entrepreneur and owner of La Cosinita restaurant and catering company. In fact, she catered this year's Harvest of Justice Luncheon.  Read more
MLA Outreach Monitors Conditions
MLA's Outreach and Education Taskforce monitors treatment of migrant workers.  Children and women are especially vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Reports are that as many as  80% of immigrant women are raped while  crossing the border.   
Riding 'the beast': child migrants reveal full horror of their journeys to America

Currently we have about 165,000 temporary foreign agricultural workers a year, mostly from Mexico, working on the nation's farms under the long-established  H-2A program . These are nonimmigrant workers who are not on a path to permanent resident alien (green card) status.  
Michigan Migrant Workers Lose Thousands of Jobs to Temporary Mexican Workers on Guestworker Visas. 

Pickers range in age from 21 to 65, and all of them are Mexican. As in the rest of the U.S., growers in heavily agricultural northern Michigan rely overwhelmingly on migrant laborers to work the fields and orchards.
Legislators have canceled the committee vote on the Agricultural Guestworker Act that was scheduled for October 3rd. 
Border Facility Janitor Turned Award Winning Photographer headlines ARTPRIZE as top 5 Juror's PIck for his El Sueno Americano, his photo series of personal belongings seized from migrants at the border by US agents
Water Bottles. Water is the main source of hydration when crossing the desert. In the Tucson sector of the U.S./Mexico border, heavy-duty black plastic bottles are commonly used as canteens and are occasionally covered/insulated with remnants of clothing or blanket.
Soap. Non-essential personal property disposed of during intake.


Farmworker Justice Update: 09/29/17
Farmworker Justice and the UFW Organize Broad Coalition of Labor, Civil Rights, Farmworker, Immigration and Religious Groups on Letter to Congress Opposing Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Worker Guestworker Proposals
On September 27, a broad coalition of almost 150 national and local organizations sent a letter to Members of Congress regarding immigration and employment policies affecting agricultural workers. The coalition of national and local organizations was organized by Farmworker Justice and the United Farm Workers. 

MLA is dedicated to defending and preserving farmworker housing, health, income, and dignity.  
Teresa Hendricks
Migrant Legal Aid
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