Miisaninawiind Iskigamizige-giizis April 27-May 3 2020
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Red Cliff News & Updates
COVID-19 Community Updates
Various Tribal programs, services, and events have been canceled or temporarily suspended in our efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19.

An up-to-date list can be found on the Tribal Facebook page, and is updated continuously throughout each day.

You can also find a series of video updates from the Red Cliff Health Division on the Tribal Facebook page.
Reminder to Check Fire Danger Levels
When fire danger levels are High, Very High, or Extreme, please stop all burning activities under the Red Cliff Burn Permits issued by the Environmental Department.

Burning under these issued permits can resume when fire danger levels are Low or Moderate conditions.

or look for the Department’s Smokey the Bear signs on the intersection of HWY 13 and Blueberry Rd. and Pike Rd.

Per Tribal Resolution 4-16-2015A, burning grass, brush, wood in the 6x6x6 area are not allowed during High, Very High, and Extreme fire levels. However, 3x3x3 ring for ceremonial fires are still allowed. See the chart below for reference.

Contact the Environmental Office at 715-779-3650 or Wardens at 715-779-3792, if there are any questions.
Housing Board Committee Posting
The Red Cliff Tribal Council is seeking one individual interested in serving on the Housing Board.

For further information contact Cheryl Cloud at 715-779-3744.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please pick up an application at the front desk of the administration building.

Please return your application to the administration building.

The deadline is May 18, 2020 at 4pm.
Proposed Addition to Code of Law
The Red Cliff Legal Department has proposed adding Chapter 58--Red Cliff Probate Code to the Red Cliff Code of Laws.

Click HERE to view the official notice.

You can view the proposed Chapter 58 HERE .

Public comment on this proposal is encouraged. Please drop your comments at the Tribal Administration Building, or forward them directly to the Tribal Council. This proposal will be voted upon on May 19, 2020 at the regular meeting of the Red Cliff Tribal Council. If the Council enacts this code addition, the code shall become effective upon enactment.
Proposed Revision to Code of Law
The Red Cliff Legal Department and the Red Cliff Planning Department have proposed revisions to Chapter 37 of the Red Cliff Code of Laws.

Click HERE to view the official notice.

You can view the revised Chapter 37 HERE .

Public comment on this proposal is encouraged. Please drop your comments at the Tribal Administration Building, or forward them directly to the Tribal Council. This proposal will be voted upon on June 1, 2020 at the regular meeting of the Red Cliff Tribal Council. If the Council enacts this code addition, the code shall become effective upon enactment.
Proposed Revision to Code of Law
The Red Cliff Tribal Historic Preservation Office has proposed revisions to Chapter 20 of Red Cliff Code of Laws.

Click HERE to view the official notice and proposed changes.

Public comment on this proposal is encouraged. Please drop your comments at the Tribal Administration Building, or forward them directly to the Tribal Council. This proposal will be voted upon on June 1, 2020 at the regular meeting of the Red Cliff Tribal Council. If the Council enacts this code, the code shall become effective upon enactment.
Food Pantry Options
Red Cliff Tribal Fish Hatchery Update
Boozhoo Everyone,
Here at the hatchery we are hoping everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy. We would like to inform you that we still have fish in the building, and they are growing each and every day! A few staff members are taking good care of them every day and making sure their tanks are clean.

It is almost that time of the year where everyone should be getting their anit (spears) sharpened, jiimaan (boats) ready and lights shining bright. If biboon (winter) ever decides to let up it will be the period to harvest ogaa (walleye) in no time. Making certain your anit are sharp, jiimaan are water ready, and lights are bright will all ensure you have successful harvest.

It is our hope to collect eggs from Lake Namakagon and the Eau Claire chain of lakes this year. If you are looking for a visual representation of our ogaa setup, please visit the Red Cliff YouTube page and check out our walleye video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRPu8a41yds).

The hatchery has a few other projects that we will be working on in the near future as well. The biggest project is the replacement of well pump number one. A new, more efficient motor and pump will replace old and outdated equipment. We will also be adding a few new drives to run the pumps.
Springtime at Frog Bay Tribal National Park
Red Cliff Treaty Natural Resources staff completed a bunch of cleanup and chainsaw work after this winter's heavy snow brought a lot of trees down!

The Park is looking gorgeous with this early spring weather.

Currently, the restroom at the trailhead is closed and we are recommending only local visitors at this time. While you're out please follow physical distancing guidelines.

Miigwech to TNR staff!
Request Absentee Ballots Early
The Special Election for Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District will take place Tuesday, May 12.

For information on your registration status, where your polling place is, who is on your ballot, and to request an absentee ballot: visit myvote.wi.gov .

You can also request an absentee ballot in in writing (mail or email) to the Town Clerk's office. The request must include a copy of your photo ID, your name, the address you are registered to, the address you wish to receive your ballot at, and a current phone number and/or email.

The last day to request a ballot by mail is May 7, but don't wait! Request and send back your absentee ballot as soon as possible.

Town of Russell Clerk: 715-779-3284, 715-779-5338.
In-person early voting 11 am - 1 pm on Mondays through May 4.

City of Bayfield, City Hall: 715-779-5712
In-person early voting 11 am - 1 pm Mon-Fri through May 8.

Town of Bayfield Town Hall: 715-779-3128
In-person early voting by appointment only
Chequama-Care Accepting Donations, Applications
The Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation has set up the Chequama-Care Fund and is now accepting donations and applications!

It was created to respond with efficiency to the needs identified in our communities and deploy resources to nonprofit organizations at the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Fund will help charities based or operating in Town of La Pointe, Red Cliff Reservation, Town of Russell, City of Bayfield, Town of Bayfield, and the boundaries of the Washburn School District and Ashland School District including Odanah, the central community of the Bad River Reservation.

The fund is seeking donations and is also accepting grant applications.

Donations can be sent to:
AICB Community Funds, PO Box 332, Bayfield, WI 54814

Click HERE to learn more about the Chequama-Care COVID-19 Response Fund.

For more information contact:
Ruth Oppedahl, Affiliate Officer
Health & Wellness
12 Tips To Build Positive Family Connections
Relapse Prevention Programs Offer Assistance
During this time of stay at home orders, self-quarantine and physical distancing it is important we still practice our relapse prevention program. If support groups are one of your relapse prevention tools, there are support groups still available online. Support groups are using the social media app Zoom at this time in the area. Another good tool to stay in touch with supportive people is through face time or messenger, telephone calls. We here at AODA are still connecting with people through telephone calls and Zoom, where applicable. So if you are struggling with addiction, as tough as it can be during this time, pick up the telephone and call a supportive person, or check on a friend to see how he or she is doing.
Getting out of “self” is good for your own well-being too! Make extra phone calls during the week to make up for face to face time with supportive people. Remember to get some form of exercise and be in nature. It only takes five minutes outside to start feeling the good effects of nature. The birds are coming back, spring rain is in the air.  It is good I have seen families get out by the lake and enjoy the spring fresh air!

COVID-19: Individuals with Substance Use Disorders are at high risk for complications
People who smoke tobacco, vape, smoke marijuana, have opioid use disorder, or use methamphetamine are a very vulnerable population to COVID-19 due to the effects the drugs they are using have on the respiratory and pulmonary (heart) health. Those with substance use disorder are more likely to experience homelessness or incarceration which increases the possibility of transmission of COVID-19. There is large stigma around substance use disorders which is a major risk factor in someone not getting treated for the virus as quick as someone without a substance use disorder. Other risk factors include: decreased access to healthcare and disruption to syringe services, medications, and other supports needed.

Smoking tobacco and marijuana/vaping risks
·  Enhanced tissue damage and inflammation in the lungs
·  There is limited research with vaping and lung damage, but there is reason to believe that lung damage can occur from vaping
·  Lowered ability of the lungs to heal from infections
·  Higher chance of developing pneumonia due to lung damage from smoking/vaping
Opioid and Methamphetamine use disorder risks
·  Opioids slow the breathing and puts those that use them at higher risk of developing pneumonia and other complications related to COVID-19
·  Overdoses are more likely to happen due to social distancing because there is a chance that others are not around to be able to administer naloxone to reverse the effects
·  Higher chance of mortality if the individual has COVID-19 due to the virus further compromising the lungs
Let’s make the best of a situation and continue to be resilient as a community. If it helps, tell yourself and others that this too shall pass! Soon enough our doors will be open again here at Mishomis Wellness Center and Noojimo’ewewin Center.

Sara McCowan, Medical Assistant
Sarah obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Global Public Health in 2017 and focused her studies on working with one's own local communities. She is a Certified Nursing Assistant and has enjoyed her time working with the elderly in long term care.

She began her healthcare journey as a nursing student, but is currently working toward becoming a Physician Assistant. Sarah is interested in pursuing a career in rural healthcare, and enjoys working in the field of women's health.
For other Health Center information or general questions call: 715-779-3707 or Email   RCHealthCenter@redcliffhealth.org

Click HERE to visit the Red Cliff Community Health Center website
Human & Family Services
WIC is here for you during the COVID-19 outbreak

In an effort to protect you, your family, and our community, we are having our participants complete benefit pick up over the phone.

Also open to new families. Please call for details.

Amaris Andrews-DePerry
715-779-3707 ext 2307
Click HERE to register for the workshop!
ICW Featured in National Crime Victims' Rights Week
The Red Cliff Indian Child Welfare department was featured during the National Crime Victims' Rights Week April 19-25.

This year's NCVRW theme is Seek Justice, Ensure Victims' Rights, Inspire Hope.

This theme underscores the importance of seeking justice for all victims of crime, ensuring that crime victims’ rights are honored, educating the public about those rights, and inspiring hope for individual survivors and communities.
Various Family and Human Services offerings have unique guidelines and hours in response to COVID-19.

See the Notices section toward the top of this newsletter for more information. You can also call the Family Human Services Division
at 715-779-3706.
Anishinaabe Stories of Culture and Respect
From the Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission

Ojibwemowin: Listen and Read Along

Dibaajimowinan: Anishinaabe Stories of Culture and Respect is now available in a digital flipbook format. In an effort to expand availability and access to GLIFWC’s Ojibwe language materials, the original story transcripts and audio recordings have been integrated into the  www.glifwc-inwe.com  website.

Listen and read along as Anishinaabe speakers and storytellers share stories of cultural practices relating to natural resources and harvesting.
VFW Auxiliary Scholarship - High School Seniors
Deadline is 4/30
The Red Cliff VFW Auxiliary Post 8239 has announced two scholarships to a graduating senior in the Bayfield School District who is furthering their education by pursuing a college degree or a career direction at a vocational/technical school.

Applicants must fill out the VFW Auxiliary Scholarship Application and return to Dan Livingston, Bayfield School Guidance Counselor or Jared Blanche, Red Cliff Education Director.

Click HERE for the scholarship information and application.
Boys and Girls Club of Gitchigami
Virtual Daily Lessons
The Boys and Girls Club has created Virtual Daily Lessons for school-age children!

There is a schedule of activities for both 3rd-5th graders and middle to high schoolers.

Want to access the activity links? Simply click on the Closures & Notices post that is pinned to the top of the Tribal Facebook page. Then click on "Boys & Girls Club Virtual Daily Lesson"

Treaty Natural Resources
Community Feedback Needed
The Treaty Natural Resources Division is still seeking comments and community feedback on its drafted Comprehensive Plan.

Click HERE to view the main points of the draft comprehensive plan! You will find information on the plan's timeline and how to provide comment.

The comment window is open through May 1, 2020.

Miigwech for providing feedback to Red Cliff TNR!
Comment Period Open for 2020 Deer Season
If you have any interest in weighing in on recommended season structures for the 2020 Wisconsin Deer season, the online public comment period is open until April 29, 2020.

Click HERE to read more and provide your recommendations for the 2020 Wisconsin Deer season.

The Bayfield County Deer Advisory Council (CDAC) met to discuss the results of the 2019 deer season, review population and harvest trends, consider input on whether the county’s deer population was too high, too low, or about right, and make a preliminary recommendation to the Wisconsin DNR for the 2020 deer season structure for Bayfield county.
TNR Releases Spring Newsletter
The Treaty Natural Resources Division has released its Ziigwan Spring Newsletter.

Click HERE to view!
Justin Maki, Fish Plant Assistant Manager
Justin Maki is the new Fish Plant Assistant Manager. His professional background includes fish processing and smoking, as well as trucking experience.  

Justin is a Bayfield High School graduate and resides in the Bay Area with his family. When he’s not hanging with his four daughters, two cats, and two dogs, you can find him at the racetrack.  
Legendary Waters Resort & Casino
Legendary Waters closure has extended to at least April 30 due to the COVID-19 situation.

Click HERE to visit the Legendary Waters Resort and Casino website.
News Across Indian Country
CARES Act Lawsuit
From Indian Z

The Trump administration has determined that Alaska Native corporations can receive shares of the $8 billion coronavirus relief fund promised to tribal governments.

In a brief filed at a 5pm Eastern deadline, government attorneys said the Department of the Treasury finally resolved the question that has been on everyone’s minds since the controversy blew up two weeks ago.

“Up against a 30-day deadline to obligate $8 billion dollars among hundreds of Tribal governments, defendant has reasonably interpreted the term ‘Indian tribe,’ as it is defined in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, to include Alaska Native Corporations,” the  26-page document  states.

The brief further agues that tribes have no right to challenge the determination just made by Treasury. Their only recourse, according to government attorneys, is to seek oversight through the department’s Office of Inspector General.

“The fact that Congress specified a means for enforcement of the statutory provisions—means which are Executive, not Judicial, in nature—is evidence that Congress did not intend judicial oversight of the manner in which the funds are distributed,” the Department of Justice wrote.
But even if the judge handling the CARES Act lawsuit wants to entertain the tribal objections, the Trump administration contends that Treasury’s interpretation is owed “deference.” The determination was made in “consultation” with the Department of the Interior, whose lead official on the $8 billion fund — Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Tara Sweeney — has come under fire for her role in the matter.

“Even if this court were to conclude that it has the ability to review defendant’s decision, after consultation with the Department of the Interior, about the proper manner in which to distribute the funds, Congress’s deferential grant of decision-making authority to those agencies with the expertise on the issues at hand warrants deference from this court,” the brief claims.

The tribal plaintiffs will now be able to respond to the brief. The two separate CARES Act cases have been consolidated, with 14 Indian nations opposed to the inclusion of Alaska Native corporations in the $8 billion fund.

Separate from the brief, Treasury released a  document on April 23 , confirming that Alaska Native corporations are eligible to participation. The determination is cited in the court filing.

“After consultation with the Department of the Interior, Treasury has concluded that Alaska Native regional and village corporations as defined in or established pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act are eligible to receive payments from the Fund in the amounts to be determined by the Secretary of the Treasury,” the document reads.

“In determining the appropriate allocation of payments to Tribal governments, Treasury intends to take steps to account for overlaps between Alaskan Native village membership and Alaska Native corporation shareholders or other beneficiaries,” it continues.

The language comes in reference to the “double-dipping” that tribes have alleged will occur once Alaska Native corporations are included. The court brief asserts that Treasury will take steps to prevent tribal “interests from being harmed” by multiple counts of populations in Alaska.

Native Report
With Rita Aspinwall & Ernie Stevens
Season 15 Episode 14

We look at the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on two Native communities.

Interview two Native American journalists and learn about how they’re reporting on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Visit the Cocopah Nation in Arizona, and tag along as they plant trees in support of Earth Day. Also learn what we can do to lead healthier lives and hear from our Elders on this edition of Native Report.
The Native Report is an entertaining, informative magazine style series that celebrates Native American culture and heritage, listens to tribal elders, and talks to some of the most powerful and influential leaders of Indian Country today.

Click  HERE   to visit the Native Report website.
Community Updates
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