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Red Cliff News & Updates
Red Cliff Leaders at State of the Tribes Address, Meet with Governor Evers
Red Cliff Tribal Chairman Rick Peterson, Red Cliff Council members Nick DePerry and Bryan Bainbridge, and Tribal Veteran Butch Kuepher attended the 2020 State of the Tribes Address in Madison last week.

Chairman Peterson and Councilman Bainbridge, who was there on behalf of GLITC as their new Intergovernmental Affairs Specialist, also took part in a private meeting between Governor Evers and Wisconsin Tribal Leaders at the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council meeting. Secretaries of the Governor's Cabinet were also present at the meeting.

The State of the Tribes Address was delivered by Forrest County Potawatomi Chairman Ned Daniels. Click HERE for a recap of the Address.
Tribal Members DePerry, Sullivan Receive Educators Award
Two Red Cliff Tribal Members have been named Teacher Fellows by the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation.

Karen DePerry, a teacher at Bayfield High School, and Anne Sullivan from the Bayfield School District have each been named Teacher Fellows. DePerry and Sullivan will be honored at an awards banquet at 12:30 PM on April 26 at North High School in Eau Claire.

The Kohl Teacher Fellowship program recognizes and supports teaching excellence and innovation in the State of Wisconsin. The Foundation's goal is to support teachers in the pursuit of their unrealized goals for their classrooms or professional development.

Sullivan has been a Home School Coordinator (her position title recently changed to Tribal, Community & School Liaison) for 29 years at Bayfield School.

"Receiving the Teach Fellow Award validates the work that I do to support students and families in the district," said Sullivan. "As an educator the award reinvigorates my desire to continue to support students and families throughout the school system."

DePerry has been teaching for 27 years now, and her entire career has been spent at Bayfield. She taught middle school math for 16 years, 5th grade for five years and the last six years teaching Algebra I and helping seniors.

"I have been blessed to work at Bayfield School and I'm proud to be a part of it," said DePerry. "This award acknowledges the work I do and have done in my teaching career. Its impact rejuvenates me in a good way. It confirms and reaffirms my commitment to my students."

The 100 Herb Kohl Fellowship recipients and the 100 schools of those teachers will each receive a $6,000 grant and will be recognized at a spring banquet.

The Kohl Foundation Scholarship and Fellowship program was established by Herb Kohl, philanthropist and businessman, in 1990. Currently in its 30th year of recognizing educational excellence, the foundation has awarded $20.9 million to Wisconsin educators, principals, students and schools.

Congratulations to Karen DePerry and Anne Sullivan!
US Department of Agriculture Visits Red Cliff
The US Department of Agriculture recently visited Red Cliff to meet with Tribal leadership and key planning staff regarding current and potential future projects going on in Miskwabekong. State Director of USDA Rural Development Frank Frassetto and USDA RD Area Director Kelley Oehler joined Chairman Peterson, Planning Administrator Nicole Boyd, and Program Planner Pam Calhoun.

Chairman Peterson, Boyd, and Calhoun highlighted the Fish Processing Facility project and the progress being made by various Tribal agencies working together. Tribal entities involved with the Fish Processing Facility include KeepsEagle and TNR, HUD/ICDBG, USDA-Value Added Producer Grant and Rural Business Development.

They also discussed the needs of our Roads Department and the current condition of our equipment, unique roads situations, and the need for a facility to store trucks and equipment out of the harsh weather. Chairman Peterson reinforced that Public Safety is a key issue.

The Planning Department is currently exploring a Community Facility grant that would assist with up to $100,000 toward public safety services equipment.

The conversation progressed to Law Enforcement needs for operations, vehicles and equipment. Peterson, Boyd, and Calhoun detailed Law Enforcement being underfunded, and discussed Chairman Peterson's recent testimony in Washington DC.

Red Cliff has received assistance from the USDA in the past for several projects, including the Red Cliff Water and Sewer Treatment Facility, Red Cliff Health Center Financial Feasibility Study, Value Added Producer Grant: Fish Processing Feasibility Study, Rural Business Development Grant: Fish Processing Facility Business Plan and the Small Business Revolving Loan Fund. Food distribution has also received some supplemental program funding, as has the Farm-to-School grant.

To learn more about USDA Rural Development click HERE .
Transfer Station Installs New Compactor
The Red Cliff Transfer Station has installed a long-awaited new trash compactor to replace the previous equipment that broke down this past summer.

"It's been a long time coming, but it is finally here," said Red Cliff Environmental Director Linda Nguyen. "This compactor will greatly reduce our waste disposal costs."

We ask community members to dispose of ONLY household trash (tagged) bags into the compactor.

If there are any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact the Environmental Department at 715-779-3650 or the Transfer Station at 715-779-0171.

Chi Miigwech to Facilities Maintenance Staff and Roads Department for assisting with the moving and placement of the trash compactors.
AT&T Superior Visits Red Cliff
Next Table Day: February 26
Representatives from AT&T hosted a Table Day at Legendary Waters last week.

Community members were able to access essentially all the same products and services available in an AT&T retail store. The representatives helped community members sign up for AT&T phone and DIRECTV services, answered questions about phones and accessories, and offered product to sell at the booth.

Red Cliff will host AT&T representatives again on February 26 at Legendary Waters. See below for future AT&T Table dates.

Visit att.com or call the AT&T store in Superior at 715-395-3060.
Council Approves Addition to Code of Laws Chapter 55
On February 18 the Red Cliff Tribal Council passed additions to Chapter 55 of the Code of Laws.

The additions pertain to the Flood Damage Reduction Ordinance and Section 55.1.6 Basis for Establishing the Areas of Special Flood Hazard.

The additions include:
8. Map Number 55007C0095D Dated December 16, 2011
18. Map Number 55007C00280D Dated December 16, 2011

You can find a copy of Chapter 55 - Flood Damage Reduction Ordinance and the recent additions by visiting www.redcliff-nsn.gov and clicking on the Tribal Government tab, then the Code of Laws tab.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Legal Department at 715-779-3725.
THPO Provides Free Language Resources
The Red Cliff Tribal Historic Preservation Office has received nearly 400 Ojibwe language resources, and has used extra funds to provide free language resources to community members.

"It is important to provide our community with free and accessible resources in order to learn our language," said Sandy Gokee, Anishinaabe Language and Cultural Coordinator. "Inside of every book is a sticker to let people know about how to get involved with Language Revitalization and Fluency."

THPO invested language resources to distribute throughout the community, including story books, CDs, workbooks, grammar books, bilingual poetry, and card games.

These language resources will be distributed all across Red Cliff in clinic waiting rooms, Family-Human Services and Administration building waiting rooms, Boys & Girls Club, ECC, Bayfield School, Elderly Center, Gurnoe Villa, Nooji Center, Mishomis Wellness Center, New Hope, Library, Language Camp, Wolf Camp, LCO Outreach, Legendary Waters, and more.

Contact THPO at 715-779-3700 for more information.
Red Cliff Indigenous Arts and Sciences
Red Cliff Indigenous Arts and Sciences, led by coordinator Alex Breslav of the Treaty Natural Resource Department, is a fantastic program that provides activities with the goal of linking environmental and health knowledge with aspects of Indigenous culture.

Breslav, a native of Latvia, started leading these groups in Red Cliff back in April of 2019. Breslav also plays a big role in youth outreach, helping with events like Biboon Gabeshiwin Winter Camp. On Wednesdays at 5 PM, Breslav joins Mark Gokee at the Boys & Girls Club for Nature Activities. Breslav works with Youth Prevention Coordinators Scott Babineau and Gena Mertig as part of the Red Cliff Brighter Futures Initiative and frequently visits Bayfield School.

Earth Partnership Indigenous Arts and Sciences (IAS) seeks to:
•Bring people together interested in linking environmental and health concerns to academic achievement in science, math, social studies, language and the arts.

•Integrate Indigenous perspectives and experience with Earth Partnership’s ecological restoration education programs.

•Partner with communities to broaden participation and generate enthusiasm among Native youth to become the next generation of environmental stewards.

•Address the needs of K-12 educators for culturally accurate and authentic resources across the curriculum to fulfill Act 31 requirements (institute includes pathway to remove Act 31 license stipulation).

•Connections to NGSS, Common Core, and WI Academic Standards in Environmental Literacy & Sustainability, English Language Arts, and Social Studies.

Indigenous Arts and Sciences has two main events in the summer time:

Learning From the Land Summer Program and 2020 Summer Institutes .

See below for details on the two programs!
Community Members Needed for Election Board
The Red Cliff Tribal Council is seeking seven community members to serve on the 2020 Election Board. The Election Board will serve both the Primary and General Elections.

The Red Cliff Primary Election is set for May 8.
The Red Cliff General Election is scheduled for July 7.

If you are interested in serving on the Election Board, please pick up an application at the Tribal Administration Building.

Applications need to be submitted to the front desk of the Administration Office by April 2, 2020 at Noon.

You must be at least 18 years of age, a Red Cliff Tribal Member, and eligible to vote at the Tribal Elections.

For further information, please contact Laura J. Gordon, Tribal Council Secretary at 715-779-3741 ext 2406 or at 715-779-5518.
Weneboozhoo Miiniwa Migizi
Submitted by Community Member Jim Pete

Interested in submitting something to the newsletter? Email it to communications@redcliff-nsn.gov

One day, Weneboozhoo was walking along the lake shore. On one side was the beautiful lake and on the other side was a peacefully flowing stream. He was enjoying this and appreciating what Gichi Manidoo provided to all. He stopped to offer his asema by the lake and noticed his majestic brother/sister, Migizi, atop of a huge pine tree. He watched Migizi for a long time, in thinking about the honor, respect, and dignity Migizi represented. To receive one of Migizi's feathers is the highest honor for the Anishinaabeg.

However, on the other side of the lake, he noticed there was a Bineshi (bird) that was injured and was struggling in trying to survive. And in all the majesty, Migizi began to fly off the top of the pine tree. Weneboozhoo thought Migizi was going to help Bineshi by swooping down, picking it up, and taking it to a safe place. He was impressed how dignified Migizi looked with a serious look in the eyes, the beak, the flow of the wings in gliding towards Bineshi.

However, Migizi flew by Bineshi and shortly after that, Bineshi began his journey to the Spirit World. He was upset with Migizi for not helping Bineshi and was surprised this happened.

Weneboozhoo climbed high up the pine tree where Migizi lived. Migizi was sitting there in all the glory of looking majestic, honorable, dignified and Weneboozhoo said to Migizi "Oh my friend, I was enjoying this day, and I seen you a top of the pine tree and I thought it was such a beautiful sight. Then, I noticed Bineshi was struggling and when I seen you leave the nest, I thought you were going to help and save Bineshi. However, you swooped down, and by it, and Bineshi left us for the Spirit World."

"Migizi you represent honor, respect, dignity, and being majestic. All who see you are so amazed and impressed with your beauty and they offer asema to you to help carry the messages, thoughts, prayers, and blessings to Gichi Manidoo. But, with all of these wonderful traits, you have appeared to become to self-centered. You, like all of us, have to remember our 7 Traditional teachings:

So from this day forward when you are out flying around and become too self-centered, the descendants of Bineshi will remind you, by flying around you and pecking at you. This will help you to remember that you also have weaknesses, like the rest of us."
RCCHA Offers Free Tax Preparation
Need help filing your income taxes?

Red Cliff Chippewa Housing Authority provides free income tax preparation and filing through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

RCCHA Staff Jean Defoe and Tanya Wachsmuth are IRS-certified and provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to qualified individuals.

Their services are offered by appointment only on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the tax season.

Call 715-779-3744 to make an appointment. Slots are filling fast!

If you've made an appointment and can't attend, please call to let them know.

There are other locations that offer the VITA service in the area. Click HERE to learn more!
Red Cliff Merchandise Available
Draft a Will, Power of Attorney
Red Cliff THPO Offers Video Workshop
Get Paid to Interview or be Interviewed!
Help the Red Cliff Volunteer Fire Department
Economic Development Summit
Health & Wellness
Comprehensive Community Services:
 Time To Talk
By Lorna Gamble
Red Cliff CCS Administrator

Not everyone is able to speak to others comfortably about their feelings. Sometimes we struggle with fears of rejection and conflict and choose to bury our heads in the sand (known as the ‘ostrich phenomenon’) and ignore problems in our relationships.

Other times, we may not live up to our OWN satisfaction, and expect nothing less than perfection from ourselves. This may lead to increased anxiety, resentment, and jealousy that we often cannot understand. Sometimes we may tend to be passive-aggressive and give others the silent treatment.

Learning the art of communication takes practice and patience.

Identifying our own issues is not always easy, and sometimes can be difficult to admit. Depression is common today and is often untreated. In our community, mental health issues are prevalent due to many factors including socio-economic, isolated location, racism, and historical trauma. What can we do about it?

Start with a single step.

Learn to recognize the symptoms of mental health problems not just with family members but for yourself as well. Recognizing the symptoms is the first step towards recovery. Just as an unhealthy body needs healing, so does an unhealthy mind! Learn where you can go for help, learn who you can talk to.

The Red Cliff Community Health Center offers a wide array of services! The Red Cliff Comprehensive Community Services Program provides skill development, mental health services, and case management to qualified people. According to the State of Wisconsin DHS.36, CCS services cannot be court ordered, and must be a voluntary service.

If you think you may benefit from services such as this, please call the Mishomis Wellness Center at (715) 779-3741 extension 2400 to schedule a meeting with the CCS staff.
Red Cliff Pharmacy Notice
Please allow 48-72 hours when you have no refills remaining

The best time for you to obtain a prescription refill is when you are being seen by your provider.

If it is necessary to request prescription refills at other times, please call the pharmacy before your supply runs out and we will contact your provider with all the pertinent information they need.

Please contact the pharmacy at least 48-72 hours before you need any medication refill. Providers require that much time to authorize refills if needed.

If you are out of refills on your prescription, it might be necessary for you to see your provider to monitor your ongoing health and prescription needs.

Questions? Call Red Cliff Pharmacy at 715-779-3157
Women's Wellness Support Group
Women's Wellness Support Group will be meeting on February 27 at Red Cliff Elderly from 5:30-7:30 PM.

The Women's Wellness Support Group is a safe place to gather, share ideas, and lean on other women for support. The group will talk about real life stresses of every day life and any other women's wellness topics.

Click HERE for more information.
Women's Salves & Full Moon Ceremony
March 9, 4-8 PM
All women are welcome to join the Women's Salves & Full Moon Ceremony at the Mishomis Wellness Center.

Come and make women's medicine for healing followed by Full Moon Ceremony.

Please bring Asemaa, yellow cloth, gift, and food.

Iskigamiige Giizis (Maple Sugar Moon)
During this moon, the maple sap begins to run, one of the main medicines given to the Anishinaabe. This medicine balances our blood and heals us. During this moon, we take time to find balance in our lives.

Onaabidin Giizis (Hard Crust Moon)
This moon is also called Hard Crust moon, this is the last attempt at keeping winter before we experience the awakening of Mother Earth.

Contact Linda Dunbar - Red Cliff AODA Services at 715-779-3741 ext 2403
Cancer Support Group
The Red Cliff Community Health Center is offering a monthly Cancer Support Group. The group will typically meet on the third Thursday of every month from 5-7 PM.

Have you been treated for cancer?
Do you or a loved one have cancer?
Are you a survivor?
Do you want someone to listen, share, learn , or support?

You are welcome to join us at the Red Cliff Community Health Center.

Click HERE for the 2020 meeting dates and more information.
Nooji Center Newsletter & Calendar
The Noojimo'iwewin Center has released its February newsletter.
Click HERE to read the newsletter and learn about services and events provided to you!

Click HERE to see the February calendar of events for the Noojimo'iwewin Center
For other Health Center information or general questions call: 715-779-3707 or Email   RCHealthCenter@redcliffhealth.org

Click HERE to visit the Red Cliff Community Health Center website
Human & Family Services
Red Cliff Offers Fit Families Program
Enrollment will begin towards the end of February.

Click HERE for more information on the Fit Families Program.
Click HERE for information on the enrollment procedure.

Your Fit Families Coach for Red Cliff is
Mercie Gordon
88430 Pike Road
Bayfield, WI 54814
Gardening Club Meeting
Young Love Matters
The Red Cliff Family Violence Prevention Program brings the Native Nations Young Love Matters movement to Red Cliff.

On February 25th the middle school, high school, and Boys & Girls Club will present videos and workshops in tune with Teen Dating Violence Awareness.

The Native Nations Young Love Matters movement features Star Nayea, an Ojibway National Native Youth/Teen Prevention Advocate and Native Grammy Recording Artist.

Click HERE for more details.
Northern Wisconsin Outdoor Scholarship
Open to Youth and Adults
The spring 2020 round of applications for the Northern Wisconsin Outdoor Experiential Education Scholarship is now open.

This scholarship is designed to help youth (and adults!) of the Chequamegon Bay area participate in outdoor educational programs through programs like Outward Bound, Wilderness Inquiry or Northland College.
Apply by April 1st!

This scholarship pays up to $1000 to Chequamegon Bay area residents.

Follow the link above to find out more or contact the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation at 218-726-0232.

Click HERE for the flyer!
Ojibwe Phrase of the Week
Sandy Gokee, Anishinaabe Language and Cultural Coordinator for the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, shares a phrase about asking someone to speak slower in the Ojibwe Phrase of the Week for February 24, 2020.

Click  HERE  to learn more on the Red Cliff Heritage and Culture site.

Have a suggestion for next week's phrase?
Email sandy.gokee@redcliff-nsn.gov
Bayfield School Winter Gala
Do you need a fun night out? Do you like good food and lively music? Come help our band students get to San Francisco!
Please contact Mr. Borchers for more information.
rborchers@bayfield.k12.wi.us or (715)779-3201 ext. 221
Click HERE to visit the School District of Bayfield website.

Click HERE for the Bayfield School Bulletin.
Library Temporary Closure Notice
Ginanda Gikendaasomin "We Seek to Learn" Library located at the Red Cliff Tribal Administration building will be temporarily closed from February 23 - March 6.

However, students are still welcomed to use the computers and printer during regular Tribal Administration business hours (Monday to Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm).

We apologize for any inconveniences. Please contact Library Assistant Kathy Barri at 715-779-3766 or kathy.barri@redcliff-nsn.gov.
Early Childhood Center
The Red Cliff Early Childhood Center hosted their Winter Gathering event on Thursday, February 20.

All center-base and some home-base children came and experienced cultural games and activities. Children got to participate in ice fishing, sugarbush squats, animal snow hunt, snowshoes, animal tracks game, and face painting.

A special thanks goes out to Mike Soulier from GLIFWC for presenting animal furs!
Boys and Girls Club of Gitchigami
Planet Fitness Scholarship
B&G February Calendar
The Boys & Girls Club have announced their calendar of events for February! Click HERE to see what activities they have going on this month.

Contact Youth Director Paige Moilanen at 715-779-3722 with any questions.
Gichiayaa'aag - Elderly Services
Elderly Ashland Shopping Trip
February 26, 9:30 AM
If interested in attending, please feel free to call Elderly Program a few days before scheduled event at 715-209-6892 or 715-779-3746

Click HERE for the entire Elderly Activity Menu for February
Elderly February Meal Menu
Click HERE for the Elderly Food Menu for February
Contact Elderly Services for more information:
Elderly Dining Site: 715-779-3746 ext. 3511
Office Phone: 715-779-3706 ext. 5018

Click HERE for the Elderly Nutrition Program Information.

Click HERE for the Gichiayaa'aag website.
Treaty Natural Resources
Click HERE to view the Treaty Natural
Resources Division Winter Newsletter!

See Legendary Waters Section Below for Events
Legendary Waters Resort & Casino
Legendary Idol Audition: March 18
Deals and Promotions
Click HERE to visit the Legendary Waters Resort and Casino website.
February Birthdays
Be sure to wish these members a happy birthday this month!
Click  HERE  to view the Tribal Member February Birthdays
News Across Indian Country
AIANTA Offers Free Webinar Series
Grant Programs and Fellowships at the
National Endowment for the Arts:
Tips for Submitting a Competitive Application

Program staff from the Arts Endowment (NEA) will introduce a range of grant opportunities and the National Heritage Fellowship program, including an overview of the programs, examples of successful projects, and things to consider when submitting an application or nomination. There will be time for open questions at the end of the webinar.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Mountain Time

For more information, contact:
Glenda Toledo, Education Manager | 505.433.2120 |  gtoledo@aianta.org
Sherrie L. Bowman, Education Event Specialist  | 505.209.2479 |  sbowman@aianta.org  
Enbridge Fields Questions In Ashland About Proposed Oil Pipeline Reroute
By Danielle Kaeding, WPR

Becki and Cary Nelles built their house on 60 acres in the Town of White River, just south of Ashland, 10 years ago. She called it her husband's dream home. 

"He always wanted land where he could go out and hunt, and we had that," she said. "Then, one day we got a phone call on our answering machine from Enbridge saying they wanted to survey our property."

Now, the couple fears Enbridge, a Canadian energy firm, wants to take their home as part of the  company's plans to reroute its Line 5 pipeline  in northern Wisconsin. The pipeline carries up to 23 million gallons of crude oil and natural gas liquids each day from Superior to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

Enbridge is seeking to build a roughly  40-mile reroute  of the pipeline south of the Bad River reservation in Ashland and Iron counties after the tribe filed a  federal lawsuit  last summer aimed at shutting down and removing the line from its lands. The tribe  decided not to renew easements  with Enbridge on some tracts of land three years ago. Tribal leadership say the pipeline, which had become exposed due to erosion, threatens the Bad River.

The Nelleses were among roughly 100 people who attended an open house Tuesday night at the Northern Great Lakes Visitors Center in Ashland hosted by Enbridge to hear about the company's plans. 

Enbridge offered the couple money to sign an option agreement for the land, but they declined. If the reroute crosses their property, the couple said Enbridge would have to buy their home because they would have no reason to stay.

"For transporting oil it would probably be my opinion that a pipeline is probably safer than any other way to transport it," Cary Nelles said. "But, most people like ourselves certainly don’t want it going by their house or across the land."

An Enbridge spokeswoman said there are no plans to reroute the pipeline across the Nelles couple's property. But, the proposed reroute would cross Tom Marincel's land as it has for more than three decades. The Ashland resident said the pipeline crosses within 75 feet of his home, and he highlighted the company's thoroughness in maintaining the line on his property. He said they've conducted multiple digs to inspect the safety of the 66-year-old Line 5. 

"As far as any impact that they have on the environment, I trust them with my land," Marincel said. "I don’t really see a problem."

However, many of the questions Enbridge fielded from note cards submitted by the public at the open house revolved around the environmental impact of the reroute, construction at river crossings and how the company would protect waters like the Bad River. The river, which flows through the Bad River reservation into Lake Superior, is among many waterways the line would cross. 

Read the full WPR article HERE .
LCO Ojibwe College Joins NJCAA
(Hayward, WI) – Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College was recently approved to join the National Junior College Athletic Association, this critical step brings the College closer to their goal of launching a golf program in the 2020-2021 academic year.

President Russell Swagger commented that “the college continuously focuses on student engagement, retention and graduation. The addition of athletic programming aligns with the college’s strategic plan and aims to fill the needs of today’s students who are looking for athletics to be part of their educational experience.”

As part of the College’s vision for the future, Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College’s plans for expansion include additional athletic programs, student housing, and childcare.

“The NJCAA is very excited to welcome new member Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College to the association. We know their focus is on student engagement, student success, and student completion and that excites us all because they are using sports to help obtain those goals.” Dr. Christopher Parker, Executive Director of NJCAA.

“Region 13 is very excited to welcome Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College to the NJCAA and Region 13. We look forward to working with Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College to develop their intercollegiate athletic programs and value their membership in organization.” Steve Crittenden, NJCAA Region 13 Board Member.

Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College will be launching their inaugural athletic program with a men’s and women’s golf team with the spring 2021 season.

About Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College
The Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College’s mission is to provide Anishinaabe communities with post-secondary and continuing education while advancing the language, culture, and history of the Ojibwe.
Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College (LCOOC) is a non-profit Ojibwe tribal community college. Our focus is to help Native students advance themselves in the world, while studying their own history and language. We are an open-door institution which welcomes anyone who would like to work toward a better tomorrow. LCOOC does not discriminate based upon race and will not deny admission to any Native student regardless of tribal enrollment or affiliation.

Learn more at http://lco.edu
Native Report
With Rita Aspinwall & Ernie Stevens
Season 15 Episode 6

On this edition of Native Report: Attend a special flag raising-ceremony celebrating the coming together of two communities.

Meet Wisconsin’s former Poet Laureate and author Kim Blaeser.

And attend a formal Land Acknowledgement by the University of Minnesota Duluth.
The Native Report is an entertaining, informative magazine style series that celebrates Native American culture and heritage, listens to tribal elders, and talks to some of the most powerful and influential leaders of Indian Country today.

Click HERE to visit the Native Report website.
Community Updates
Follow the link below to see announcements for upcoming events!

Red Cliff Tribal Administration Office 
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