Miisaninawiind :: Namebini-Giizis :: February 3-9 2020
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Red Cliff News & Updates
Cell Tower Launched, Brings Service to Red Cliff
On Friday, January 31 AT&T and FirstNet officially launched cellular and wireless broadband service to Red Cliff and the surrounding areas on the Bayfield Peninsula and Apostle Islands.

The cell tower now provides cellular service for public use, and will be used by first responders for emergency communications.

This has been a year in construction and a lengthy process since the first time the Tribe spoke with First Net. The Red Cliff Band broke ground on the cell tower construction site in May of 2019, and has been eagerly awaiting this moment.

Theron Rutyna, Red Cliff IT Director, has been a driving force behind advancing cell communications on the reservation.

"The cell tower has represented a significant amount of work for both the Tribe and AT&T. As the first cell tower that First Net and AT&T have built from the ground up on Tribal lands, there have been many hurdles and challenges to overcome," said Rutyna. "Red Cliff tribal members, employees, and associates have done everything from turning bolts to plowing roads to making sure that the contractors felt welcome in the area."

The launching of the cell tower now provides Tribal Members living on the reservation the ability to communicate electronically on a constant daily basis, and will lead to drastically faster emergency response times.

"The tower coming online today represents a new day for broadband and technology in Red Cliff, and in Indian Country overall," Rutyna said.

"On behalf of the Red Cliff Tribal Council, we’d like to thank all who have contributed to making this project possible, especially FirstNet, AT&T, and our tribal staff. This cell tower will not only give our first responders the critical ability to communicate in areas that they were not able to previously, but it also enhances the ability of commercial cell phone users to report emergency incidents. We are also proud that Red Cliff was the first Tribe in the country to have completed a FirstNet cell tower," said Red Cliff Tribal Chairman Richard Peterson.

Tribal Members searching for a phone provider can visit the AT&T store on Tower Avenue in Superior, or at several locations in Duluth. Mobile phones are also available at Walmart.

Red Cliff would like to thank AT&T and FirstNet for helping the Tribe to become the first tribal consultation in the United States, and to bring this service to our community.
Meet Tricia Zunker!
February 3 @ 3:00 PM, Legendary Waters
All are invited to meet and speak with Tricia Zunker of Ho-Chunk Nation as she runs for congress to be a voice for the people of northwest Wisconsin.

Zunker seeks to take the Wisconsin 7th congressional district seat in a special election after the departure of Sean Duffy. She previously visited Red Cliff in January to meet with Tribal Administration regarding the issues facing our community and how she can help us overcome these issues if she were to be elected to Congress.

Zunker expressed the importance of community members getting out to vote in the upcoming primary and special elections. The primary will be held on February 18. The special election will be held on May 12.

Zunker has served as an associate justice for the Ho-Chunk Nation Supreme Court since 2013 and serves as President of the Wausau School Board.

She is the first Native American woman to run for Congress in Wisconsin since Ada Deer lost to Republican Scott Klug in 1992. If elected, Zunker would become Wisconsin's first-ever Native American member of Congress.

For information on how to register to vote and
details on how to vote on February 18, visit myvote.wi.gov

Click  HERE  to learn more about Tricia Zunker.
Click HERE for Zunker's campaign website.
Council Meeting February 3
The Tribal Council Meeting begin its Regular Session at 4:30 pm at Legendary Waters Buffalo Bay Grand Ballroom.

Community members are invited to attend.

Click HERE for the Council Meeting Agenda.
Pilcrow Foundation Donates To Red Cliff Library
The Red Cliff Library (Ginanda Gikendaasomin) has received a generous number of books from the Pilcrow Foundation’s Children’s Book Project Grant.

Red Cliff would like to extend a huge Miigwech to the Pilcrow Foundation and to individual donors who made this possible: Mr. & Mrs. Carl and Nancy Bennett of Wisconsin and Mr. & Mrs. Hal Berenson and Laura Ackerman of Colorado.

The Pilcrow Foundation is a national non-profit public charity, and provides a 2-to-1 match to rural public libraries to provide new children’s level books for selected communities.

This program provides a list of over 500 quality hardcover children’s books, from which Children’s Book Project grant recipients can select books best suited for their community. The book list includes award-winning and star-reviewed titles from educational and literary organizations.

In our grant we were awarded over $1000 worth of books, far above our expectations and with this we are proud to have them in our growing collection. Please stop by the library and check them out!

Library Hours: Tuesday and Thursdays from 3pm-6pm
Saturdays from Noon-6pm

Click HERE to visit the Red Cliff Library website.
Red Cliff Receives New Road Maintenance Truck
After a U.S. government lawsuit with Volkswagen in 2016 over false emission claims, Red Cliff has received a new truck that will help with road maintenance.

Ernie Grooms from the Red Cliff Environmental Department submitted an application to replace several vehicles throughout the Tribe, and the road maintenance department qualified for the funding.

The use of this new truck will greatly increase the quality of Red Cliff roads and help in snow and ice control, placing gravel on roadways, hauling equipment, shoulder work and hauling debris.

"The addition of this new truck will be a significant increase to our capability in road maintenance and enable Red Cliff to continue their efforts in self-determination," said Red Cliff Transportation Director Jeff Benton.

In September of 2015, the EPA claimed Volkswagen diesels intentionally violate clean air standards, and in January of 2016 the U.S. government sued Volkswagen over cheating on emissions tests.

Volkswagen ultimately agreed to buy back the vehicles and pay U.S. owners of these diesel vehicles, which allowed Red Cliff to qualify and apply for this new truck.
How to: Easily Register and Vote
Your Vote Matters!
The Spring Primary Election will happen February 18.

This is your chance to vote for who will represent our area of Wisconsin.

Registering and voting is very easy!

To Register :
Go to myvote.wi.gov
Click "Register to Vote" and follow the short steps.
Or you can register at the polling place on voting day!

Where Do I Vote?
Go to myvote.wi.gov
Click on "Find My Polling Place"
Enter your address.
The site will give you the polling place and address.

Most Tribal Members living in Bayfield County will vote at the
Russell Town Garage
35900 State Highway 13, Bayfield, WI 54814
Tuesday, February 18, 2020 7.00 AM - 8.00 PM

Be sure to double check your polling place at myvote.wi.gov.

Click HERE for information on what to expect at the polls.
Felony Trespass Bill: AB 426
What Is It and Why Does It Matter?
Note: This is an update to allow people to make informed decisions. This is NOT an endorsement of the law nor is it meant to scare, deter or intimidate anyone from exercising "rights of usual occupancy" (Treaty Rights) protected by the 1837 and 1842 treaties.

What is it and what is new about it?
AB 426, known as Felony Trespass Bill, expanded Wisconsin law that prohibited trespassing on land that is owned, leased or operated by energy infrastructure such as electric or natural gas powerplants punishable by up to six years in prison and up to $10,000 fine. The updated bill expands the definition of “energy infrastructure” to include oil pipelines, electrical transmission lines and water pipelines and affiliated companies.
How can it affect tribal members?
The use of energy corridors (such as pipeline right of ways electrical lines) for anything from hunting to recreational snowmobiling could constitute as Felony Trespass under the updated law. Additionally, protesting at a work site, office building, right of way or other land used, leased or owned by an energy company constitutes as Felony Trespass.
Where did it come from?
This bill is similar to other bills proposed across the country that have been written by the American Legislative Exchange Council and other lobbyists like the American Petroleum Institute. The bill was sponsored by Senator Bewley and signed by Governor Evers.
Housing Authority Notice Regarding Taxes
WTCAC Offers Tribal Food Safety Workshop
WTCAC is offering a PSA Tribal Food Safety Workshop in Oneida February 18-20. The workshop will provide participants with PSA Food Safety certification, and will cover developing a plan allowing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification required to sell food to the federal government (“commod” program).

WTCAC will provide up to a $150 Travel Stipend for Tribal Members and Staff for this training as well as pay for the PSA Food Safety Training manual ($50).
Space is limited to 25 participants.

Contact Jerry Thompson to sign up or for any questions.

Click HERE for more information.
2020 Census: Please Participate!
This benefits Red Cliff and other tribes around Indian Country
2020 Census is HIRING
The U.S. Census Bureau is hiring census takers for the 2020 Census.

The positions offer competitive pay, flexible hours, paid training, and weekly paychecks. To determine the pay rate in a specific area, learn more about these positions, or apply for one of the temporary jobs, visit 2020census.gov/jobs .

Currently, positions in Bayfield County are being paid $19.00 per hour.

“Whether you’re looking to earn some extra cash, pay down your student debt, or offset holiday season spending, our part-time positions are a great way to do that,” said Census Bureau Director Steven Dillingham. “What better way to earn some extra money and help shape the future of your community for the next 10 years than with the 2020 Census?”
Anyone age 18 and older, such as recent high school graduates, college students, veterans, retirees, military spouses, seasonal workers and people who are bilingual are highly encouraged to apply. People who already have jobs and want to earn extra income evenings and weekends are also encouraged to apply. The selection process begins this month, with paid training occurring in March and April. After paid training, most positions work between May and early July.

Click HERE to learn more.
PAC Public Outreach Meeting
Do you have ideas on how tribal departments can better communicate code changes and policy updates related to the PAC process?

Do you want to be a part of creating an action plan to promote a more effective review and engagement process for the community?

We want your input! Join representatives from Environmental, THPO, and Zoning to discuss methods of engagement to better educate and involve the community.

Date: February 6th from 5-7pm

Place: Red Cliff Fire Hall

Light refreshments will be provided.

For more information:
Contact Olivia Stroinski, Zoning Manager at 715-779-3795 ext. 4332
Native Connections Youth Advisory Group
Native youth (age 12-24) are invited to join on February 21st at 5:00 p.m. at the Mishomis Wellness Center to review Red Cliff’s Community Readiness Assessment results and provide input on Red Cliff Native Connections Grant programming.

Food, beverages, and stipend provided!

Contact Mark or Shelley to sign up.
715-779-3741 ext 2409, 2405
Health & Wellness
Honoring Sobriety
By Sonia Reyes-Buffalo

Last Saturday, January 25, 2020 the AODA Reduction Team held a community event in efforts to accomplish an endeavor. At the winter powwow we as a team took some time to recognize and “Honor Those in Sobriety.”

This idea was brought up by me, Sonia Reyes-Buffalo (CPS) to gift those who have really made the difficult decision to refrain from using alcohol and drugs. The plan was to speak about the AODA Reduction Team and its past and future, and then ask anyone to come up to the front and tell us, “Why have you chosen to stop using drugs or alcohol?” This question was answered with, “FOR MY FAMILY” and “To walk in a better way.”

Having the crowd’s attention as they said these things was a way for others to see that this idea of sobriety is a HEALTHY one! I also told the people about my own struggles with drugs and alcohol and told them that it was possible for us to recover! It was a great way to show people hope that may be dealing with addiction themselves or with relatives.

So, in honor and collaboration with the Bayfield Health Department committee we purchased some small tokens of appreciation: A Native American Sobriety coin, a “One Day At A Time” bracelet, a Sober is Strength bumper sticker, and a card telling them how proud and thankful we are for their choices to live healthier lifestyles.

In the midst of honoring those in recovery, we honored another special employee and beloved helper to our community, Linda Dunbar. The AODA Reduction Team thought it was necessary to honor all her efforts and work within the Mishomis Wellness Center. Linda travels a distance to come and work for this community, and to me I see that it is more than work, this is her compassion and views work as a progressive experience to well-being. She offers so much, and we love and honor her dedication by giving her a gift.

As the drum played, we danced for those who are still struggling to welcome them into a better life. It was a beautiful moment and I believe it was a step towards fighting the stigma towards alcohol and drug abuse.

Miigwech to all those who couldn’t make the powwow and everyday work hard to be sober! WE THANK YOU! 
Nooji Center Releases February Calendar
Click HERE to see the February calendar of events for the Noojimo'iwewin Center
Bear Grease Making Workshop
February 19 from 10 am - 2 pm @ Mishomis Wellness Center

Maria Nevala – GLITC VRNA Counselor will be teaching how to make Bear Grease and how it can be used for healing.

Each Participant will learn how to process Bear Grease.

There will be information on the VRNA Program & other programs available

All supplies & Lunch will be provided

To Register with Linda Dunbar call by February 14, 2020
779-3741 x 2403

Only 10 spots Available!
For other Health Center information or general questions call: 715-779-3707 or Email   RCHealthCenter@redcliffhealth.org

Click HERE to visit the Red Cliff Community Health Center website
Human & Family Services
Red Cliff Food Shelf
At The Red Cliff Food Shelf, we help the hungry in our community. We provide an assortment of food items to families in need.

Families may visit The Red Cliff Food Shelf once a month, receiving two to three days’ worth of groceries. This is emergency, supplemental food, which The Red Cliff Food Shelf obtains from the Second Harvest Food Bank.

If you are interested in visiting the Red Cliff Food Shelf call the Red Cliff Family/Human Services office at (715)779-3706 and set up a time with one of our staff members (usually within 24 hours of call).

Any of our staff here at the Family/Human Services office are willing to assist you and/or your family in this time of need.

To Visit the Red Cliff Food Shelf:
-Call the Red Cliff Family/Human Services Office at 715-779-3706. (Monday-Friday 8:00am –4:30pm)

-Arrange a time for you and a Family/Human Services staff member to meet (usually within 24 hrs of call)

-Meet at food shelf

Let's work together to stop hunger in our community!

For more information on how to utilize this and other programs please contact the Family Human Services Division at 715-779-3706.
Red Cliff Offers Fit Families Program
Enrollment will begin towards the end of February.

Click HERE for more information on the Fit Families Program.
Click HERE for information on the enrollment procedure.

Your Fit Families Coach for Red Cliff is
Mercie Gordon
88430 Pike Road
Bayfield, WI 54814
The Red Cliff Early Childhood Center hosted their yearly Storytelling night on Wednesday, January 29, 2020.

We had a total of 17 participants for this event. We also had the SNAP Program Educator, Mercie Defoe, who provided families with resources about nutrition.

We had some good food with two Elders along with a community member telling stories.

Chi-Miigwech for all those who attended!
Elder and Tribal Member Frank Montano telling a story.
Elder and Tribal Member Carolyn Gouge telling a story.
Register For Deer Hide Mitten Making
Don't forget to register for Deer Hide Mitten Making with Mary Moose! This is in conjunction with Biboon Gabeshiwin February 15-16, but you must register to guarantee a spot in the mitten making event.
Bayfield School
Click to HERE see what's going on this week at Bayfield School.

Click HERE to visit the School District of Bayfield website.
Boys and Girls Club of Gitchigami
Red Cliff To Host Intertribal Youth Pow Wow
Save the date for our first Boys & Girls Club Intertribal Gathering Pow Wow! We will be hosting other Boys & Girls Clubs from across Wisconsin and Minnesota for a cultural exchange and mini powwow May 2, 2020.
B&G February Calendar
The Boys & Girls Club have announced their calendar of events for February! Click HERE to see what activities they have going on this month.

Contact Youth Director Paige Moilanen at 715-779-3722 with any questions.
Gichiayaa'aag - Elderly Services
Elderly February Events Calendar
Click HERE for the Elderly Activity Menu for February
Elderly February Meal Menu
Click HERE for the Elderly Food Menu for February
Red Cliff Elderly In Need of Plastic Bags
The Red Cliff Elderly is in need of plastic bags.
If you would like to donate them we would gladly accept!

You can drop them off at the dining center: 37645 New Housing Road

Any questions please feel free to call
Dining Center 715-779-3746
Anna Hanson 715-779-3706
Contact Elderly Services for more information:
Elderly Dining Site: 715-779-3746 ext. 3511
Office Phone: 715-779-3706 ext. 5018

Click HERE for the Elderly Nutrition Program Information.

Click HERE for the Gichiayaa'aag website.
Treaty Natural Resources
Click HERE to view the Treaty Natural
Resources Division Winter Newsletter!
Upcoming Events in Bad River, LCO
Legendary Waters Resort & Casino
Click HERE to visit the Legendary Waters Resort and Casino website.
Business Spotlight: Standing Bird Crafts
Standing Bird Crafts is owned and operated by Dan (Standing Bird is his Ojibwe name) and Barb Gadbois. Dan is a Red Cliff Tribal Member and Barb is a Tribal Member of the Bad River Band.

The pair design and create Ojibwe-inspired crafts to sell locally. They feature products like earrings, blankets, shirts, one-sies, decals, purses, clocks, lanterns, and more. They even use artwork created by their granddaughter to use on products like coffee mugs.

Dan and Barb love attending the area pow wows, and have created a "Regalia First Aid Kit." The kit has anything a dancer would need to fix their regalia during a pow wow, including bobby pins, thread, duct tape, and more.

Dan grew up crafting as a young boy and got his start with beading.
"I've been crafting for as long as I can remember," he said. "I've just always had one of those creative personalities."

A turning point in Dan and Barb's life happened when Dan suffered a stroke in 2006. Dan had been operating a computer consulting business, but the stroke left him with some lost surface sensation and even some language difficulty.

Dan's sister bought him a Cricut machine two years ago (used for cutting paper, felt, vinyl, fabric and other products) so Dan decided he might as well use it and turn his hobby in to a business. What started as earrings has now become a business with all types of crafts and products with the help of some additional craft and design equipment.

You can check out the Standing Bird Crafts Facebook page HERE to see what events they will be selling at or to view some of their items for sale. You can also send product requests through their Facebook page.
New Employee
Brian Pospect, Medical Coder
Brian has joined the RCCHC team as a medical coder. He completed the Medical Coding Specialist program offered by WITC in the spring of 2019, and is eager to put this training to good use. In previous occupations, Brian has worked in the field of mechanical engineering and has also been a low-level staffer for a political candidate.
Brian grew up in Ironwood and has lived in Ashland since 2006. He enjoys fishing, camping, spending time with family, and living here next to “the Lake.” Brian is a fan of old “maker”-style TV shows such as “Junkyard Wars” and “Design Squad” (look them up!), as well as “DeBoss Garage” YouTube postings.

Aaniin Brian!
February Birthdays
Be sure to wish these members a happy birthday this month!
Click  HERE  to view the Tribal Member February Birthdays
News Across Indian Country
Menominee Tribe Loses Appeal On
Back Forty Mine Lawsuit
Panel Says Matter is Left to Michigan and State Courts
From WPR
By Danielle Kaeding

A federal appeals court panel told a Wisconsin tribe this week it can’t review a decision by two federal agencies that reinforced Michigan’s permitting authority over a proposed mine on the Michigan-Wisconsin border. 

The Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin  filed a lawsuit  against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers in 2018 after the agencies failed to address the tribe’s concerns that federal review of a wetlands permit for the mine was warranted. 
The tribe alleged the agencies were "arbitrary and capricious" when they declined to exercise authority over the permit for the Back Forty mine. The agencies had delegated that authority to the state of Michigan in 1984. 

Toronto-based Aquila Resources sought permits as part of plans to mine gold, zinc and other metals near the Menominee River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The tribe has said the proposed mine threatens the river, burial mounds and other cultural sites that are significant to its members.

"It’s a huge disappointment obviously. We think that delegation is something that should be applied to the river," said Tribal Chairman Douglas Cox.

If permitting for the project rested with federal agencies, they would be required to conduct official consultation with the tribe on the project.

"There’s government-to-government relations and that trust responsibility that the government and those agencies owe the tribe. And, they’ve failed," said Cox. "They’ve entirely failed on this one."

The  ruling  Monday by a three-judge panel in the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals means the tribe’s only recourse on the matter lies with Michigan and state courts. However, they questioned the way in which the agencies handled the tribe’s concerns, as well as whether their delegation of permitting authority to Michigan remains valid.

"The court was not happy with the federal agencies, pointing out pretty bluntly that the agencies had given the tribe the runaround," said Janette Brimmer, a staff attorney with the environmental law firm Earthjustice, which is representing the tribe.

Read the full article HERE.
Fond du Lac Band to Charge Land Use Permits
General Public will need a permit as Band tries to preserve wildlife and vegetation
The Fond du Lac Band announced a new policy governing hunting on and access to its Band lands. Over the upcoming months, the Band will post all Band-owned lands with signs that read "No Trespassing- Fond du Lac Band permit required" with additional information on how to obtain a permit. The policy is part of the Band's effort to better manage and conserve its resources.

Fond du Lac's Reservation Business Committee approved the change last April in order to uphold the Band's heritage of conscientious resource stewardship.

"For us, these lands, waters, animals and plants are a source of food and medicine that are intrinsic elements of our way of life, which is why it is so important for us to strike a balance between usage and natural renewal processes," says Kevin DuPuis, Chairman of the Fond du Lac Band.

"We also recognize these resources provide appealing recreational opportunities for people outside our Band, which is why we welcome the general public to utilize the permitting system to access Band-owned land in a responsible way that helps us protect these sensitive habitats."

See below for the full press release from Nagaajiwanaang, and click HERE for the policy.
Call for Native Artwork
Seeking Native Artist local to WI, MI, MN
The National Indian Health Board is seeking to work with a Native artist local to the IHS Bemidji Area for our 2020 National Tribal Behavioral Health Conference taking place in the Bemidji Area in late spring / early summer 2020. Selected artwork will be featured throughout our conference books, banners, staging, and digital marketing.

Artwork could be paintings, drawings, beadwork, crafts, pottery, sculpture, photography, etc.

The selected artist will also receive a complimentary conference exhibit booth in our exhibit hall.

Please submit high resolution images of original artwork to Courtney Wheeler, cwheeler@nihb.org no later than Friday, February 7, 2020.
Native Report
With Rita Aspinwall & Ernie Stevens
Season 15 Episode 4

We travel Lawrence, Kansas and visit the campus of Haskell Indian Nations University.

We then meet several student athletes and learn how they manage their academics with sports.

And we learn about the Indian Sports Hall of Fame also on the campus of Haskell Indian Nations University.
The Native Report is an entertaining, informative magazine style series that celebrates Native American culture and heritage, listens to tribal elders, and talks to some of the most powerful and influential leaders of Indian Country today.

Click HERE to visit the Native Report website.
Community Updates
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