Miisaninawiind :: January 18 - 24, 2021
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Red Cliff News & Updates
COVID-19 Community Updates
An up-to-date list of COVID-19 related notices and educational resources can be found on the Red Cliff website.

Tribal Departments and Programs are still offering virtual and social-distance events! Check out the Events Calendar.
Red Cliff Continues Land Repatriation Efforts
Established by treaty, the Red Cliff Reservation encompasses 14,540 acres or about 22 square miles. By 2006, tribal aki (land) holdings within the boundary had dwindled to 7,982 acres or 55% of the original land base. A number of factors contributed to the alienation of Red Cliff lands. The result is the checkerboard ownership within the reservation boundaries we see today, with former reservation aki now held by Bayfield County, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, and in private non-member status. Mixed ownership inhibits comprehensive management and restricts tribal member use and, in some cases, access. Mixed ownership on the reservation also poses threats to habitat connectivity for migratory and wide-ranging species and could lessen fragmented habitats' resiliency to climate change.

With a growing population and limited aki base, repatriation of Red Cliff's aki is a high priority in the TNR Division and tribal government as a whole. To provide for Red Cliff's next seven generations, goal four of the Tribal Council's Strategic Plan states, "Red Cliff Band, and its members, own 100% of reservation lands as well as properties off-reservation." Also, the IRMP highlights creating a Red Cliff Land Recovery Project in 1999, demonstrating the sustained interest in accomplishing this goal. While there is a need for expanded residential, municipal, agricultural, and commercial space on the Reservation, it should be noted that TNR's role in aki repatriation efforts is limited to the types of funding available. The focus of the TNR’s assistance with repatriation efforts has been aki with high conservation value. Although more limited, the TNR may also assist with the repatriation of aki that has or could be developed for outdoor recreation.

TNR has been actively involved in supporting the Tribe's aki repatriation efforts over the last decade. Frog Bay Tribal National Park (FBTNP) was the first successful acquisition for conservation purposes. FBTNP began as a 90-acre public hiking area when it opened in 2012 and has since grown to become a conservation area of nearly 300 acres (Figure 1.3). Red Cliff has been widely recognized and heralded for creating the first tribal national park in the United States. In 2019, the park received the Governor's Tourism Award for Stewardship from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism. See the Outdoor Recreation section for additional information. Red Cliff has been widely recognized and heralded for creating the first tribal national park in the United States. In 2019, the park received the Governor's Tourism Award for Stewardship from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism.

TNR has played a role in aki acquisitions for conservation purposes in conjunction with the Tribal Council, Tribal Administration, and the Legal Department. These lands include the 156-acre former pageant grounds, 380-acres of Bayfield County aki, two parcels totaling nearly 100 acres on Red Cliff's north shoreline, and two parcels totaling over 150 acres that were held by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources . In total, TNR has assisted the Tribe in recovering over 1,232 acres since 2012, with 994 acres (81%) being zoned as preserved (Figure 1.3). Over the next ten years, TNR's primary focus for aki repatriation will be for habitats and areas that exhibit high conservation value. TNR conducted a mapping exercise to identify these unique habitat areas. This evaluation determined that there are 2,098 acres of priority habitats available for repatriation.

Learn more about the Tribe's repatriation efforts in the Treaty Natural Resources Division Wenji Bimaadiziyaang Comprehensive Plan.
Free Recreational Parking For Tribal Members
Valhalla Recreation Area & Meyers Beach/Sea Cave Parking
Valhalla Recreation Area
Through an agreement between participating GLIFWC member bands and the U.S. Forest Service, Tribal members may park for free with a permit in USFS recreation areas. The free parking permits are available at the Red Cliff Wardens Office. Call the Wardens Office at 715-779-3732.

Meyers Beach / Sea Cave Parking Area
To enhance the opportunity to exercise treaty-retained rights within the Lakeshore, free parking may take place at Meyers Beach. On an available fee envelope (don't insert any money), Tribal Members must write their name, address, Tribal affiliation, and Tribal member enrollment number.

Get outside and enjoy!
Tribal Council Meeting - January 19
The Red Cliff Tribal Council is set to meet on Tuesday January 19 at Legendary Waters Grand Ballroom.

The Regular Session is scheduled to begin at 4:30 PM.

Click HERE for the meeting agenda.

You can find all scheduled 2021 Tribal Council meetings on the Tribal website calendar.
Food Giveaway Set For January 20
The Red Cliff Food Distribution Program will be giving away food on Wednesday January 20.

The giveaway is expected to begin around 1:00 PM once the food truck arrives. Items being given away include bratwurst, pork, and other non-perishable food items.

Please practice safe social distancing while you are receiving food.

Call Food Distribution at 715-779-3740 with any questions.
New Red Cliff Outreach Site Coordinator Needed
Red Cliff's Outreach Site for Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College is seeking a new Outreach Site Coordinator.

The Red Cliff Outreach Site Coordinator focuses on general site duties to provide and enhance educational opportunities to LCOOC students. This position also focuses on direct student support services at the post-secondary level.

Applications for this full-time position are due by January 20, 2021.

Click HERE for position details and application instructions.
Artful Healing: Paint Away Pandemic Stress
The Red Cliff Behavioral Health Department will host its second "Artful Healing" virtual community painting event on January 25 at 5:30 PM.

Community members are invited to join the live group to connect with your community, laugh, chat, and paint away stress amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please RSVP by January 15 to reserve your spot! To RSVP please call Makayla at 715-779-3741 ext 2408.

Click HERE to access the event on January 25. The password to join the virtual group is 12345.
This is what we'll be painting!
Health & Wellness
For other Health Center information or general questions call: 715-779-3707 or Email  RCHealthCenter@redcliffhealth.org

Click HERE to visit the Red Cliff Community Health Center website.

Click HERE for COVID-19 Updates and Resources.
Family & Human Services
Economic Stimulus Payments Won't
Be Intercepted for Child Support
The Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021, signed into law on Dec. 27, 2020, authorized an additional round of Economic Impact Payments to eligible individuals. In accordance with the Act, the Federal of Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) has confirmed with Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service that these payments cannot be intercepted for child support.

The IRS added a new Economic Impact Payment FAQ which includes a Q&A indicating that the second round of stimulus payments are not eligible for child support offset (see “Receiving My Payment” section of the FAQ).

If you have any questions, please contact the Red Cliff Child Support Services Agency at 715-779-3769 or email alana.babineau@redcliff-nsn.gov
New Child Care Center Is
Hiring Child Care Staff!
The investment that has been put into this new daycare facility will impact economic development and improve the quality of life throughout our county. We are proud to say that our 4,000 square foot new construction child care center will boast 40 new child care spaces and will be located on a 1.3-acre site, located on the corner of Blueberry and Water Tower Roads.

The center is still looking to grow its childcare family. If you are a person or know a person that has a passion for working with children and would love to be part of our team, please visit www.redcliff-nsn.gov for a job description and application.
Early Childhood Center January Newsletter
Click to access the full ECC January Newsletter
Barnyard Hullabaloo with Ms. Nadine
Bayfield School District Weekly Updates
The Bayfield School District will be releasing
weekly updates for parents and students.

You can view the school's weekly updates on their website:

You can also find the weekly updates on the
Bayfield School District Facebook page.
Access Scholarship Opportunities
Red Cliff Community Members have access to a variety of scholarships.
Click HERE to visit the Education Department's Scholarships page.

Upcoming External Scholarship Opportunities

AISES Together Towards Tomorrow T3 Scholarships
Applications now open! Click HERE for details.

Truman D. Picard Scholarship
The Truman D. Picard Scholarship Program is dedicated to the support of Native American students pursuing a higher education in Natural Resources.
Deadline March 12, 2021
Click HERE
Boys and Girls Club of Gitchigami
Virtual Lessons
Boys and Girls Club staff have created Virtual Daily Lessons for youth to follow while the Club is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lessons incorporate fitness and fun, fine arts, virtual field trips, mental workouts, and lessons on character, leadership, and service!

The lessons are dated, but contain activities that can be done year-round!

Click HERE to access!
Treaty Natural Resources
TNR Releases Wenji Bimaadiziyaang
Boozhoo Miskwaabekong! It is our pleasure to release Wenji Bimaadiziyaang, the Treaty Natural Resources Division's 2020 – 2030 Comprehensive Plan. This Plan replaces the Integrated Resources Management Plan (IRMP) which expired in 2016. You will see this Plan pays homage to the IRMP through reference and overlap of the IRMP's overarching goals. This is especially prevalent in the "Vision Statement" in each document section. While many things have changed since the IRMP was completed in 2006, many things have also stayed the same. Continuity between these separate management documents was important to us throughout the drafting process.

We received tremendous feedback from community members throughout the plan's drafting and editing process. TNR used a variety of outreach methods to hear the opinions of those who hold this place dear.

  • Online Survey – TNR created a community survey in SurveyMonkey. It was launched on July 2, 2019 and remained available online (by link through the e-newsletter and the tribal webpage, and through the Tribe's Facebook page) for 2 months.

  • TNR staff provided computer access to the survey during Pow Wow and Tribal Council elections, aiding survey-takers as needed. Throughout the time the survey was open, paper handouts were available around the community with the survey website and directions to access it.

  • TNR Division Open House: On August 14 at our annual open house, the planning process was described and there were additional opportunities for paper versions of the survey to be filled out at the different program tables. Over 100 community members attended the Open House.

  • Youth Listening Sessions: During the week of October 20, TNR staff reached 54 high school and 60 middle school students for guided listening sessions in their classrooms.

  • Elder Listening Sessions: Elder listening sessions occurred on October 29 & 30. Comments from approximately 22 elders were received.

  • An early draft was released to all Red Cliff tribal departments from Jan 20 – Feb 12. This early draft was also shared with our local agency & tribal partners (i.e., GLIFWC, Bad River, USFWS, NPS, DNR, Bayfield County, USFS, NRCS, BIA, USGS, Northland College and WCMP).

  • We shared a second draft of the plan the week of March 9th by posting it to Facebook, the tribal website, weekly e-newsletter, and by leaving hard copies with comment boxes at the Community Health Center and Administration buildings. Due to the pandemic, the comment period was left open ended.

  • We intended to have a community feast on April 1st, where we would have shared a presentation and had a time for discussion. Unfortunately, we had to postpone that event indefinitely due to COVID-19.

  • A third draft of the plan was released to the community for final review and feedback on October 16th to help us finalize the plan. During this time, we posted short videos on the Tribal Facebook page that summarized each section of the plan, and comments were accepted through November 6th.

  • The final draft of this Plan was released to Tribal Council for their review on December 3rd for consideration at the December 7th meeting. At the December 7th meeting, Tribal Council motioned to approve the plan and recognized it as a living document to be reevaluated as necessary.

On a final note, we’d like to thank Wisconsin Coastal Management Program for the funding that has supported this planning effort. Miigwech to all who have contributed to this very important effort!

Click HERE to view the entire Wenji Bimaadiziyaang.
Housing Authority
Community Is Urged To Take Tribal
Housing Needs Assessment Survey
Data will enhance local programs, funding
Off-Reservation Households
You have now been sent a mailer with a survey code. Go to www.redcliff-nsn.gov/survey to learn more and for instructions to complete the survey.

On-Reservation Households
You have all received a survey code at your home. If you have not yet completed the survey, please complete the short survey at www.redcliff-nsn.gov/survey!
Data will be used to enhance programming and attract funding for housing and other community programs.

The Red Cliff Tribe, in partnership with the Red Cliff Housing Authority, has launched a Tribal Housing Needs Assessment household survey taking place from December 2020 - February 2021. The survey will have two phases: all households on-reservation will receive a door hanger with an online survey code in December, and all off-reservation member households in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan will receive a mailer containing an online survey code in January.

This survey is an important data collection project designed to compile accurate demographic, employment and housing information about Red Cliff tribal members. The data collected during this survey will be used to enhance local programs and attract funding for housing and other community programs.

Beginning in December 2020, survey staff will drop off information and instructions so that individuals can complete the survey online. Survey topics include: income, education, housing situation, use of and need for community programs and services. All household information requested by the survey is essential to accomplishing the project’s goals. The responses provided to field staff will remain confidential and anonymous.

Please provide honest and complete answers to field staff to support their efforts to:
  • Challenge and replace the Census Bureau’s housing needs data for the Red Cliff Reservation
  • Ensure that the Tribe receives their fair share of affordable housing funding
  • Affirm the Tribe’s sovereignty and expand its self-determination
  • Determine current and future need for housing and essential services

The information you provide will help our community!

The on-reservation survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete, and we need complete responses from every household on the reservation. The off-reservation Tribal Member survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. As a special thank you, households that complete the survey will receive an individual incentive and be entered into weekly drawings for larger prizes valued up to $200!

The project is funded by Enterprise Community Partners and the Red Cliff Chippewa Housing Authority.

On-reservation tribal members will receive a door hanger with a unique survey code at their home that they can use to complete their survey online at: https://www.redcliff-nsn.gov/survey. Off-reservation tribal members will receive a mailed letter containing their online survey code—watch for yours in the mail in January.


Liz Boyd
Tribal Survey Manager, Red Cliff
Phone: (715) 779-3744 ext. 3515

Kevin Klingbeil (Survey Coordinator)   
Managing Director, Big Water Consulting
Phone: (206) 466-2065
Click HERE to access a Tenant Association interest form
Housing Board Meeting - January 20
The Regular Monthly Housing Board meeting is scheduled for 5:00 PM on January 20 at the Red Cliff Elderly Center.

Click HERE for the meeting agenda.
Red Cliff Fish Company
Legendary Waters Resort & Casino
News Across Indian Country
GLIFWC Tribes Stress Conservative
Omashkooz Management for 2021
GLIFWC member tribes urge the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board to follow best available science
Odanah, Wis.—With an eye on the present and future health of the Clam Lake omashooz (elk) herd, GLIFWC member tribes declared five bull elk for the 2020 season but chose a more conservative harvest approach out of concern for the population. To date, the tribes have not harvested any elk from the Clam Lake herd for the 2020 season. The decision to limit hunting is rooted in heeding the best available science and an abundance of caution for the long-term success of elk, known as omashooz in the Ojibwe language.

“We have been a part of elk restoration work for many years, and we want to see omashkooz populations thrive again. The best way we will achieve this is if we listen to the advisory committee that was established to help us follow the best available science. We are always thinking of future generations to come,” said GLIFWC Voigt Intertribal Task Force Chairman John Johnson Sr.

In the spring of 2020, the Wisconsin Elk Advisory Committee recommended a safe harvest quota of six bull elk, based upon the most recent data and management goals. Comprised of biologists with the US Forest Service, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the Ho Chunk Nation, and GLIFWC, as well as other partners, the Elk Advisory Committee meets regularly and is tasked with making recommendations on the reintroduction and management of wild elk. Following the recommendation, however, the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board overturned the Committee’s decision and chose to enact a quota of 10 bull elk.

Elk Advisory Committee member and GLIFWC wildlife biologist Travis Bartnick said their original recommendation was based upon multiple factors. “Maximizing herd growth and maintaining an appropriate sex ratio of adult bulls to cows have both been objectives agreed upon by the members of the Committee,” Bartnick said. “The Committee also agreed that reducing the bull elk quota in 2020 would help prevent the need to recommend a reduced quota in subsequent years. There was support for this recommendation based on population model projections under different harvest scenarios.”

Ojibwe Tribes exercise their sovereign rights under their own rules and regulations to harvest half of each year’s allowable quota. In 2018, population estimates indicated omaskooz had achieved a harvestable population in the Wisconsin Ceded Territory. This allowed the state and the tribes to begin a limited hunt, in which the state and tribes successfully harvested elk from the Clam Lake omashkooz (elk) range.

Ojibwe tribes have been elk reintroduction partners since 1995 with the goal of restoring the population to sustainable levels. The continuation of these efforts from all partners involved will hopefully lead to future harvesting opportunities for both State and Tribal hunters.

Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission is an intertribal agency comprised of eleven member Ojibwe bands, located throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota. GLIFWC works with member bands to both manage and preserve off-reservation treaty reserved rights and resources. Please visit www.glifwc.org for more information about GLIFWC.
Spirit Aligned Leadership Program
Intergenerational Indigenous Women's Fellowship
Inviting Applications for Legacy Leaders & Future Legacy Leaders

Restoring the balance of the world especially during a pandemic requires transformative thinking that centers Indigenous Peoples and our ancestral knowledge.
The United States and Canada have long histories of Indigenous erasure, including the attempted destruction of Indigenous ways of knowing, doing, and being. Yet, we are witnessing a resurgence of our ways across the Indigenous world as younger generations seek out traditional knowledge and wisdom for contemporary challenges. 
Indigenous Peoples are reclaiming their ancestral knowledge to heal, protect, and plan for a better future. Indigenous communities are embracing the need to bridge intergenerational knowledge for future impact. They are rallying to protect and sustain elders, knowledge keepers, and the intergenerational transfer of wisdom to sustain strong Indigenous futures.

Please visit www.spiritaligned.org for more information, or to apply.
NATOW Seeking Website Redesign
Native American Tourism of Wisconsin wants to redesign its website currently found HERE.

NATOW is seeking a company to create a new website that is a modern, highly attractive and built with responsive web design.

Click HERE to view NATOW's request for proposals.
Funding Opportunity For Native Artists
The Wisconsin Arts Board has announced the Woodland Indian Arts Emergency Relief Fund to support individual Native American artists experiencing economic distress as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grant funding may be used for basic expenses such as food, rent, medical costs, childcare, etc., or artistic supplies and materials, including those related to the development of skills or equipment that will enable applicants to transition their income-generating practices to virtual platforms or practices.

The deadline to apply is January 28, 2021. Click HERE for eligibility requirements and to apply.
WisDOT Entry Transportation Specialist Openings
Join the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) team and help shape the future of the State of Wisconsin's transportation infrastructure!

Graduating December 2020 through May 2021? APPLY!

WisDOT is recruiting to fill entry and senior level Transportation Specialist positions located in the Division of Transportation System Development (DTSD) offices throughout the State: Central Office Bureaus positions located in Madison, the Southeast (SE) Region, headquartered in Waukesha; the Southwest (SW) Region, headquartered in LaCrosse or Madison; the Northwest Region (NW) with offices in SuperiorSpooner and Eau Claire; the North Central ( NC) Region - offices in Rhinelander and Wisconsin Rapids and the Northeast (NE) Region in Green Bay

WisDOT is a great place to work. We offer amazing benefits that include a casual office atmosphere, flexible work schedules, ample vacation time, excellent health benefits, and an exceptional employee assistance program that offers a variety of programs and tools to help promote an employee's wellness and health.

Positions are responsible for performing transportation specialist entry or senior level duties and applying engineering practices and principles for multi-modal transportation programs. Positions will work in one of the department’s engineering program areas that may include: Utilities, Design, Construction, Plans Production, Soils, Planning, Traffic and Maintenance of transportation facilities in addition to other areas of focus.

NOTE: Interviews will be conducted virtually. In efforts to keep our employees safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to ensure adherence to CDC and local government requirements and business needs, the individual hired into this position may temporarily be permitted or required to work from home.

Click HERE to learn more about the position and to apply.
Community Events
Interested in upcoming events?

Red Cliff Tribal Administration Office 
88455 Pike Road 
Bayfield, Wi. 54814