Miisaninawiind :: Onaabani-Giizis :: March 23-29 2020
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Red Cliff News & Updates
COVID-19 Community Updates
Various Tribal programs, services, and events have been canceled or temporarily suspended in our efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19.

See list of notices below from these Tribal programs and services. Click on each notice for details.

This newsletter is published on Monday morning, and new closures and date changes may happen throughout the week, so please remember to call ahead of time. An up-to-date list can be found on the Tribal Facebook page, and is updated continuously throughout each day.

Information on social distancing, testing recommendations, and other ways to stay healthy can be found in the Health & Wellness section below.
Gov Evers Announces Future Stay at Home Order
Monday March 23 - Governor Evers has announced that he will issue a stay-at-home order on Tuesday, March 24.

Here's what Gov Evers has released as of Monday morning:

"We have been working hard to ensure the health and safety of the people of our state as we have responded to COVID-19 in Wisconsin. We’ve taken some important steps, but folks, time is of the essence. So today I’m announcing we'll be issuing a #SaferAtHome order tomorrow.

Here’s what this means for you:

As we’ve worked to respond to and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we've have been careful to listen to public health experts and to be mindful of the effects our proactive steps could and will have on our frontline workers and the most vulnerable in our communities.

Over the past few days, I’ve talked with public health experts and with business leaders and local elected officials around the state. Overwhelmingly the response I heard is that we need an all-hands-on-deck approach to stopping the spread of COVID-19 in Wisconsin.

In fact, business leaders have suggested that it is imperative to slow the growth of the disease and that the state cease all non essential business statewide.

And, folks, all hands on deck means you, too.

I know this has been difficult and has disrupted the lives of people across our state. That’s why issuing a #SaferAtHome order isn’t something I thought we’d have to do, and it’s not something I take lightly. But here’s the bottom line: folks need to start taking this seriously.

People across our state are still out and about unnecessarily that are putting our friends, our neighbors, and our communities at risk. Please  #StayHome  and help us save lives.

We also need folks to limit their interactions to the same people, not different small groups. Shrinking your circle of interactions will help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately that means no sleepovers, no play dates, and no dinner parties with friends and neighbors.
We’re all in this together, and each and every one of us has to do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19 so we can  #FlattenTheCurve  to ensure our doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers have the opportunity to do their important work.

You can still get out and walk the dogs—it’s good exercise and it’s good for everyone’s mental health—but please don’t take any other unnecessary trips, and limit your travel to essential needs like going to the doctor, grabbing groceries, or getting medication.

Workers providing essential care or services in our communities will be allowed to continue to travel to and from work. That includes folks like healthcare professionals, grocers, family caregivers, among other people whose work is critical for folks across our state.

If it’s essential for you to go outside, please stay 6 feet away from others and shared spaces such as park shelters and visitor centers.

There will be additional details soon about what this order means for you, but I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to prepare and plan ahead so you can help do your part to keep our friends, neighbors, and communities safe.

In the days, weeks, and months ahead we will continue listening to the public health experts, healthcare providers, first responders, and businesses and workers on the frontlines. And as I listen and learn I will continue to share updates with the people of Wisconsin.

In the meantime, everyone is  #SaferAtHome , folks. Let’s all do our part and work together."
Man Charged in 2003 Death of Jody Ricard
Tribal Member Donates Flags Flown in Afghanistan
Red Cliff Tribal Member and U.S. Military Veteran David Beeksma has donated two American Flags that flew over Kabul, Afghanistan.

One flag was flown in honor of The People of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa during Operation Freedom Sentinel, and the other was flown specifically for the Red Cliff VFW.

These flags represent the will and resolve of the American people to protect those who cannot protect themselves and to stand strong and defeat all who attempt to bring us harm.

“We’re a family of families. That’s what a Band is,” said Beeksma, who has completed 35 years of public service. “These flags are a representation of Red Cliff coming together in support and acknowledgement of veterans who have served.”

Beeksma served 20 years in the Civil Service and another 15 years in the military. He has spent roughly eight years in Afghanistan, which is more time than most U.S. governmental officials, and was the senior-most Tribal member in the U.S. government before retiring in February.

“Being able to have Dave come back and contribute is a huge positive for the Red Cliff community,” said Chairman Rick Peterson.

Beeksma currently lives in Tuscon, Arizona, where he owns a consulting business—Nordin Solutions—for groups and businesses that are trying to make a positive difference in the world.

Click HERE to visit the Nordin Solutions website.

Miigwech David!!
Red Cliff Food Distribution Helps Feed Students
Provided by Michelle Jensen, Ashland Daily Press. Miigwech Michelle!
Boys and Girls Club Director Paige Moilanen, along with Tribal Members Mark Defoe and Wade Hanson Jr. pack about 225 lunches for Bayfield School District students Friday at the Red Cliff Food Distribution Center.

The school closed last Monday until further notice to help contain the spread of coronavirus, and the Red Cliff Band opened its summer food service program to distribute lunches from 11 a.m. to noon at the center, Hillside Playground, New Housing’s Housing Parking Lot, Birch Bark Trail Park, Bayfield Town Hall and La Pointe School. As a Bayfield High School student has a confirmed case of COVID-19, meals were not available at the school.
April 7 Election - Consider Absentee Ballot
As of the morning of March 23, voting day is still scheduled for April 7. This date could be postponed. Any date changes will be provided.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, voters in Red Cliff are strongly urged to act now to vote absentee for the April 7 Spring Election and Presidential Preference Primary.

“Polls will be open in Bayfield and the Town of Russell for those who need them on Election Day, but most voters should vote absentee for this election,” said Clerk for the Town of Russell Dave Good. “For that to happen, you should request an absentee ballot as soon as possible.”

Voters can call their municipal clerk’s office at 715-779-3284 or call the Wisconsin Elections Commission at 866-VOTE-WIS (866-868-3947) or 608-261-8005.

Contact Dave Good for more information at 715-779-3284.

Click HERE or HERE for more information on how to request an absentee ballot and how to register to vote.
Proposed Code of Law Changes
The Red Cliff Water and Sewer Department has proposed changes pertaining to Chapter 34 Water & Sewer Utilities of the Red Cliff Code of Laws.

Click HERE to view the notice and the proposed changes.

Public comment on this proposal is encouraged. Please drop your comments at the Tribal Administration Building, or forward them directly to the Tribal Council. This proposal will be voted upon on April 6, 2020 at the regular meeting of the Red Cliff Tribal Council. If the Council enacts these changes, the changes shall become effective upon enactment.
Request for Proposal: Indirect Cost Preparation
The Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians is accepting proposals from independent firms for preparation of the Fiscal Year 2021 Indirect Cost Proposal.

Sealed bids will be accepted until April 1, 2020 by 4:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. Please indicate, clearly and concisely, INDIRECT COST PROPOSAL BID , on the envelope or package, to: Ashley Peterson, Property & Procurement Officer – 88455 Pike Road, Bayfield, WI 54814 or email ashley.peterson@redcliff-nsn.gov.

The bids will be opened and reviewed on April 3, 2020 by the Red Cliff Bid Opening Committee at the Red Cliff Administration Building. The Red Cliff Tribal Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Any questions, etc., can be directed to Michael Christiansen, Senior Accountant at 715-779-3700, Ext. 4240 or michael.christiansen@redcliff-nsn.gov or Diane Erickson at 715-779-3707 Ext.2269
2020 Census: Complete Online or Via Phone
The U.S. Census started in the Red Cliff community on Monday, March 16 2020. Given the current health situation, we are working with the Census Bureau and local field staff to ensure that the health and safety of our community is highly considered.

At this time, we are encouraging residents to complete the Census through online or telephone methods if possible. The census can be taken online at www.2020census.gov or by calling 844-330-2020.

The Census has halted in-person operations. There will be no in-person Census takers until further notice. We do not in any way want to discourage participation but advise and strongly encourage the community to participate in the Census in the safest way possible.
Keep Kids Engaged and Entertained at Home
Looking for things to do with your children while at home? Here's a list of online science resources to help kids learn and have fun while at home.

Options for early learners through high school age!

Click HERE .
Red Cliff Gear For Sale: New Mug
We have a new mug with the Red Cliff logo on it. It is cobalt blue and bistro style!
Health & Wellness
Managing Coronavirus Anxiety
A rational approach to infectious disease without worry, fear and panic is ideal, but this is easier said than done.

Once the fear has kicked in, it can be hard to stop it. If you find yourself excessively worrying about the coronavirus, this doesn’t mean that you have a psychological disorder. However, high levels of emotional distress, whatever the source, should be attended to, particularly if it is interfering with normal day to day activities. When our strategies for de-stressing instead increase our anxiety, it is time to take a step back and ask if there is anything more helpful we can do. 

Ways to reduce the physical and emotional symptoms associated with anxiety:

Limit media exposure and stick with reliable sources . It’s tempting to check for updates but checking several times a day can escalate the state of anxiety. Focusing on catastrophic thoughts and predictions, especially given the examples on social media, can fuel panicky feelings. Do less frequent checks of reliable, impartial sources of information updates on COVID-19. This might include national health websites (CDC) rather than social media feeds that heighten worry unnecessarily. Information can be reassuring if it is rooted in facts.

Self-Care . It's important to keep up your self-care routine, or even add something new. Consider what helps you most, such as taking a walk, meditating, exercising, or talking to a friend or family member. At times of stress and anxiety, hyperventilation and shallow breathing is common. Purposeful, regular breathing will prevent the onset of panic and the unpleasant physical symptoms associated with anxiety. Exercise will also reduce the excess adrenaline build-up associated with anxiety. 

Connecting with Family & Friends . Personal relationships are crucial in maintaining perspective, elevating mood and allowing distraction away from concerns that trouble us. Make time to step back from social media and connect with family and friends about things other than just this issue. Even in imposed isolation, it is important to combat loneliness and keep talking by voice chat, facetime, skype etc.

Reduce anxiety by reducing your risk. Follow the safety advice from the CDC, such as frequent handwashing; stay home if you don’t feel well; get enough sleep and take good care of your immune system. Preparing a plan for the future such as minimizing exposure to large crowds, can help reduce anxiety.

Precautionary measures are essential but emotional distress and widespread panic does not have to be part of this experience. Continuing normal daily activities, maintaining perspective and reducing unnecessary stress is key.
For updated information on the COVID-19, please visit the CDC site www.cdc.gov and information provided by the Red Cliff Community Health Center.
(Daniels J, Science Alert, March 8, 2020)
( Elissa Epel , PhD. University of California, March, 2020)
Talking To Your Children about COVID-19
With the recent outbreak of a new virus , and the quickly unfolding quarantine guidelines, knowledge is power. Recommendations for adults can be scientifically confusing with medical jargon, parameters of concerns, and recycling of bad and/or misinformation. The most trusted site to obtain factual information remains the CDC website:  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html . This site provides updates, maps of outbreaks, and information for you if you think you are symptomatic. 

When bringing this information to your children there are suggested guidelines to follow to minimize their fears, help them understand their role in prevention, and advice for helping them understand at developmentally appropriate levels.

Deal with your own anxiety.  When you’re feeling most anxious or panicked, that isn’t the time to talk to your kids about what’s happening with the coronavirus warns
Be reassuring.  Children are very egocentric, so hearing about the coronavirus on the news may be enough to make them seriously worry that they’ll catch it. It’s helpful to reassure your child about how rare the coronavirus actually is.
Focus on what you’re doing to stay safe.  An important way to reassure kids is to emphasize the safety precautions that you are taking.
Stick to routine.   Structured days with regular mealtimes and bedtimes are an essential part of keeping kids happy and healthy.
Keep talking.  Tell kids that you will continue to keep them updated as you learn more.
Take your cues from your child.  Invite your child to tell you anything they may have heard about the coronavirus, and how they feel. Give them ample opportunity to ask questions.
Be developmentally appropriate.  Don’t volunteer too much information, as this may be overwhelming. Instead, try to answer your child’s questions. Do your best to answer honestly and clearly.
Help empower their abilities. Give your child specific things they can do to feel in control. Teach kids that getting lots of sleep and  washing their hands  well and often can help them stay strong and well. Explain that regular hand washing also helps stop viruses from spreading to others.
Let your kids know that it's normal to feel stressed out at times. Recognizing these feelings and knowing that stressful times pass, and life gets back to normal can help children build resilience

Leave the news on 24/7.  This can become overwhelming for children and adults. 
Listen and follow advice from non-experts.  Check, and then double check, your sources before repeating advice from a neighbor, an older parent, a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or other social media platform.
Avoid encouraging fearful fantasies.   Children of all ages have remarkable creativity that can be used to help understand frightening events. This sometimes can lead to bad dreams, unwarranted fears about being outside the home, and fears about parent leaving for work. Find a way to get the child to express the fear and then reframe with a positive message.
Downplay fears.  This creates room for misinformation when children feel they are not being taken seriously. Help them to explain their fears and then provide facts and reassurance.
Make false promises.  Don’t use promises of vacations, toys, or other bribes to contain behaviors with children. 
Make concerns about teachers, peers, school staff seem unimportant. Kids and teens often worry more about family and friends than themselves. Allow them ways to safely check-in with important people to minimize their worries. 

Mostly importantly, practice what you preach . Children learn by observing behaviors and emotions. Wipe down surfaces, follow healthy guidelines for nutrition and exercise, reduce screen time, maintain healthy sleep routines. Involve your children in daily tasks that create routines; everyday is not a vacation day. Have homework times where there are conversations, as messy as it seems let your children get involved in meal prep, simple cooking and clean up, do laundry together, tackle the task of purging your home of seldom or never used items with family involvement. 

Ehmke, R., & Child Mind Institute. (2020, March). Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus. Retrieved from https://childmind.org/article/talking-to-kids-about-the-coronavirus/

Pendley, J. S. (Ed.). (2020, March). Coronavirus (COVID-19): How to Talk to Your Child (for Parents) - Nemours Kids Health. Retrieved from https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/coronavirus-how-talk-child.html .
For other Health Center information or general questions call: 715-779-3707 or Email   RCHealthCenter@redcliffhealth.org

Click HERE to visit the Red Cliff Community Health Center website
Human & Family Services
Click HERE to take the survey!
Resources and Stories to Share with Children
Here are some great resources and stories to share with your children about school closures and the coronavirus.

Click HERE and HERE
New ECC Employee Stephanie Schluneger
My name is Stephanie. Myself and my family are from the Ashland/Odanah area. I am excited to have joined the Early Childhood Center team as a Child Care Coordinator. I began volunteering in Early Childhood Education in 2010 when my daughter was enrolled in Head Start. This jump started my career path and pushed me to go to school. Currently, I have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education with a background in Special Education. I am also pursing leadership classes.
I strongly believe children learn best when they feel secure and are immersed in a rich, natural environment. My passion is learning through interactions and awakening the natural curiosity of young minds to promote a lifelong desire for learning. I am looking forward to creating partnerships with families and serving as an extension of you for your children as they create, learn and grow their bodies and minds.
Stephanie Schluneger
Child Care Coordinator
Red Cliff Early Childhood Center
New ECC Employee Donnie Gordon Jr
Donald Gordon Jr. has recently joined the Early Childhood Center as the Bus Driver/Family Service Worker. Donnie has worked 28 years within the Housing Authority and Youth Services of the Tribe.

Donnie enjoys watching the Green Bay Packers and the Wisconsin Badgers and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.
He is excited to be back working with the children and families in the community.

Donnie can be reached at 715-715-779-5030 ext. 2554 or Donald.gordon.jr@redcliff-nsn.gov
New ECC Employee Kathy Haskins
Kathy Haskins was born and raised here the community. She has raised her 4 children here as well.

She is a dedicated employee of the Early Childhood Center and works as an Education Specialist. Kathy enjoys and loves spending time with her grandchildren and taking walks. She hopes to make a difference for our ever-important children in this area.

Kathy can be reached at 715-715-779-5030 ext. 2530 or kathy.haskins@redcliff-nsn.gov
Northern Wisconsin Outdoor Scholarship
Open to Youth and Adults
The spring 2020 round of applications for the Northern Wisconsin Outdoor Experiential Education Scholarship is now open.

This scholarship is designed to help youth (and adults!) of the Chequamegon Bay area participate in outdoor educational programs through programs like Outward Bound, Wilderness Inquiry or Northland College.
Apply by April 1st!

This scholarship pays up to $1000 to Chequamegon Bay area residents.

Follow the link above to find out more or contact the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation at 218-726-0232.

Click HERE for the flyer!
Opportunities for Native American Students
Boys and Girls Club of Gitchigami
Boys and Girls Club Newsletter
Click HERE for the Boys & Girls Club March Newsletter.

Contact Youth Director Paige Moilanen at 715-779-3722 with any questions.
Treaty Natural Resources
New TNR Employee Hilary Jewell
Greetings! I am Hilary Jewell and I am excited to be the new Fish Plant Manager.
This opportunity is an incredible blend of my experience and passions. I wholeheartedly believe in local and sustainable food systems, particularly in the often overlooked role of fishing and other more traditional sources of protein. My professional background includes nonprofit operations and administration, as well as salmon, Asian carp, and herring commercial fishing.
I am originally from St. Paul, MN and am a Northland College graduate. Between the lake and the Northwoods, there is nowhere else I’d rather be - I feel like this area has been calling me my whole life.
I love doing just about anything outside, particularly on or near water, with my husband, toddler son, and two Alaskan huskies. I also enjoy reading, cooking, eating, gardening, and playing and coaching hockey.
I am thrilled and grateful to be on board and look forward to getting to know the community.
Sign-up Open For Summer Programs!
Click HERE to view the Treaty Natural
Resources Division Winter Newsletter!
Legendary Waters Resort & Casino
Legendary Waters has been closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 situation.

Click HERE to visit the Legendary Waters Resort and Casino website.
Community Updates
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