Miisaninawiind :: Zaagibagaa-giizis :: May 18-24, 2020
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Red Cliff News & Updates
COVID-19 Community Updates
Various Tribal programs, services, and events have been canceled or temporarily suspended in our efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19.

An up-to-date list can be found on the Tribal Facebook page, and is updated continuously throughout each day.

You can also find a series of video updates from the Red Cliff Health Division on the Tribal Facebook page.
Red Cliff Stay at Home Resolution
Remains in Effect Through May 26
Letter From Chairman Peterson and Tribal Council
May 14, 2020

Dear Red Cliff Community,

As many of you may have already heard, yesterday (May 13) the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down Governor Evers’ Stay at Home Emergency Order effective immediately. This will allow all businesses and activities within the state covered under the state’s emergency order to now open and proceed as they would like. This includes the operations of both bars and restaurants. 

While we support economic prosperity for all during normal times, the Red Cliff Tribal Council does not consider these to be normal times with the coronavirus pandemic still putting lives at risk across the country. In following the advice of our medical professionals, we issued our own Tribal Stay at Home resolution and also supported the State of Wisconsin's order. In anticipation of the Wisconsin Supreme Court's potential ruling against the Governor's Emergency Order, the Red Cliff Tribal Council met immediately after the filing of the lawsuit and made the decision that regardless of the court’s ruling, our Tribal Stay at Home resolution would stand as motioned. Thus, the Red Cliff Stay at Home resolution is still valid through May 26, 2020. 

The safety and wellbeing of our community members, especially the most vulnerable, is of the utmost priority to the Tribal Council and we will continue to listen to the advice and guidance of our medical professionals led by Dr. Anne and Dr. Khou along with our Emergency Response Team moving forward. This includes potentially extending our Tribal order longer if need be and taking further actions to keep our people safe.

We strongly urge that everybody continue to abide by recommended medical safety precautions, many of which are updated regularly via our Tribal social media and direct communication avenues. We must remain vigilant and do all we can in our efforts to keep ourselves and families safe against the COVID-19 virus.


Rick Peterson and Red Cliff Tribal Council
Council Meeting May 19
The Red Cliff Tribal Council will meet on May 19 at the Red Cliff Community Health Center.

The Regular Session will begin at 4:30 PM.

Click HERE for the meeting agenda.
Propane Tank For Sale - Requesting Bids
The Red Cliff Tribal Property and Procurement Department is seeking sealed bids for a 940-gallon propane tank that is located at the "new" pow-wow grounds. The propane tank will be sold as is and is required to be removed by the winning bidder within 30 days of purchase.

If you are interested, please submit your bid to:

Red Cliff Tribal Administration
Attn: Property & Procurement Dept.
88455 Pike Road
Bayfield, WI 54814

Deadline: May 29, 2020 at 4:00 PM
Transfer Station Reminder
The Red Cliff Recycling & Transfer Station is OPEN on Tuesdays and Saturdays 8am - 6pm.

Spring Cleanup is still postponed, but the Recycling & Transfer Station will continue to operate.

Here are details on the transfer station along with information on how to properly dispose of various waste.
Openings on Law Enforcement Commission
The Red Cliff Tribal Council is seeking three individuals interested in serving on the Law Enforcement Commission.

1 Commissioner
1 Recording Secretary
1 Alternate

For further information contact Tribal Administration at 715-779-3700.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please pick up an application at the front desk of the administration building.

Please return your application to the receptionist at the administration building.

The deadline is May 29, 2020 at noon.
Proposed Revision to Code of Law
The Red Cliff Legal Department and the Red Cliff Planning Department have proposed revisions to Chapter 37 of the Red Cliff Code of Laws.

Click HERE to view the official notice.

You can view the revised Chapter 37 HERE .

Public comment on this proposal is encouraged. Please drop your comments at the Tribal Administration Building, or forward them directly to the Tribal Council. This proposal will be voted upon on June 1, 2020 at the regular meeting of the Red Cliff Tribal Council. If the Council enacts this code addition, the code shall become effective upon enactment.
Proposed Revision to Code of Law
The Red Cliff Tribal Historic Preservation Office has proposed revisions to Chapter 20 of Red Cliff Code of Laws.

Click HERE to view the official notice and proposed changes.

Public comment on this proposal is encouraged. Please drop your comments at the Tribal Administration Building, or forward them directly to the Tribal Council. This proposal will be voted upon on June 1, 2020 at the regular meeting of the Red Cliff Tribal Council. If the Council enacts this code, the code shall become effective upon enactment.
Health & Wellness
Help Raise Mental Health Awareness
What can you do to help raise mental health awareness? You can help spread the word by using the hashtag  #IntroMentalHealth on your social media posts.

Inspire others to raise awareness and take part in sharing information, resources and support for mental health conditions.

You can also take the stigma free pledge, to help change the way the world sees mental health.

Click HERE to learn more.
Online Parents Support Groups and Resources
Parenting in a Pandemic

Quarantine School

Group for people giving birth or their partner will give birth during pandemic

Healthcare workers support group

Surviving Single Parenthood

Parenting with Special Needs

Non-Facebook links

Here is a link to free recorded webinar to help parents and
others to help children cope during COVID19:

Free podcast from National Public Radio called NPR Life Kit- Parenting: https://www.npr.org/tags/797069332/life-kit-parenting

Subscribe to “A Fine Parent” and they also offer Covid19: https://afineparent.com/coronavirus-support-for-parents

Subscribe to “A mother far from home” and has free great resources at: https://amotherfarfromhome.com/

And the “Big Life Journal” is another free resource and podcast to at: https://biglifejournal.com/

Additional Parent resources below:
The Red Cliff Behavioral Health Department is currently taking new referrals and offering tele-visits for our Coordinated Services Team (CST), Substance Abuse, Mental Health and Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Programs
For more information call 715-779-3741
Benefits of Meditation for Mental Health
May is designated as Mental Health Awareness Month! This is important because, at one time or another, we all experience periods of stress and may have some of the side effects of that such as depression or anxiety. It is more common than most people think. It is always good to learn about things we can do to help ourselves and others through these experiences. One tactic that has been effective for many people is meditation. It is an accessible, low cost activity that can really help us deal with stress and it doesn’t require any special equipment or membership (although you can join a group or class if you like). 

According to an article by Dr. Matthew Thorpe, MD, most people try meditation for stress reduction. In a study of 3500 people, meditation proved effective at reducing stress and, as an added benefit, reduced the inflammation -producing chemicals called cytokines that are one of the harmful, and painful, effects of a stress hormone called cortisol. Other studies have shown that meditation helps control anxiety and depression, promotes an improved self-image and positive outlook, enhances self-awareness and improves attention span. It has also been shown to improve recovery from addictions by increasing self-control and awareness of triggers for relapse.  

The peaceful feeling that comes from meditating regularly, improves sleep patterns, helps control pain, decreases blood pressure and can even make people feel more kind towards others.
All of these benefits certainly make it worthwhile to give meditation a try, and you can meditate anywhere! You can do it in as little as 10 minutes! All you need is to get comfortable in a quiet space. Here is how to start a basic meditation:

• Wear whatever you are comfortable in. If you are wearing a tie, belt or tight shoes you may want to remove or loosen them for greater comfort.
• Sit indoors or outdoors on anything that is comfortable. Sit with your back straight, neck relaxed and head tilted slightly forward. Rest your hands in your lap.
• You can start by meditating for 10 minutes, or as long as you are comfortable with. If 10 minutes seems too long a time to be still and quiet, try 5 minutes and work your way up. Meditating often is more important than how long each session is. 
• Be clear on what you hope to get out of meditation – being happier, more relaxed, more focused. This will help create the right state of mind and help you maintain the commitment to regularly take this time for yourself.
• Notice your body – feel your weight on the chair, your feet and hands. Get comfortable in a position you can sit in for a while.
• Feel your breath. As you inhale, let the air fill your abdomen. As you exhale slowly, feel your body relax and ground.
• Notice when your mind has wandered. Acknowledge your thoughts, then release them and return your attention to your breath.
• Be kind to your wandering mind. Don’t judge yourself or obsess over your thoughts – just come back to your breath.
• Close your meditation gently. When you are ready, open your eyes if they have been closed. Notice your surroundings and how you feel.

That is all there is to it! Like many other activities, the more you practice meditation, the better you will get at it. There are many different methods of meditation including mindfulness meditation like the one above, guided imagery meditation, walking meditation and body scan meditation. Feel free to explore these methods and find the one that is best for you!

For more information, check out these websites: 
For other Health Center information or general questions call: 715-779-3707 or Email   RCHealthCenter@redcliffhealth.org

Click HERE to visit the Red Cliff Community Health Center website
Family & Human Services
Food Safety Tips & Recipes
Everyone is working hard right now to keep ourselves, our family, and our communities healthy. Two important practices we can all do to protect against COVID-19 is to maintain physical distancing of 6 feet while on essential trips, such as getting food, and frequent hand washing.

Click HERE for helpful food safety tips during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You'll also find recipes for a layered black bean dip, black bean soup, turkey chili, and half-veggie burgers!
Various Family and Human Services offerings have unique guidelines and hours in response to COVID-19.

See the Notices section toward the top of this newsletter for more information. You can also call the Family Human Services Division
at 715-779-3706.
Phrases and Vocabulary
Here are some basic questions and how to say them in Ojibwe!

Do you know him/her? Gigikenimaa ina?

Do you remember? Gimikwenden ina?

How are you? Aaniin ezhi-ayaayan?

How is it outside (what is the weather like)? Aaniin ezhiwebak agwajiing?

How old are you? Aaniin endaso-biboonagiziyan?

What are you called (name)? Aaniin ezhinikaazoyan?

Where are you from? Aandi wenjibaayan?

Where are you going? Aandi ezhaayan?

Click HERE to for more phrases and vocabulary in the Education Department's May newsletter.

You'll find an important message about self-care, updates from ECC teachers to their kids and students, and fun activities to try at home!
LCOOC To Offer Bachelor Degree Programs
(Hayward, WI) – May 13, 2020– Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College (LCOOC) has recently been authorized to offer fully accredited bachelor degree programs: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Human Services. Both will be the first bachelor degree programs being offered at Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College starting in the Fall of 2020. The Institutional Actions Council (IAC) of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) provided confirmation of this action through a letter dated May 8, 2020.

“We are now able to provide the opportunity to further your education, while staying in your community. This opens the door to prepare for and begin to develop additional bachelor degree programs,” says Dr. Russell Swagger, President of Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College.

Limited pilot courses, in both programs, were offered in the Fall and Spring of the 2019-2020 academic year. The College would like to thank the students who successfully completed the pilot courses and had confidence in Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College.

The course offerings will be available to enroll starting May 18, 2020, for the Fall 2020 Semester.         

To learn more about these bachelor degree programs or to enroll, call Jimmy White, Recruitment and Admissions Specialist, at 715-634-4790 ext. 148 or visit the website at https://www.lco.edu/reg

About Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College
The Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College’s mission is to provide Anishinaabe communities with post-secondary and continuing education while advancing the language, culture, and history of the Ojibwe.
Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College (LCOOC) is a non-profit Ojibwe tribal community college. Our focus is to help Native students advance themselves in the world, while studying their own history and language. We are an open-door institution which welcomes anyone who would like to work toward a better tomorrow. LCOOC does not discriminate based upon race and will not deny admission to any Native student regardless of tribal enrollment or affiliation.

Learn more at http://lco.edu
Indigenous Legacy Scholarship
TC Energy has extended the application period for the TC Energy Scholarship Program to June 12 th , 2020! The Program offers scholarships to students in three categories, including 77 scholarships specifically for Indigenous students who can apply online at www.tcscholarships.com :

  1. TC Energy Indigenous Legacy Scholarship ($5,000 each) – awarded to Indigenous (Native American) students pursuing any full-time, post-secondary program at a registered education institute. Our priority is to support students from the Nations we work with.
  2. TC Energy Community Leaders Scholarship ($2,500 each) – awarded to students who demonstrate a strong commitment to their communities through volunteerism, leadership and other activities.
  3. TC Energy Trades Scholarship ($2,500 each) – awarded to students who are studying a skilled trade relevant to our business.

If you have any questions about the Program or the application process please contact TCScholarships@transcanada.com.
Boys and Girls Club of Gitchigami
Native Learning Center Art Contest
The Native Learning Center is hosting a poster contest for Tribal Youth and is offering prizes for three different age group winners.



Accepting Submissions from
April 1- June 30, 2020

All Tribal Communities are Welcomed to Submit! All Posters Must Be Original Art Work.

You May Use: Markers, Paints, Crayons, Colored Pencils, Beads and Fabric! Get as Creative as you'd like! Create a poster that shows what home means to you!

All forms of art are welcome; however your submission does need to be poster friendly.

Once you've finished your poster or if you have any questions, submit to: WilmaNoah@semtribe.com or KrystalCedeno@semtribe.com

5-10; 11-13; 14-18
Virtual Daily Lessons
The Boys and Girls Club has created Virtual Daily Lessons for school-age children!

There is a schedule of activities for both 3rd-5th graders and middle to high schoolers.

Want to access the activity links? Simply click on the Closures & Notices post that is pinned to the top of the Tribal Facebook page. Then click on "Boys & Girls Club Virtual Daily Lesson"

Treaty Natural Resources
New Wildlife Videos

Ma'iingan Den - Wolf Den

Makwa - Bear

Ma'iingan miinawaa wiisagi-ma'iingan - Wolf and Coyote

Migizii - Eagle

Mizisewag - Turkey

Aagask - Sharp Tail Grouse

Aagask 2 - Sharp Tail Grouse
Request for Bids:
Construction of Light Industrial Building
Red Cliff’s Treaty Natural Resources Division is soliciting bids for a General Contractor or Modular Building Company to build a 1,500 ft² light industrial building that will be used as a food handling, processing and storage space, as well as an office space. 

Click HERE for submission details, building specifications, and contracting requirements.

All sealed bid proposals and materials must be received by 4:30 pm on May 20, 2020.

A public bid opening by the Project Team will be held on May 26 at 10:00 am in the Tribal Administration Building located at 88455 Pike Road, Red Cliff, WI. 

Submit Sealed Bid by mail or physical delivery service to:
           Red Cliff Property and Procurement Department
           Attn: Mino Bimaadiziiwin Farm Building
           88455 Pike Road (Red Cliff)
           Bayfield, WI 54814
Prospective bidders may also hand deliver their sealed bid to the public bid opening. Hand delivered bids must be received prior to the start of bid opening at 10:00 am.
Venison Interest Webinar
The GLIFWC Ceded Territory Traditional Food Regulatory System Project staff are partnering with the Mino Bimaadiiziiwin Farm to host a live webinar for the
Red Cliff Community.

Learn more about the project, hunting regulations, food safety and contaminant concerns, and the Model Food Code's venison chapter.

Tuesday, May 26th
2 - 3 p.m.

Click HERE to register or call (715) 685-2147.
Click HERE to view the TNR Ziigwan Spring Newsletter.
Red Cliff Chippewa Housing Authority
News Across Indian Country
White Pine Restoration
to Improve Habitat, Climate
From Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission

In the first phase of a two-year effort, a crew contracted by The Nature Conservancy planted 42,500 native tree seedlings Wednesday in the Bad River reservation forest.

Most of the trees are white pine—once the dominant species in the area—and planted in the understory of a struggling mixed poplar stand. Bound in a soil plug, each pine seedling has a well-developed root system that provides advantages over traditional bare root seedlings.

With funds from a private foundation focused on forest restoration, Mashkiiziibii Natural Resources Department plans to continue work this summer, hiring tribal members to plant another 7,500 trees into the reservation forest.

Trees are excellent reservoirs for carbon dioxide, a gas that contributes to global warming and climate change. The Nature Conservancy is partnering with agencies and organizations in multiple Ceded Territory locations.
Ethnic Minority Emergency Grant
Applications Accepted May 18-24
To help ethnic minority-owned micro-businesses cope with the economic impact of COVID-19, the Ethnic Minority Emergency Grant Initiative is being launched with a total of $2 million to be made available to 1,000 Wisconsin micro-businesses.
A business may apply for a one-time grant of $2,000 for short-term operations assistance through Wisconsin’s Collective Ethnic and Diverse Organizations. Applicants will be subject to underwriting, and grant recipients will be required to submit a report indicating how the funds were used.
Applications will be accepted from May 18-24, 2020.
Eligible applicants are ethnic minority-owned businesses with five or fewer full-time equivalent employees (including the owner) in the retail, service or hospitality sectors that have not received assistance through WEDC’s Small Business 20/20 Program or the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) through the federal CARES Act.
Click HERE for more information and frequently asked questions.
Resources for Small Business Owners
The Small Business Administration has made economic injury disaster loans available to small agricultural businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These loans are designed to provide working capital to help the business meet their ordinary and necessary financial obligations that cannot be met because of COVID-19 economic disruption. Interested applicants should go to the portal and apply as soon as possible.

Click HERE for more information.
Resources: Wisconsin Indian Business Alliance
Community Updates
Follow the link below to see announcements for upcoming events!

Red Cliff Tribal Administration Office 
88455 Pike Road 
Bayfield, Wi. 54814