On August 9th representatives from Red Cliff Tribal Council, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the USDA, and Senator Tammy Baldwin gathered at the Fisherman’s Docks to commemorate Red Cliff being awarded a $543,140 grant through the Indian Community Development Block Grant Program, or ICDBG. Funds from the grant will allow the construction of additional segments to the Fishermen’s Dock which will allow the accommodation of five more fishing vessels, as well as contribute funding to the construction of a fish processing facility. Grants through ICDBG are extremely competitive, and Red Cliff was one of 85 tribes selected as recipients.
Chairman Rick Peterson said “The further construction of the Fishermen’s Dock and fish processing plant will allow out Tribal Fisherman more opportunities in being able to sell their fish directly to markets, as well as providing more economic opportunities for our community.”

From left to right: Chad Abel, Joseph Galvan, Mic Isham, Frank Frassetto, Vice Chairman Nathan Gordon, Steve Boyd, Chairman Rick Peterson, Chris Boyd, Senator Tammy Baldwin.