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61st Grammys - Venice Beach
Venice Beach - Post 61st Grammys

What an extra fun time we had at the Grammys this year! Seeing Diana Ross perform and celebrate her 75th birthday was a highlight for us, but I experienced a full-blown, star-struck moment when we also happened to run into her in the parking lot! She looked radiant and greeted us both with glorious smiles and a genuine, "Hi!". OMG!!! If I hadn't been struck by a lightning bolt, I may have had the fortitude to remind her that Mike used to play for her years ago in Miami and encourage a photo (instead I snapped a quick one like a scared rabbit who didn't want to impose). 
Before the show even began, I had some pre-show jitters when we inadvertently saw Dolly Parton being ushered in from the red carpet through the VIP entrance headed back-stage. She is simply a musical icon performer who has still got it all. What a well-deserved tribute, I hope you didn't miss.
Seeing one of my all-time favorites, Smokey Robinson and all the Motown tributes (favorite music from my time) added another highlight for me. 
For the Premiere Ceremony (includes Jazz categories) we were fortunate to get front row seats. Moments after posting about our luck on Facebook, I was stunned to see that one of my high school friends had shared a photo she snapped from the E channel's "Live from the Red Carpet" special that was airing simultaneously. Check out links in the "News" section. So fun to see Wayne Shorter accept for Jazz Instrumental album!
Thanks for reading my recap. Please mark your calendar for Mike's up-coming public performances this month and hope to see you soon!

Lona Dion
Mike Bogle Productions

Mark your calendars:

Mike Bogle - Solo Keys
Sponsored by Music Performance Trust Fund
DFW Musicians Union Local 72-147

Fri., March 15 
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Zula B Wylie Public Library
225 Cedar St.
Cedar Hill, TX 75104
Free and open to the Public

Mike Bogle Trio
Featuring, Mike on piano, Buddy Mohmed on bass, and for the first time, Mauricio Barroso on drums

Sat., March 16
8 PM - 10:15 PM
$7 cover + $10 Minimum Purchase

Stoney's Wine Lounge
6038 Oram St.
Dallas TX 75206
 Reservations Highly suggested, but not required


61st Grammys
For a limited time you can view the entire Grammy Premiere Ceremony by using this link if you are curious to see the awards for genres that aren't included in the televised show:  

Here is the YouTube of the moment my HS friend saw us on the E channel as Lauren Daigle ran to accept one of her awards:

For the full list of Grammy Winners:  Click Here

Have a swinging March, ~Lona & Mike

"Dr. B!" CD 
Swinging jazz music from Dr. Mike Bogle on Hammond B3 Organ, Richard McLure on Guitar, and Ivan Torres on Drums-mostly instrumental, with one vocal on "Route 66" and spoken word on "Walkin".

"Live at Stoney's" CD 
"Live at Stoney's" is instrumental jazz at its best and received RAVE reviews across the country. Recorded at Mike's birthday party at Stoney's in 2014. Along with Mike's magical fingers on the keys, it also features Lou Harlas on bass and Steve Barnes on drums. 

"Hipness Oasis" CD
The "Hipness Oasis" CD is a  perfect storm of jazz tunes and songs. State-of-the art straight-ahead jazz trio-- interpretation, performance and composition-- plus Afro-Cuban and Brazilian influenced samba and bossa nova, combined with vivid songwriting. It is available on iTunes and CDBaby, along with single digital releases for easy download. 

"Eternal Family" CD
This CD is full of s winging and dreamy original and standard jazz tunes and songs, played and sung eloquently on trombone, piano, guitar, bass and drums by four superb jazz musicians: Mike Bogle, Tom Burchill, Lou Harlas, and Harrell Bosarge.  All arrangements by Mike. It is available on iTunes and CDBaby, along with single digital releases for easy download. 

"Other Life" CD
This CD combines a unique jazz blend, fusing elements of latin jazz, straight ahead, and ethereal jazz utilizing the trombone, piano, guitar, and bass. It is available on iTunes and CD Baby, along with single digital releases for easy download. 

Mike Bogle Jazz

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