Friday Spotlight: Mike Briskorn!
Mike teaching in Ms. Draper's 6th Grade Classroom at Bear Creek Elementary in the Northshore School District.
Mike Briskorn teaching at Bear Creek Elementary in the Northshore School District in Ms. Draper's 6th Grad Classroom.
"I am grateful to my employer who allows me time to do this beneficial volunteer work, and I plan to continue being a volunteer as long as possible, even during retirement!"

With Microsoft's company matching program Mike can turn his volunteer hours into $$$ for Junior Achievement!
Mike has taught JA classes to over over a thousand students in the course of his 11+ years as a JA volunteer in the Seattle area!
Mike's Volunteer Experience Personally and Professionally

being around students helps me feel young. I get energized during and after each session. I enjoy seeing students become very engaged with the program after first looking bored and wanting to be somewhere else... I know that the program has a lasting impact, as I have students recognize me years after the program. A few years ago, I was in a restaurant, when the employee taking my order greeted me by name and said that I conducted a JA program in his 7th grade classroom years ago!

I feel that the program has helped me build my confidence with speaking in public and at work.  I can address a crowd of any age and feel comfortable. Standing in front of a classroom for the first time can be intimidating, but once you develop a rhythm and become familiar with the material, the fear is replaced with excitement and confidence. You learn to adjust your delivery on the fly, reacting as needed to your audience.
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