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Have Equity in your Home?
Put your money to work!
With the tremendous equity in homes, could It be time to cancel your mortgage insurance?

Mortgage insurance benefits the lender if a borrower with less than a 20% down payment defaults on their loan. Most conventional mortgages greater than 80% and all FHA loans require the borrower to have this coverage.

You may request that your mortgage servicer cancel the PMI when the principal balance reaches 80% of the original value at the time the loan was made. You should have received a PMI disclosure form when you signed the mortgage documents stating the date. The request to cancel must be in writing.
You must be current on your payments with a good payment history.
The lender may ask that you to certify there are no junior liens in effect.
With the rapid appreciation that many homes have enjoyed in recent years, homeowners may be also be able to refinance their home. If the new mortgage amount is less than 80% of the current appraised value, no mortgage insurance would be required.

Reach out to me if you have any questions, or need a market valuation of your current home.
Do you want to improve the value of your home this winter?
Here are five things worth the investment:
  • Flooring
  • Kitchen Update
  • Basement
  • Home Office
  • Home Gym or Rec Room

How To Take a Home Office Tax Deduction When You Work From Home

Using the home tax deduction can be tricky but you should check out the options, especially this year with so many working at home. The IRS has changed things to allow W-2 employees to use this deduction but
they may need their employer to change their status. Also, be sure to consult your tax advisor before proceeding as to what is best for your specific situation.

What to do with all of this indoor time?
No more project procrastination!
Quarantine has us all spending a lot more time in our homes, and that means you’ve likely had an opportunity to take stock of the home projects you’d like to do. Whether it be something simple like switching out a piece of furniture or more complex such as adding another bathroom, this extra time is a great opportunity to make it happen.
Tips For Creating A Beautiful Charcuterie Board
A favorite appetizer!
Perfect for movie watching, wine and conversation...

We are here to help! Tax needs?

Do you have everything you need to file your returns?

Did you buy or sell a home?

Let me know if you need any of these documents.

We are here to help!

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Industry Profile Presenting...

Our new, fabulous REALTOR® at
Chad LeRoy...
Chad received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Tampa in 2008. After graduation, Chad worked in the sports industry with professional athletes and teams. In 2012, Chad pivoted from the world of sports to get his real estate broker's license.

During his 8-year career in real estate, Chad has successfully advised clients through $55 million in sales volume over the course of 100+ transactions. His real estate business acumen earned him respect in the market place among his clients and peers. Recently, Chad is exploring commercial Real Estate, with a focus on multi-family and apartment units.

In all transactions, Chad is committed to delivering a the highest standard of service to his clients, through his dedication, knowledge and communication. 

When not meeting with clients, Chad enjoys beautiful Colorado with his wife Jennifer. You will find them hiking, camping, or exploring one of Denver’s beautiful parks or trails with their dog, Lily, or attending professional sporting events.
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