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A few days ago, I witnessed six young men take a giant leap into their future; they are high school graduates. This milestone was not easy for these young men because they had been told they could not learn. They proved all the naysayers wrong. They are graduates with bright futures - some are going on to further their education, others are going off to work, and a few are taking a gap year.

These six young men were lucky; their parents did not accept that their sons could not learn, and they fought to secure an education and found MileStone Academy. As part of our admission process, we sit with every parent to determine what they want for their child and their commitment to helping them succeed. We at MileStone believe that educating children with learning differences is a team effort, including the student, the family, and us.

The most important thing we do is build trust with our students, showing them that we believe in them. It is not easy, but we have successfully broken down the walls students have built over the years because they have repeatedly told the same story with little action.  

When students give up on themselves and are frustrated, I look them in the eyes and let them know we will not give up and will continue to do whatever is necessary to help them succeed. We give students the tools and strategies they need to live successfully but, most importantly, the confidence and the knowledge they CAN LEARN.  

I cried given my remarks at graduation because I will miss the six. I am happy that MileStone Academy lived up to its mission and vision and the promises made to parents that these six young men would graduate and be ready to face the world.


Michele Hewitt-Webster


Executive Director/Founder/Board Member

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MileStone Academy's June 2022 Newsletter

June's newsletter will share the most recent Classroom News, Educational Tips and Resources, MileStone Happenings, Job Opportunities, and more. Thank you for staying connected with MileStone Academy.

Classroom News

Bowling with Mr. Webster & Friends

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Pizza-Making with Ms. Shapiro

Egg Drop Challenge with Ms. Appel

Educational Tips & Resources
Helping Your Child When They Are Cyberbullied 05-27-22.png

Helping cyber-bullied children requires a special skill-set that helps our children stay safe on the Internet, especially on social media. Cyber-bullying occurs online via social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit, message boards, chat rooms, or gaming communities over phones, tablets, or computers. Read More.

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Job Hunting For Teens

In this third part of MileStone Academy's job search advice and tips for Pennsylvania Teens series, we share opportunities and resources. Read More.

Happenings at MileStone Academy
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A Message from Ms. Brown, Director of Education/Instructional Coordinator

Each graduation ceremony at MileStone Academy is a testament to the perseverance shown during the school year by students, teachers, staff, and administrators, who overcame the numerous tough challenges. In a school year like none other before it, MileStone's students thrived!

Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in helping us finish strong in the 2021-2022 school year.

We're looking forward to seeing our new and returning students in September 2022.

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Using a research-based approach to teaching, our educators support students by cultivating their strengths, providing individualized lesson plans, and applying strategies for success. Read more and start an application today.

There are summer jobs available in Philadelphia and surrounding areas if you are between 12 and 24. Some employers have raised the hourly pay, and some offer sign-on bonuses. Learn more and start applying by clicking here.
Community Outreach

Professional opportunities are now available at MileStone Academy! We are hiring faculty and staff members in the Greater Philadelphia area.

If you have a true passion for education, then MileStone may be your place. Our highly qualified staff is dedicated to empowering our students by developing their strengths, fostering collaboration, and employing personalized strategies for success. 

Apply Online

Ms. Cox wants to hear from you!

Do you have information such as help with mental health, financial assistance, or food and shelter that you would like to share with our community? Email or call me today to schedule a meeting at (215) 663-1160. I would love to hear from you.

DeAnn M. Cox, Director of Outreach and Marketing

Upcoming Events
Thursday, June 16, 2022

Are you looking for a job in Philadelphia? Are you interested in attending this event as an employer? If you are, this event is a must-attend. Meet with top hiring companies in Philadelphia.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

A diversity job fair that promotes the inclusion of multi-ethnic, or otherwise diverse communities of workers in a job field or regional job market. These kinds of events are meant to help make job markets and workplaces more representative of the communities they serve. 

Register Here

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