March 2020
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Navigate College Prep with
Dr. Jennifer Thompkins

Dr. Jennifer Thompkins is an essential MileStone Academy supporter who helps students and their families navigate the college process through creating individual plans based on a student's academics and extracurricular activities.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Thompkins with 20 fun, yet informative questions. We hope you enjoy getting to know Dr. Thompkins as much as we did! Read More.
Open Enrollment for MileStone C/O 2020
A Student-Driven Approach to
Experiential Learning
What is the Reggio Emilia Method? Watch how Wooranna Park Primary School in Victoria, Australia implements the Reggio Emilia Method. Learn More.
Nourish to Flourish MileStone Students
With your support our students will Flourish to reach their full potential. We cannot succeed if a child is hungry or worried about when they may eat next.

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