January 2020
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Admirable Admissions

Learn more about MileStone Academy's Admission Director, Carol Wolf.

MileStone Academy opened its doors in 2015 with the help of Temple University graduate, Carol Wolf. She was the Admissions Director at Center School for 25 years. Then, she decided to join the MileStone team to fulfill her long-time dream. 

Throughout Ms. Wolf’s career, she noticed the need of various educational style for many high school students. Ms. Wolf also realized that many students were not automatically going on to college. Before MileStone Academy, there no local high schools dedicated to empowering students by developing their strengths, encouraging teamwork, and personalized educational strategies to optimize success.

Ms. Wolf is no stranger to teaching students with diverse learning challenges. She is the parent of two Dyslexic children. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words. Also called reading disability, dyslexia affect areas of the brain that process language.

Through the course of finding out why her two seemingly bright children could not remember the name of colors or letters, she discovered that there were schools that specifically taught students that were Dyslexic. Ms. Wolf then began her self-education learning as much as she could about how Dyslexic people learn.
Four years later, we are truly grateful to still have Ms. Wolf as the Admissions Director of MileStone.

Ms. Wolf continues to broaden her knowledge of ways to diversify and enhance MileStone's nurturing and positive environment through community outreach and professional development.

Schedule an appointment today with Ms. Wolf to learn more about MileStone Academy's tailored co-educational programs and its highly qualified dedicated team members.
It’s true. Many students fail because they did not ask for help. Failure to ask for help results in poor academic performance, stronger challenges with future education, and lowered self-esteem. There are countless reasons why students don’t ask for help, but MileStone Academy educators have created several strategies to coach students how to ask for help. Wherefore, its student become stronger advocates of their learning styles. 

In this article we will discuss three techniques MileStone Academy use to coach students how to ask for help. Read More.
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Nourish to Flourish MileStone Students
With your support our students will Flourish to reach their full potential. We cannot succeed if a child is hungry or worried about when they may eat next.

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