April 15, 2020
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April 2020 News & Updates

MileStone Academy is actively following the corona-virus pandemic closely and takes the health and safety of its students, staff, and neighbors seriously. MileStone follows guidance from the CDC (cdc.gov), while recognizing that may be over-ridden or modified by state or local authorities.

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If have questions about our cirriculum or enrollment, please do hesitate to contact Michele Hewitt Webster or Carol Wolf by email or phone (215) 663-1160.

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Why Is Social Distancing So Important?
We know you have heard “STAY HOME!” countless times by news, local or national politicians, and even your physicians. The MileStone Academy team is a here to remind you to continue social distancing, as well as, why it is so important.

In this article we define terms related to COVID-19, how the virus spreads, and discuss the important of social distancing.

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How to Conquer Cyber Classes
Since the beginning of March 2020, United States traditional brick and mortar schools closed due to the Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) pandemic – in hopes to decrease the spread of the virus. Therefore, MileStone Academy educators continuously research the innovation, tools, and advantages and disadvantages of cyber classrooms.

Learn about cyber classrooms and how students can stay focused in virtual education. Read more.
Nourish to Flourish MileStone Students
With your support our students will Flourish to reach their full potential. We cannot succeed if a child is hungry or worried about when they may eat next.

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