Big difference between the darkest and the brightest spots in a scene?
Wanna see the both spots clearly in the harsh lighting environment?

Milesight upgrades the Super WDR function to Super WDR Pro, which outputs the data for up to three frames with different storage times line by line and combines them into one clear image. Meanwhile, Milesight Super WDR Pro provides three levels to meet different needs, including WDR Low, WDR High and WDR Auto. With this function, what you worried don t matter any more!
With Milesight Super WDR Pro, what you can enjoy now?
· Less Noisy Point
Milesight Super WDR Pro technology greatly reduces the noisy points in the image and shows you a cleaner one.
· Clearer Moving Subject
Three in One technology enables the Super WDR Pro better catch the image of moving subjects and offers clear images.
·  More Image Details
With more exposure range, i t extends image visibility under high contrast lighting scenes and improves object identification in critical surveillance scenarios.
· More Realistic Image
The Super WDR Pro function which is upgraded in image processing techniques enables to restore more true colors.
The ability to discern details even in video taken under such high-contrast lighting conditions is extremely important for security applications. Milesight mainly combines this 3 in 1 Super WDR Pro technology into our Pro Series and LPR Series , allowing them to provide more professional services.
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