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By improving Milesight’s product lineup’s compatibility to enhance its flexibility and performance, we are glad to announce this time that Milesight has fully integrated with Genetec. Focusing on the IP-based security solution, it is a professional started out in 1997. Being the enterprises who has been committing to make life work better and secure, Milesight and Genetec successfully contributed to the integration which boosts the compatibility to achieve the best performance of both side unquestionably.

Milesight’s products especially the H.265+ Mini PoE PTZ Bullet Network Camera is going to unleash its power without barriers when cooperating with Genetec. And that is why we has been devoting to providing well-compatible solutions with great flexibility by fully integrated with some big VMS giants like Genetec, Milestone.... Their solutions can fully control Milesight’s products smoothly.

What’s more, Milesight also supports the integration with Onvif complaint members.
 “The integration especially with leading brands is greatly helpful for pushing the achievement of Milesight products’ market value. Via being compatible with Genetec including its access control system, Milesight professional and veteran distributors and system integrators is able to realize the products’ optimal performance and maximum commercial advantage.” Said Leon Jiang, the Vice-president of Milesight.