Reliable License plate recognition(LPR/ANPR) has traditionally been costly and only relevant for a limited number of applications. The rapid development of network cameras, and now, Milesight LPR network cameras allow for wider use of LPR solutions. They are of great help for increasing efficiency and security.
Milesight LPR (ANPR) Cameras
LPR is a technology that uses optical character recognition  on images to read vehicle registration plates . For Milesight, the LPR algorithm is embedded in cameras directly. Independent of the back end management products, the Milesight LPR cameras are able to recognize, capture and upload license plate images on their own intelligently, realizing the further black and white list management . Also, the integration with NVR/CMS is in processing, which is going to bring another supreme experience.
Why Milesight LPR Cameras

·  Recognition Accuracy Reaches 95%
·  Highest Recognizable Speed of 120km/h
·  Regional Support: 51+ Countries and Regions
·  Compliant with CGI and Other Third Party VMS
· Ultra High Frame Rate up to 120fps  
· 3 in 1 Super WDR Pro  
Typical Applications
Milesight LPR Cameras
The Milesight LPR cameras are ready for bringing a reliable and precise traffic solution.