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MilitaryAvenue's Monthly Military Family NewsletterMay 2011

May is Military Appreciation Month.  We have thanked the spouses, appreciated our service members and will remember those who served our country with the ultimate sacrafice.  This is a great month to take the time to thank a military family, who are you going to thank today?
The MilitaryAvenue Team had the pleasure of attending the Military Bloggers' conference in the Washington DC area.  We talked to many groups and organizations that stand behind the military family.  We met a lot of great military spouses and service-members.  We came away with a lot of great ideas, resources, and things we are excited to share with you!  Read on to learn more. 


From one military family to another, 'Thank you!' for all you have done to serve our country.


Leanne Kocsis and the MilitaryAvenue Team


It is Military Appreciation Month at Home Depot Year Round!

I am excited! I heard two veterans talk about the company they work for and what it was doing for the military community with employment opportunities, veteran housing grants and military discounts at their stores. This is not a small program. $30 Million over the next 3 years to help the military community housing!! Plus a 10% military discount for purchases at their stores! 

>> Continue Reading


"On my Spring Vacation I rode the Metro"
How to handle Stress
My family spent part of our Spring Break in Washington DC, as I have mentioned a couple times now.  It was a quick trip with only 2 1/2 days of touring.  In fact, it was never even a full day as six year-old's legs (in particular) get tired quickly.  But we made the most of it!  We visited Arlington Cemetery, The Smithsonian Air & Space as well as Natural History Museum.  We found our way into a Smithsonian Outdoor Garden full of sculptures and fountains. (A hit for our boys after a very over-crowded Air & Space museum!)  We took in the World War II memorial and the Vietnam Memorial as well as the Jefferson and Lincoln monuments.  We stood outside the White House...  >> Continue Reading
Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet
It is an image which many of us hate to see! Military members saying good bye! We have to say goodbye to family and friends during deployments, long temporary duty (TDY) assignments and remote tours. It can be a heart ache for all involved but sometimes it includes our four legged friends! For some giving up a pet means never seeing the animal again! I had the opportunity to meet and interview some neat folks from Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet who help pet owners who deploy find a foster family for their pets. >> Continue Reading


Child Care for the Military Community Just Got Easier
Baby Sitter or Child Care Anyone? The Department of Defense is Paying for the Locating Service at Sittercity for YOU!

We all want our children to be safe while we have to be away and we all like to save money! Why not combine the two! The military lifestyle is tough and we all know that the last thing we want to do is jeopardize our kids safety in a new town, location or daycare! >> Continue Reading
USAA's Inaugural Military Blogger of the Month

I have a few responsibilities while holding the title of Director of Research and Development at, but I admit my favorite is writing or "blogging".  I blog about personal experiences to give a sense of "you aren't alone"; being a mother and how I'm learning new things every day; being the wife of a soldier and how it has made me stronger; even being an Air Force Brat and how it shapes me still today. >> Continue Reading

Military Blogger's Conference and DoD Roundtable
with Lt Gen Caldwell live from Afghanistan
During the Military Bloggers Conference in Alexandria, VA this weekend, the DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable folks arranged for Lt Gen William Caldwell to speak to us live via telecom from Afghanistan. First, thank you General Caldwell for staying up that late to make the schedule for the Roundtable work! The exchange was lively and informative and well moderated by Lt Col Andrew Morton of the US Army Reserve . Lt Col Morton is Director of Army Reserve social media efforts!  >>Continue Reading

Closure, "A feeling of finality or resolution, especially after a traumatic experience."
I don't know about you but I'm not necessarily feeling much closure even with Osama Bin Laden's death.  Don't get me wrong, his death is a victory.  His death is a step that needed to happen.  His death is a step in this war-on-terror.  But is the war-on-terror closed?  Are we safe? Is life back to the way it was before 9/11?  I'm thinking not.  >> Continue Reading 
Mark Wills, "Crazy Being Home" and Military Mental Health
We have so much to say, do, follow through after the Military Bloggers' Conference this past weekend but I wanted to start it all off with this video.  Friday night we had the pleasure of sitting in DC, outside, right off of Pennsylvania Avenue.  It was a bit cool out, but the atmosphere was perfect.  Mark Wills was introduced and sang some fun songs, shared some humorous antidotes and we all couldn't help but smile throughout.  Even my non-country loving Dad said he had a great voice!  It was an evening of fun. Then the mood became sober as he introduced his newest song.  I took in the words of his music but I also took in the mood that surrounded us.  I loved watching all the folks around us, not part of the conference, stop in their tracks to listen.  Some kept walking after an initial pause not sure what was going on.  Others stopped and just stood their listening.  No one could be oblivious.  No one should be oblivious to the insurmountable changes a soldier (sailor, marine, airmen, coast guard member...) goes through when he (or she) comes home!  >> Continue Reading


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