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"Grant Rising offers up the best map renderings of the U.S.-Mexican War and early Civil War Western Theater operations ever published. It illustrates the classic marches and battles that we have all studied, but the terrain features, color and attention to detail help to unlock dozens of books on these subjects."
- Evan C. Jones, editor of Gateway to the Confederacy: New Perspectives on the Chickamauga and Chattanooga Campaigns, 1862-1863.
ON SALE, shipping NOW
Lombardy Studios's first book in its map study series, Grant Rising: Mapping the Career of a Great Commander Through 1862, is available until 3 October for only $30 including shipping to a USA address (a $20 savings). Including shipping, this price is lower than Amazon!
    In addition to Grant's early life and Mexican War service, Grant Rising shows in great detail the strategic situation, theater operations, and tactical movements in all of his (and his lieutenants's) battles until the end of 1862.
    A unique feature of the maps is the different color tints used to differentiate commands in complex battles like Shiloh where units became intermingled. These color tints match the command colors on the orders-of-battle (see maps and OOB above or visit the GR website).
    BONUS: While supplies last, each order for one Grant Rising will include a FREE copy of the Bull Run booklet I helped create for the U.S. National Park Service that was sold at the Manassas (Bull Run) battlefield park (see sample pages below).
"...a superbly put together landscape style map study.... Easy to read and easy on the eyes, with maps color-coded for ease of use, this volume [is a]... valuable research tool, with excellent orders-of-battle.... I highly recommend it - it is a keeper."
- Jack Greene, author of Hitler Strikes North: The Nazi Assault on Norway & Denmark, April 9, 1940 and The Naval War in the Mediterranean 1940-1943
CLICK HERE by 3 October to order Grant Rising and get the FREE printed copy of the Bull Run battlefield guide book (while supplies last).
(This offer is not available at the Grant Rising website and is deliverable only to USA addresses.) 
ALSO ON SALE, shipping NOW
Many Civil War generals studied the Napoleonic Wars at West Point or other military academies. For those of you who may be curious about Napoleon and why he had such a big influence on the American Civil War, you can get all 17 issues of Napoleon Journal that were published from 1996 through 2000. NJ includes hundreds of paintings, sketches, maps, orders-of-battle, and more (see sample pages above).
    All 17 issues are now available on a searchable DVD for just $36 shipped to a USA address, and only $42 to other countries. Click here to order via PayPal.
    BONUS: While supplies last, the remaining printed copies of NJ, up to twelve of the seventeen issues, will be included FREE with the DVD to USA addresses only for the same $36 price. The printed copies are not available to other countries.
PRE-PUBLICATION SALE, bonus items shipping NOW
The eBook versions of the first 2 volumes of Napoleon's Last Army: The French Forces in the 1815 Waterloo Campaign (Imperial Guard Cavalry / Guard Infantry & Artillery) will ship at the end of October. The printed versions will ship at the end of November. The 2 BONUS items ship as soon as you place your order! (See description of those bonus items below.)
    Read more here about the books in this series, the content of translated materials from the French archives (much of it published for the first time in English), photos of artifacts, and dozens of new paintings by Keith Rocco, America's master Napoleonic artist.
Special Bonus Item:
The Colors of Napoleon's Army 1807-1815

In addition to a Waterloo 200 bookmark created by Hall of Fame graphic artist Rodger MacGowan, two decades of research in archives and private collections went into this color swatch folder depicting the basic uniform colors that were used in producing French Napoleonic uniforms from 1807-1815. Actual original samples of cloth were examined, along with sample dyes. These 21 color swatches are the most accurate depiction of Imperial Blue, Aurore, and "Rose" ever presented. The two bonus items are free with every pre-order of the first two NLA books!
CLICK HERE to pre-order the 2 NLA books and get the 2 bonus items NOW.
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