November 10, 2020 Update from the Executive Director
November is Native American Heritage month, a time to honor and celebrate diverse and rich traditions, cultures, contributions, and stories of Native people. Join us tonight and hear Melanie Ebertz’s stories about life as an arts advocate for indigenous cultures and her years showing hand-loomed Peruvian rugs at the Mill City Farmers Market. Click here to register. This Thursday night, register here to join us, and hear from Dana Thompson, co-owner of Sioux Chef about her new restaurant concept, Owámni, that will anchor the Water Works project and feature a menu built on indigenous ingredients. Find additional details below. If you are a guest and interested in joining either program, please email us here.

Having a strong respect and connection to nature, the Dakota (Lakota) and Ojibwe (or Anishinaabe) were Minnesota’s first people. This month learn more about their cultures, arts and music through the virtual Owámni Falling Water Festival or take a road trip to explore historic sites and learn more about the history. On November 19th, tune into a virtual care package curated by the local Native community and meditate on resiliency, hope and healing. Watch a film or short story and appreciate the many traditions and long history and diversity of Indigenous people. And mark your calendars in December for an animated video and light show on the wall of the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam called Madweyaashkaa: Waves Can Be Heard by Moira Villiard. Weaving together images, lights, color and narrative, the piece “from an Anishinaabe perspective, is a reminder that Nokomis (Grandmother Moon) is always around, an elder always ready for us to reach out and willing to hear what’s in our hearts.”

MILL CITY COMMONS: We learn. We share. We engage. We give.

~ Elise Linehan (612) 455-3329, 125 Main Street SE, #339, Minneapolis, MN 55414
Upcoming Virtual Programs and Events
Virtual via Zoom: Women Who Make a Difference: Melanie Ebertz
Tuesday, November 10, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Melanie Ebertz is probably the best unpaid, unofficial Minneapolis Concierge you can meet. She will warm your heart and put a smile on your face with her rich stories about life as an advocate for the arts, the farmer’s market, indigenous cultures and her connections to many MCC members. For many years, she has greeted thousands of people at the Mill City Farmers Market and formed friendships over the incredible Peruvian hand-loomed rugs that she sells. When she initially connected with Peruvian artists, she became aware of their needs for nutrition information and early childhood education. This led her to establish a foundation and connect many Twin Cities residents with local artisans in Peru thru hosted tourism. The foundation’s hard work and the rising level of living in Peru eventually concluded the foundation’s work. Melanie is joining us to share reflections on pivoting during the time of COVID - a time when we may actually have more disadvantaged community needs in Minnesota than the Peruvian artisans.

MCC members sign up here. The Zoom link can be found in the program description after logging in.
Virtual via Zoom: Men's Coffee and Conversation
Thursday, November 12, 7:30 - 9:00 am
It's caffeine and camaraderie for the male members of MCC and guests! This group meets every other Thursday and is hosted by various members who get the conversation going. This week's conversation will be led by Ron Vantine. Please come with one book recommendation, of any genre, to share with the group. Given the stresses of COVID-19, we’d especially like to hear about books of good humor or wit, as well as off-beat stories. Each person will have 2 minutes to describe his book recommendation.

MCC members sign up here; guests email MCC. The Zoom link can be found in the program description after logging in.
Virtual via Zoom: Revitalizing the Riverfront
Thursday, November 12, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Water Works, part of the 30 year RiverFirst initiative, is a 6-acre project within the Mill Ruins Park that will bring new historic, cultural, and recreational amenities to Minneapolis’ iconic riverfront. The project sits just upstream from the Stone Arch Bridge along the Mississippi river to Third Avenue. A cornerstone of the project includes Owamni--a new restaurant concept created by Sioux Chef--an organization dedicated to reviving indigenous ingredients and educating native American communities on how to bring back healthy, local food. Join us as Tom Evers, Executive Director of the Minneapolis Parks Foundation and Dana Thompson, Co-Owner of Sioux Chef, provide an update on this exciting project which is sure to be a favorite destination for riverfront residents and visitors.

MCC members sign up here. The Zoom link can be found in the program description after logging in.
Virtual via Zoom: Great Decisions: The Philippines and the U.S.
Monday, November 16, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
The Philippines has had a special relationship with the United States since the islands were ceded by Spain to the United States after the Spanish-American War at the end of the 19th century. However, since the election of Rodrigo Duterte, the country has pivoted more toward China, and away from the U.S. Duterte has also launched a large-scale war on drugs that many criticize for its brutality. What does the future hold for U.S, relations with the Philippines? Duncan McCampbell will be our speaker.

MCC Great Decisions members sign up here. The Zoom link will be emailed to participants.
Virtual via Zoom: Member Discussion: Racial Justice
Tuesday, November 17, 9:30 - 10:30 am
Through discussion we will explore ways of building a just community, equitably including all citizens. This month: Level up! Deconstruct Racism!

In the final Tuesday morning MCC Racial Justice Discussion of 2020 we will discuss methods of deconstructing racism. After 400 years of creating, supporting, enduring or wanting to eliminate a caste-like system within our American society:
  1. What do we do now?
  2. Individually, or working with others, how can each of us accelerate and support enduring change?  
  3. Systemic racism has invaded many aspects of life in our culture. Little changes can become big changes. Big changes can lead to major progress. How and where can you use your skills, interests and affiliations to influence the next steps of deconstructing racism?
In preparation for contributing to the discussion, please view this Ted Talk here.

MCC members sign up here. The Zoom link can be found in the program description after logging in.
Virtual via Zoom: Current Events: A Conversation with Bill
Wednesday, November 18, 10:30 - 11:30 am
Current international news and U.S. foreign policy provide an endless trove of topics for learning and discussion. This month's topic is "Brexit, Europe, The Anglosphere and Reverberations from November 3." There will be both presentation and discussion.

MCC members sign up here. The Zoom link will be emailed to participants.
Virtual via Zoom: Meditation Circle
Thursday, November 19, 9:15 - 10:15 am
Leader: Terry Pearson will provide guided meditation via zoom.

Fee: An additional fee of $10.25 is required for this class to cover instructor costs.

Attendance Policy: A minimum of 3 registrants are required for this program to run. If there are less than 3 registrations 24 hours prior to the start of the program, the following will occur:
  1. the program will be cancelled and the calendar will be updated
  2. registrants will be notified via email that the program is cancelled
  3. registrants will not be charged

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your registration less than 24 hours before this program is scheduled to take place, you will be charged for attendance. To avoid being charged, please cancel your registration at least 24 hours prior to the program start time.

MCC members sign up here. Registered members will receive the Zoom link in their confirmation email.
Virtual via Zoom: Women Connect
Thursday, November 19, 2:00 - 3:00 pm
It is time to RE-Connect! It's time to make connections with women members of Mill City Commons after a long, hot summer. Nancy Gardner and Corin Kagan will lead us in a travel discussion. Participants will be asked to bring one picture or one diary entry that evokes an entire trip, experience or place.

MCC members sign up here. The Zoom link can be found in the program description after logging in.
Virtual via Zoom: Leading Through COVID-19
Thursday, November 19, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
What does the CEO of a global provider of water, hygiene and infection preventions solutions and services do in the first weeks and months of a global pandemic and what has he learned in the last 8 months? Doug Baker, EcoLab’s CEO, joins us to provide an inside look at how a local company with global reach has helped and adapted to meet the needs of the food, healthcare, hospitality and industrial markets during COVID-19. Doug will share the company’s successes and challenges, opportunities for innovation and how he views the road to economic recovery for downtown St. Paul.

MCC members sign up here. The Zoom link can be found in the program description after logging in.
Virtual via Zoom: COVID-19: Updates and Q&A with Michael Brennan
Tuesday, November 24, 9:30 - 10:30 am
As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, MCC Member and retired physician Michael Brennan is keeping a close watch on all medical and health developments put forth by the CDC, NIH and MN Department of Public Health. Join us for this every-other-week meeting where Michael will share the most recent information available, his perspective of how to keep ourselves safe and healthy, and answer questions.

MCC members sign up here. The Zoom link can be found in the program description after logging in.
Virtual via Zoom: Last Tuesday Member Mixer
Tuesday, November 24, 5:00 - 6:00 pm
New Name, New Format! Make a Quarantini and catch up with friends and neighbors over drinks. Our first 30 minutes will be break-out mixer questions and the last 30 minutes will be larger group general discussion for those that want to stay. This month's questions are:

1. If you could live in any decade of your life again, which would it be?
2. What are you most grateful for this year?
3. What news story caught your attention this week?

MCC members sign up here. The Zoom link can be found in the program description after logging in.
Ongoing MCC Activities
Dutch Treat Social Hour
4:00-5:00 pm
Drop in for an afternoon coffee or drink and a casual chat. Click here for the Zoom link.
Rendezvous on 5
9:00-10:00 am
Drop in and join your friends and neighbors for a morning chat over Zoom. Click here for the Zoom link.
Men's Dutch Lunch
Alternating Thursdays,
11:30 am-12:30 pm
This casual, dutch treat lunch alternates weeks with Men's Coffee and Conversation.
Click here for the Zoom link.
River Walkers
Tuesdays and Thursdays,
8:00-9:00 am
Stone Arch Lofts Riverside Parking Lot
All levels of walkers are welcome for this early morning walk -with pandemic protocols-along the banks of the Mississippi River. An MCC volunteer leads each walk.
Strength, Balance & Stretch (SBS)
Mondays and Wednesdays
2:00-2:45 pm
An exclusive opportunity for members, this class focuses on keeping you fit and strong. First time participants, please contact G-Werx at (612) 767-4415. Cost varies depending on commitment.
MCC Community Care Resources
MCC Caregivers' Support Group
2nd and 4th Wednesdays,
September-December, 10:30-12:00 pm
A way to support members and non-members who are in a caregiving role.

Members will be contacted with a Zoom link to join the meeting.
Member-to-Member Volunteering
If you want to support other members, you can sign up to become a volunteer driver or member-to-member volunteer.

If you are in need of volunteer services, let us know. Mary Texidor can help arrange a ride, meals, grocery shopping, visits and more.
Medical Equipment Loan Program
If you have a medical need, we may have the equipment you are looking for. Consider contacting the office before you buy or rent a piece of equipment. We have a shower chair, raised toilet seat, walker, bed assist rail, cane and grabber available.
Go to MCC's COVID-19 Response page to see resources, Zoom tutorials and recommendations from members on things to do while staying at home.
News from and for Members
Looking for a pick-me-up? is offering a free screening of the film The Antidote (click here to see the trailer). It's a new documentary that follows everyday people who make the intentional choice to lift up others. It’s not about an idea or policy. It’s about kindness, decency and the power of community. Click here to sign up to receive the link. The film will be available for viewing November 11-14.

The Third Avenue bridge will be fully closed from January 2021 to November 2022. Curious about the work that’s being done and the detour routes to get you around construction? Click here to learn more. You can attend a virtual meeting on November 17 from 12:00-1:00 pm to learn more about the construction, impacts and timeline. Click here to register.

The Village to Village Network is hosting a program that you are welcome to attend on "How to Spot & Avoid Imposters". Imposter scams can take many forms. Some imposters say they’re calling from the government or from a business with technical support expertise. Others pose as legitimate users of online dating sites, or claim that they are a friend or family member with an emergency. But they all involve a con artist who pretends to be someone you trust, to convince you to send money or personal information. This webinar will describe the various types of imposter scams, the warning signs of scams, and how to help avoid them. Join this zoom link to attend this free program on November 18 at 12:00 pm.

Each year, Next Avenue, public media’s leading journalism service for our country’s older population, honors those who determinedly push beyond traditional boundaries in order to change the public's understanding of what it means to grow older. Join a panel of this year’s Next Avenue honorees, the people who, in the midst of one of the most difficult years ever for America’s older generations, have nevertheless found ways to make a positive impact on society. Richard Eisenberg, the Managing Editor of Next Avenue, will join Ken Stern, chair of the Longevity Project, to discuss and analyze the trends that have reshaped America in 2020 and the contributions that the 2020 influencers in aging have made to the fight against ageism. Click here to register for this program scheduled for November 19 at 1:30 pm.

MCC members, you're invited to a “Bushel and a Peck” of fun with a sing along version of the lively show Guys and Dolls on November 20 at 1:30 pm! Fedoras and mink stoles optional – bedroom slippers encouraged for this living room performance. To begin, we’ll take 30 minutes to introduce you to some of the background and notable aspects of the show “Guys & Dolls”, then invite you to join us as MacPhail Teaching Artists Joey Clark, Andrea Leap, Jerry Rubino, Vicky Mountain and Sheridan Zuther lead us through the hits. (Song sheets will be emailed prior to the event.) Participants will be muted, so you can choose to lip-sync or belt out the tunes as you see fit – we’ll never know! In any case, you’re in for a musical adventure with these vocal guides. To participate: Simply email Kristyn Rupp at to receive a lyric sheet prior to the program. Then, join this zoom link on November 20. This program is free for MCC members, thanks to MacPhail Center for Music.

Are you looking for a Thanksgiving meal this year? This article lists restaurants that will be serving takeout Thanksgiving dinners.
Around Town
Women of Broadway: Laura Benanti
November 14, 7:00 pm, virtual
Tony® Award-winning actress, singer, author, and activist Laura Benanti will perform a mix of Broadway showtunes, pop songs and share stories from her career and personal life in the Live from the West Side: Women of Broadway concert series. At-home audience members will be invited to email in questions to be answered during the livestream. Click here to learn more and register.

The Empathy Project
November 20-22, virtual
The Empathy Project helps us remember what holds us together amidst the national polarization that threatens to pull us apart. As we traverse Minnesota’s varied geography in this heartfelt new play, we rediscover our common ground. Individual stories illuminate a rich tapestry of interwoven threads across identities, locales, and political affiliations. Click here to register.

Noticing Nature Twilight Hike
November 24, 5:00-6:00 pm, Kroening Interpretive Center, 4900 Mississippi Ct
Get outside for a peaceful walk through the park to observe and track the seasonal happenings of plants and animals with a naturalist guide. Reset your mind and body from overstimulation and become grounded in nature while appreciating its ever-changing elements. Socialize, exercise and contribute to the study of Phenology all while socially distancing! Register for this free event here.

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