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November 22 , 2016
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Upper El Choir

After School Art

Lower El Choir

Pizza Friday! 

Read-In: Glacier, Everglades & Zion

Movie Night In, Parent Night Out

Upper El Choir

Lower El Choir

Pizza Friday!

Read-In: Acadia & Yosemite

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Many Thanks to Give!

This may be a short week here at Mill Falls, but our list of things to be thankful for is very long! From our hardworking students and their wonderfully supportive families, to our creative and talented teachers and staff, we are so thankful for all that you do for us and each other, every single day! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Take a look at some of the week's Thanksgiving activities!
Our Upper El students ready to eat 
at their Annual Thanksgiving Feast...
...And our Parent Volunteers ready to serve!

Our Lower Elementary classes discussed the first Thanksgiving
and what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Yosemite Students, enjoying their "homemade" Thanksgiving meal! 
Need a Night Out?
Movie Night In, Parent Night Out
Calling all Mill Falls Parents...
Enjoy a night out during this holiday season, while your children enjoy our 2016 Movie Night at school! 

Members of our staff will be here at school during the screening of the new hit movie, Finding Dory.  

While the children are in our care, you can enjoy some time to meet up with friends, do some holiday shopping, or just enjoy some relaxing kid-free time.
Doors Open: 6:15 pm
Movie Begins: 6:30 pm
Pickup: 8:45-9pm
Admission: $5 per child

Click here to view the flyer sent home in backpacks today! 

Please RSVP by Wednesday, November 30 to 
office@millfalls.org or 603-232-5176. 
What a Night of Community!!!
There was a fantastic turnout at Friday's  2nd Annual Night of Community. A HUGE thanks to all involved! 

The Night was such a success in large part because of the hard work by parent-organizer Rachel Marziano. Special thanks to MFCS parents Mel Johansson and Lisa Zonfrillo for securing such incredible raffle items. And our heartfelt appreciation to our lovely hosts - the SNHU Hospitality students and staff, especially Professor Kimberly Monk and our 2016 event team. 

While the funds are still being collected, it seems clear that we have surpassed last year's fundraising levels! 

Thank you to all who donated money, bid on auction items, or simply shared your Friday night with our  MFCS community! 
From the Math Department
Whether you're spending the holiday at home or on the road, here are some great ideas on how to work with your child on developing his/her Number Sense brought to you by our own Ms. Colleen (Math)...

Below are five 
simple ways to seamlessly integrate number sense activities while driving in the car, cutting vegetables, waiting in the dentist's office...

1. What's the Question?
Give your kids the answer and have them come up with the problem. 
Example: The answer is seven. What is the question? Sample answer:  I had ten grapes and then I ate 3.  How many grapes are left?

2. Who am I?
Not only are these perfect for mental math practice, but they're a great way to reinforce math vocabulary. 
Example:  I am an even number greater than 10 but less than 20. The sum of my digits is 11. What number am I?

3. Which Number Does Not Belong?
This is a pre-algebra activity which encourages kids to sort and classify numbers into categories. 
Example: Which number does not belong:  4, 12, 17, 18, 20? Answer:  The number 17 does not belong because it is an odd number or because it is not a multiple of 2.

4. Which Has More?
A great mental math activity that gets kids to compare several quantities at the same time. 
Example: Which has more, the number of wheels on two cars or the number of eggs in one dozen?

5. And the Answer is...
For this activity, kids need to compute a series of quantities in their head. 
Example: Start with the number of days in a week. Subtract the number of wheels on a tricycle. Double that number. And the number is......
From the Front Office
Your Kitchen Items:  We do have a few last kitchen items still at school sent in for the wonderful parent-made Teacher Luncheon last week. If you need to get those items for your Thanksgiving meal, school is open until the close of our AfterCare Program today at approximately 5:30 today. Items are being held at the front desk.

After School Art  will have its third and final session after Thanksgiving- Tuesday, November 29th. 

Planning to enroll your child in the   2016/17 Ski Club I f  you are planning to sign up, please do so ASAP. We must have at least 15 children to be able to participate. Please see info below.

Pizza Friday Forms went home today. Please be sure to return those by Monday, November 28th! 
Lose your form during break?  Click here for the PDF. 
Ski Club...Getting Down to the Wire...

If you are planning to sign up for the 2016/17 Ski Club, please do so as soon as possible. Please  click here to view the 2016/17 Ski Club flyer. We do not currently have near to enough children enrolled to secure our classes at the Mounting!
Lesson Sessions: Every Tuesday for 5 weeks beginning Jan 3rd, 4pm - 6pm.

Registration: Open through  Dec 15 th and done through the McIntyre website only. 

Keep Anastasia Informed:
Once you have registered please send an email to our Parent Coordinator, Anastasia Frew, at anastasia.frew@gmail.com, so she can track Club participants.

One-way busing from MFCS to McIntyre will be provided at a cost of $31 for the season and is required of all children participating in the 4pm lesson. The cost will go  down depending on the number of children participating.

Kindergarteners can participate 
in lessons on Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30, however parents will be responsible for transportation!  If your kinder is close to being 6 and has skied before they are welcome to register for the Mighty Mac's at 4pm. McIntyre has a no refund policy if the child fizzles out after an hour or decides they don't like the program!  **Kinder parents of each participating child will be required to be there for the whole session each week.**

Parent chaperones are key to the success of this program. Each week, we require one parent here at school to get the kids ready. A parent must also ride the bus with the children. At the mountain, we require 2-3 chaperones - some in the lodge and some on the mountain. Chaperones can ski for free during the lessons as they monitor the children on the mountain. 

See you on the slopes!
Good Luck to Our First Lego League Team!
Last Saturday our First Lego League Team - Lego Phoenix - qualified for the State Championship Tournament!!! 

The finals are free and open to the public if you would like to cheer on our team! Here are the details:
  • Our Team competes on Saturday, December 3rd.
  • Competition Location:  Windham High School
    64 London Bridge Rd.Windham, NH
               GO TEAM!!!
Lending A Hand...
Sometimes life circumstances take us on paths unexpected. At those times, there are few things as important as making sure that the affected person and their family are well supported. We have come together in large and small ways in past years to help support those in our community who need it. It is in that spirit that we share the following update about MFCS mom, Liza Oppenheim.

Last year, Liza and her family turned to our community for support as Liza struggled to recover from a first, then a second liver transplant. While she had made some strides since last spring, she is now back in crisis, and awaiting a 3rd transplant. This week, the family sent out  another appeal via their Go Fund Me website to help offset the enormous costs they face in seeking care for Liza. In that appeal,  Liza's mom, Judy, wrote: 

You have all been so generous and the outpouring of kindness and support has been overwhelming for all of us. If you can find it in your heart to help Liza and her family a little bit more we would all be extremely grateful, but know that whatever you've done up to now has been greatly appreciated and we are profoundly grateful for your help. 

If you feel you are able to lend a hand, they ask that you go to:    http://www.gofundme.comOnce there, type in Liza's New Liver. On Liza's page, look for the button that says Updates 3 -for more information. Thank you.