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December 4, 2020
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Hoping everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. This was a full week of academics, which this time of year always includes a wonderful exploration of the holidays celebrated by different cultures during this season. The study of these various 'festivals of lights' provides students with the opportunity to create crafts as they explore culture, family and world histories. Please enjoy some of the projects in our photo section down below.

* * *

Tea with Laura: It's all about Independence
This morning, Laura and a small but mighty group of parents/guardians gathered to once again focus on the challenges and pragmatics of allowing our children to flourish in their academic independence while learning remotely. 

The purpose of the Teas with Laura, our Educational Program Director (most like a principal in other types of schools) is to provide opportunities for discussions about topics that are directly impacting our students and their families. In preparation for these talks, Laura has conversations with our teaching staff and with families which inform the content of the Tea. If you have an idea you'd like Laura to explore, please send us your suggestions: Laura.Wrubleski@millfalls.org.

Today, Laura began her meeting with a quick review of what she spoke about last time - the Prepared Learning Environment, the need for students to have all learning tools with them when they attend each lesson, supportive seating for the children, the value of setting routines, and the importance of observing your child in the home - learning space - is it working?

She then launched into what independence looks like in the classroom, and how this might translate into the home during remote learning. She touched on the importance of daily care of self and of the environment including meal prep, and chores; checking in on the environment including using Chrome bookmarks and alarms; easily accessible materials (stored at child height); the importance of sticking to a regular daily schedule and perhaps color coding the schedule for easy viewing. And finally, she talked about the importance of stepping away from your child during his/her learning time. Not disappearing, but being available if or when they absolutely need guidance, but ONLY if advocated by the child. In other words - let them ask for help (from you or better yet from their teacher via email if they are old enough, or conference). Don't solve their problems for them, but WITH them by asking questions, giving options of how to advocate and/or seek resources to solve problems on their own.
Laura ended with some gems about the power of observation - something we hold dear in our Montessori world. She encouraged participants to look on at a distance as their child engages in learning; make notes of what they are seeing; ask questions later about how the child feels things went; sharing those observations with the child and engaging problem solving - or celebrating - together! 

Unfortunately, Zoom let us down this morning and did not capture the entire meeting, but here is a clip of the first 8 minutes or so of the gathering. 

We hope that more families will take advantage of these conversations with Laura. Please stay tuned for information about our next Tea with Laura.

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 ** IMPORTANT UPDATE** Family Tech Support

This year, Ms. Jody is serving as our Family Tech Support person. 

She is now available by email, Zoom and now BY PHONE, too, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (note, she is not available on Wednesdays). 

Jody can be reached by email at techsupport@millfalls.org

She can be reached on Zoom (for live chats via the waiting room one at a time) from: 
10am-12pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Meeting ID: 440 672 8787   PW: 356575
**NEW: Ms. Jody can NOW be reached by phone at: (857) 228-8286

If Jody cannot answer your question, she will reach out to our team to get an answer for you. 

Academic questions? These should be sent to your child's classroom teacher(s).

 Share Your Images & Stories from Learning at Home!

To keep us connected while we are teaching and learning at a distance, we hope you will share your images and stories of the children learning remotely so that we can feature them in future newsletters. 

Please share your children's daily work as well as Big Work Wednesday Projects, which we can share in our newsletter. 

Send your photographs, brief stories (remember sharing humorous moments will help keep us all healthy!), and quotes to Ms. Meryl at: stories.pictures@millfalls.org.
Please be sure to send the photos at small to medium resolution, and send along a description / story about what is going on in the photos. Thank you!

 Health & Wellness Reminders in the Age of COVID

Health & Wellness Reminders:

**NEW**Please click here to review information from the NH Department of Health and Human Services:

(due to exposure to COVID)

(due to a positive test for COVID)

* * *

Holiday Season Advice from the NH State Epidemiologist & the NH Health and Human Services (HHS) Department:

At this week's state-wide school partner meeting with HHS, the following guidelines were shared in relation to the upcoming holiday season:
    • Don't travel if you don't have to;
    • Avoid public transportation;
    • Avoid gathering in groups with people not already part of your immediate close household contracts;
    • Travel restrictions around the region and country are changing. So you may either have restrictions applied to you in another state, or be subject to quarantine when you return to NH or both!
* * *

People exhibiting symptoms or thought to have been exposed to COVID, should seek testing to assist in our overall ability to limit and track COVID spread. 

Which Test Should You Get?
  • PCR testing (the test that generally takes a day or a few days to get back) is the recommended test to get if you feel you have been exposed to COVID, but do not have any symptoms. Is is the most sensitive of tests - the current gold standard - and can also be given to those with symptoms. 
  • Antigen testing, what is being also being referenced as the rapid test, should ONLY be accessed if a person is experiencing symptoms related to COVID. The rapid test is far less sensitive, and so it may not catch cases if used on people who are asymptomatic. 
Dealing with Test Results

If the COVID test is positive, the patient will need to isolate at home for at least 10 days, including the final day without fever (and fever reducing medication). We strongly advise family members to also seek testing, as they will be considered 'close contacts' by the Health Department. Remember, while no one can test out of the 14-day close contact quarantine, the testing is to help trace and limit community spread!

If you or anyone is your household is found to be a close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID, your or your household member will need to quarantine at home for 14 days after that close contact. Again you and your household members are strongly advised to seek testing. Remember, while no one can test out of close contact quarantine, the testing is to help trace and limit community spread!

If testing is not accessedthen you or your child will need to stay home for 10 days including the final day without fever (without fever reducing medication). 

If the COVID test is negative
, please keep in mind that you or your child should still remain at home until there is an improvement of symptoms and no fever or vomiting for 24 hours, as per usual health and wellness protocol.

 COVID & Community Resources

Emergency Assistance: Catholic Charities New Hampshire is providing emergency assistance services to New Hampshire residents experiencing hardship. Their Crisis Fund supports urgent needs such as emergency financial relief for individuals and families struggling to make ends meet, assistance for food-insecure homebound and disabled seniors, and access to teletherapy for low-income individuals seeking mental health counseling, among other areas. For more information, please call 603-669-3030 or visit: https://www.cc-nh.org/lp/our-response-to-covid-19/

Family Support Hot Line: Waypoint Family support can help with anything from where to get Covid testing or child care. Call: 800-640-6486 M-F 8:30-4:30

* * *

Free COVID Tests: Families who live in the Greater Manchester area may call the Manchester COVID-19 Hotline to arrange for a free testing appointment. East and West Side locations available. This is NOT an antibody test. The hotline is available Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Call: 603-668-1547. Testing appointments are required.  

* * *

Seasonal/Holiday Art Project Ideas
Every Tuesday, Blick Art will be offering fun and festive project demonstrations. Click here for details.

* * *

The NH Audubon at Massabesic Lake has some very engaging programming and fun activities linked to the natural world. Visit their website for details!

 Laura's Corner

Student & Family Support
Below is some information from Ms. Laura W. about supporting students who are learning from home. 

The Importance of the Prepared Environment:

Fostering Student Independence During Remote Learning

A Deeper Dive into the Importance of Independence

The Power of Accomplishment

* * *

Tea with Laura
October 30,2020: The Importance of the Prepared Environment
Click here for the link to the video

December 4, 2020: Fostering Independence When Learning Remotely 
(only 8 minutes due to ZOOM malfunction)

 Montessori Moments From Near & Far...

Please enjoy some photographs from this week here at school and some sent in from families working remotely:

Below: During social time today, the Olympic class took some time to get to know their newest Olympian, Lexxton. Laughter was heard all around when Barrett brought his chicken wearing a sweater to say hello! Social time is held twice a week to give the students time to chat outside of lesson time in a more relaxed manner.

* * *
Franklin during Music Class...practicing drumming.

Below left: Does it float?

* * *

A recent field trip & some b-ball!

* * *

On Monday, Ms. Kristin celebrated her birthday! She is quarantining after travel to be with her parents, and to share some love, Ms. Kayla organized an e-card celebration. Here's an example: 

* * *
Below: Some recent creations by Upper Elementary Student, Awaab:
* * *
Today in Art Class with Ms. Melissa, students were asked to create a perspective drawing with the theme "Tunnel into the Future: The Year 2040." 
What will you be doing or where will you be living?

* * *
Big Work Wednesdays

Below: Upper Elementary Student, Violet, working on her Family Heritage Project to complement our Cultural study of Native Americans. 

* * *
Above: Lilian and Tilda, both 4th Year Students, created this engaging and fun-filled video this week. Dressed as student scientists, explored chemical reactions. The video includes elephant toothpaste, fizzy oranges and bloopers! They created this video with Lillian's older sister, Isabella. Enjoy by clicking here:

* * *

Holiday Study Week 1 - Chanukah: This week's Seasonal Holiday Study focused largely on Chanukah. Below are some projects from the Acadia Classroom that included research about holiday traditions from the menorah, to food, to games.


* * *
Thank you in advance for continuing to send in Remote Learning photographs and stories! This will help keep us connected as we teach and learn from afar.